LAAFT 002 - Everyday Creativity

everyday creativity disk image.jpg

Hey, sorry, this podcast would have been up sooner if not for some technical difficulties we have been having.  That is a major reason why we decided to switch from the old typepad blog to this awesome new website of our own.  Yay, we have a new website!

 Anyways, here is the new podcast – our second episode ever.  Hurah!  And I really think you are going to like it!  The topic for this podcast is Everyday Creativity.  We really wanted to do this topic right away because it is something we really believe in – being creative everyday and creativity regarding the everyday and a life creative!  That is something that we are all about here at Life As A Fairytale!  There is a lot of great information about how to stay inspired each day so you can create, how to create about your everyday life, everyday projects like project life and mini albums reviewing everyday moments, as well as a cool interactive tag calender for you and your loved ones to use everyday.  We talk about living in the moment and how important that is, not just for your creativity (your arts and crafts, etc) but also for your life in general.  Oh, and there is a special section where Ryan gives expert photography tips on how to photograph everyday life in new and interesting ways.  And we recommend some products that are geared towards the everyday as well as giving our weekly favorites. And of course there is our weekly challenge...something I think you will really enjoy making!  If you want to know what the challenge is for this week and hear all about this great topic, check out our podcast!  And live your life creative!