A quick look back at Valentines...

Hi!  So I've been a little behind...sorry, but I've been having some problems with my health.  Anyways, before I show you some of the newer stuff I've been working on, just wanted to share some pics that I took of my Valentines decor a few months back.  Here is a cute banner I made.  It says "I love you"! (I made one for my mom too thats a little different).  Anyways, I used red burlap fabric and some cute scrapbook tags by Pretty Little Studio as well as some paper from Crate Paper, Dear Lizzy and Echo Park.  Oh, and some doilys!  I think it came out pretty good and I'm thinking of making another one soon with a different theme...I'll share it with you when I do.


This is my favorite table in the house to decorate! I don't know why but for some reason it's always so fun to work on and it always comes out real cute I think.  It's like a little themed Vignette of vintage Valentine-ness!  I'll show you how it looks right now with the general decorations that I put out between holidays.


This is a tag calander countdown to Valentine's day that I made simply by clipping up some tags from Pretty Little Studio onto this frame.


This is another area in the house that I like decorating.  It's an antique shelf that my mom got for me at a vintage marketplace.


This is the sidetable by the couch in the living room that I decorated with some other crafts I made for Valentines day.  The little tree is based on an all white one that Pat from my LSS made.  You just use crepe paper, cut or punch them out in circular floralish shapes and layer them and pin them onto a cardboard cone.


I made this little decorative peice spelling out "Luv u".  I went to my LSS and took a class where I got the idea to make this.  The teacher handed out these white wood peices that her husband made.  Her example was very different, but I just wanted to try something else.   So I took mine in a victorian direction, using my own KandCompany ephemera and some heart doilies, some glitter tape, a heart fiskars punch (my new favorite) and some sweet little bows.


I also got these little cardboard pouches at the same class, but didn't get a chance to make them by the time the class was over so I took them home and did something similar but a little different with them, using my own paper and the inspiration I got from the examples at the store.  I heart scrapbook stores for this reason, they just fill you up with inspiration.  This is also why I love pinterest and youtube!  Oh, and blogs of course!


I hope these pictures have given you some inspiration, even though I know its way past Valentines day.  Maybe you will be inspired to make your own decorative vignette in your house with a different theme or to make a cool banner for mothers day or for summer or maybe a little wood peice that spells out mom...I don't know but if it is helpful to you I'm glad.  And I will show you some new stuff promptly...I pinky promise!