Kellie's Pocket Page Notebook Perfect Flowers

2019-02-24 13.47.25

Hi there Fairytale Club peep, Kellie from Australia here with you today to share yet another pocket page notebook layout I created.  I've used the Practically Perfect kit that I can not get enough of.

With flowers, gingham and more what isn't to love!

I have a bunch of not printed photographs of flowers and I knew it was time to print a few off and use this kit.  I decided on this photo taken when the family and I went on a weekend getaway in 2017.

2019-02-24 13.47.25

This layout just came together and I know I may have said that for all my project recently but they truthfully did and I've been in a bit of a crafty funk lately when it comes to documenting, so this is such a nice change.

For this layout I used the gingham 12 x 12 pattern paper that I cut to size.  then I got all the embellishments out and layered until I was happy with the added touch of the typewriter journalling.BAM layout complete, memories kept and in the books.

2019-02-24 13.47.25

Kellie's Pocket Page Notebook Tee Love Layout

2019-02-24 13.50.52

Hi there Kellie with you here today to show you a pocket page notebook layout I created using the You + Me collection that I absolutely love.

2019-02-24 13.50.52

Loving the way this layout came together.  I have a pocket page notebook that is mainly based on the purchases I've made, one I keep from my husband obviously, haha.  This is actually a photo of a tee I brought some time ago and I still love it and it's still one of my favourites.  Because of this I knew that the You + Me kit would be perfect for this layout.  That rose is just stunning and as much as I really wanted to hoard it, I used it instead.

2019-02-24 13.50.52

I mean honestly crafty peeps, how cute are those hearts!  I started by knowing what photo I was going to use for the layout. After that it's a matter of going through the kit and often picking out my favourites and that pile can be a little high, haha and then narrowing down what matches in with the photo. Because the tee was black made it easy, what doesn't go with black?  Exactly nothing, right?

2019-02-24 13.50.52

Pink, red and blue/teal worked so well together and I already have another idea in mind with plenty left for another layout. 


What have you created with your You + Me kit?

Aimee's Floral Wreath Layout

Hey everyone, Aimee here. Today I am sharing another one of my favorite “GO TO” layouts.



So, I call this a circle wreath. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but it does to me.

Basically, it’s a circle, that I cover with die-cut flowers so then it becomes a wreath!



I started had already gone through the ephemera pack and pulled out all the flowers bows and hearts. I then traced a circle on to my cardstock, I just use a cereal bowl from my kitchen.


I start laying the die-cuts over my penciled circle. While fussing with the die-cuts I decided that I wanted some to over lap my photo.



I adhered the big rose first with a tape runner directly to the cardstock. I then work my way around the circle, adhering some die-cuts with 3-d foam adhesive, and some with a tape runner.



Once most my die-cuts are adhered I adhere my photo with some 3-d foam adhesive. I was able to tuck the photo under the daisy, and I added the blue flower, it has some extra foam to lift it higher of the page.



Before I adhered the photo to the cardstock, I stapled the bow to my photo and added the word sticker and heart (with 3-d foam).



I then decided that the layout needed more “POP” so I decided to “faux” stitch with a black marker around the inside and outside of the wreath.



I used more stickers on my photo and cardstock. I then splattered painted some black glaze onto my layout for a final touch, but not before I dated the layout (when I date the layout, I mean the day the photo was taken. Not the day I made the layout) with my roller date stamp!




What is your favorite “Go To” layout?



XOXO, Aimee

Lilly's V-Day Cards

Hey guys welcome back to the blog,


Today’s post I have some super cute cards using the You + Me Vday collection..

These are super easy and fun to make.. Wether it’s for a friend or pal..


The key to making cards stand out is to layer upon layer.. I am loving these ephemera pieces from the collection, which made this project extremely easy to create..


Plus who doesn’t love a good ol card..


Thanx for stopping by guys.. Until next time ❤️

Kellie's Practically Perfect Layout

Hi there crafty people, Kellie here with you today to share a scrap layout I created using the new, Practically Perfect kit.

TFC_13I love this kit.  Every time I think Andrea can't possibly out do herself and BAM she goes and does it again.   I don't think you even have to be a fan of the movie this kit is based on.  I remember watching it as a kid, but I know I can use this kit over and over again.
TFC_13I really am happy with how this layout came together with the photo of myself and all and looking like I'm calling myself, practically perfect.  I'm not, haha, honest, but the font and music notes are just to perfect to not use.

