LAAFT 001 - What's Trending Now: A Look At Summer CHA 2013

Super Exciting News!  I now have a podcast!  It is hosted by myself and my husband, Ryan, and I am just so excited because I have wanted to do a podcast about scrapping and crafting and living a life creative for forever!  The podcast, as you may have guessed by the name, has the same premise that this blog is founded on – the idea that your life should be filled with beautiful creativity, that it should inspire you everyday, and that through your creativity you should share your story – your fairytale – with others!

Here is the official title – Life As A Fairytale: Your Guide to Scrapbooking, Crafting, DIY-ing and living a life CREATIVE!


And here is the show summary –

Your podcast stop for living a life creative.  That means from scrapping, to photography, to home decor diy, to party and wedding crafting - you name it, we want to help you make it, so you can both live a life that inspires you every day and tell your story to others.

And here is my happy face –   :-) 

I am so happy with how the first episode has turned out!  It is available here and on itunes.  This first episode is specifically about what is trending right now according to what was at the new CHA (craft and hobby association) summer 2013 show.  We talk about some of the trends and what we loved and what collections are must haves, along with giving our weekly creative project challenge and talking about a creative item that is a favorite of ours right now...tune in to hear about all this and more!  We also want to hear from you, so please comment here with questions, notes, topics you would like to hear on our upcoming shows, etc...and also let us know if you want to be on the show!  You can email us too at

Oh...and here is the podcast:

Hurray!!! And thanks for listening!!!