I also managed to use a little bit of everything that comes within the kit and guys, I still have PLENTY.  So if you haven't already get onto the subscription.
TFC_13I started with a white cardstock base.  I did consider going with a pattern, but when I laid eyes on the Spoonful of Sugar acetate, I knew I had to use it.  One side gold the other blue, WINNING.  When I spotted the tag I just knew I couldn't hoard it as much as I really wanted to, because it's gorgeous.  So instead I got out all my favourite elements and added them to this layout.
TFC_13This is the end result and I coudn't be happier. 

Kellie's Practically Perfect Card

Hi there, Kellie here with you today to share another card I created, only this time it's with the adorable Practically Perfect kit.


Which I mean if you were to ask me, it's not practically, it IS perfect.  The colours in this kit are so vibrant and fun and I have more to share with this kit, soon.  Firstly let's talk about how this card came together.


To create a card like this, which please do and share as we would love to see it!  You will only need cardstock, unless you choose to use a pattern paper from the kit.  Then for your tool sides of things you will simply need, double sided tape and scissors.  That simple right?


The strips again, YES I know, are you sick of me sharing them on cards?  Well honestly sorry, not sorry, haha!  It will happen again.  They are like a form of washi tape really.


I'm super happy with how this card came out and I can't wait to post it out and make someones day a little brighter.

Aimee's Ephemera Envelopes Tutorial

Hi everyone, it’s Aimee and today I have a step by step tutorial making these cute envelope pockets, using the “Practically Perfect” Kit!

pocket pouch.jpg


I absolutely loved these 3 papers from the “Practically Perfect” Kit. Since the patterns are a little bit big for me {I personally like when a pattern is shrunk down when I scrapbook, just my personal preference} I found an alternative idea for me to use them.


I made these envelopes using the We R Memory Keepers, Envelope Punch Board to include in my project life type album.



I made 2 different sizes and 2 different styles. Both can be used the same way. As you can see, I punched holes in the one to attach directly to my album’s “d” Rings.



·      First, I cut my paper down to the correct size. Just follow the guide.



·      Here I have trimmed my paper to 9x8 to create a 4.25x6 pocket.



·      Open the punch board up so you have your scoring guidelines.



·      Line your paper, square into the corner and trim to create the flap




·      Flip the paper over and repeat



·      Now score your paper horizontally and vertically.




·     We are creating the envelope with the flap at the top. If you want to create the one with OUT the flap stop here.



·      Flip your paper over and now REPEAT previous steps by trimming both the top and bottom of your paper, both the top and bottom should have a flap!



·      Adhere the flaps together, be sure to only put adhesive on the top flap, other wise what you put in your envelope will get stuck.



·      Adhere the bottom flap



·      Viola you have a cute little envelope pouch!

Now I can store loose bits and pieces I have collected in these pockets inside my album. I could also use this envelope to send some snail mail. The Possibilities are endless, because you can create these envelopes at any size! you could even add them to a scrapbook layout!

Now I can store loose bits and pieces I have collected in these pockets inside my album. I could also use this envelope to send some snail mail. The Possibilities are endless, because you can create these envelopes at any size! you could even add them to a scrapbook layout!


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, this is just another fun way to use your Fairytale Club Kit!


Have you used the envelope punch board?


Think of all the Disney emphemera you could stash in these!


XOXO, Aimee

Kellie's You + Me Bestie Love Layout

Hey there crafty peeps, Kellie here with you to share a layout I created.


So when this gorgeous kit arrived, You + Me I knew right away that anything I created would not involve my husband what so ever.  I'm not alone in the craft world where their husbands don't like their photo being taken, rarely, if at all?  I mean after doing a podcast once and attending a couple craft retreats, I found out a lot of people thought I was a single mum.  I can promise, he's real, haha.  So I knew right away this kit is going to be used for the people I love, that let me take their photo or a photo with them, haha.


This girl I love to bits.  We met online because of crafting, CRAZY right?  It's been almost 10 years now, WHOA ok, I didn't realise that, haha.

I scarp in the size of 6x8.  It can be a challenge sometimes because I want to add more, but I've tried so many sizes over my time in crafting and 6x8 I just love.  Usually with a typical white cardstock background, NOT this time!  I absolutely loved to pattern with the pink and the lined paper look that I just knew I ad to use that as the background.


I love using instax photos when I scrap?  I don't know why, maybe because of the smaller size, but the photos just GO with the style I do.  Do you pick your photo first or are you the type that picks what you will use first and then go from there?  I personally pick a photo first.


After I've picked the photo I always go to the die cut ephemera, then more pattern paper, strips, and stickers and layer and layer as I go.  Once I'm happy I take a happy snap so that I can then remember where everything goes.  There have been many a times that I've walked away for some reason or another and then come back and completely forget where I had things.  i do this for almost everything, project life, cards and layouts.  highly recommend it.


After all that this is the final result and I'm super happy with how it all came together and the kit just WORKED so well for my plan.