LAAFT 003 - Decorating Your Life

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I love to decorate!  To me decorating is all about filling my life with pretty, cute stuff!  And for this episode of Life As A Fairytale, we are talking all about decorating your life!  And specifically things you can make to decorate your life with!  You know, when we talk about living your life creative, we're talking about all aspects of life being creative and inspiring and beautiful!  So today we are talking about designing for your home and for your events and holidays and even your own personal style along with some ideas for paper crafts and scrapbooking!  We talk about the trends that we see in décor and fashion and scrapbooking and crafting and fun things that you can make using these trends, so you can incorporate them into your art and your life.  We give great ideas for things you can make for your home décor – handmade crafts and diy ideas.  We give great ideas for holiday and seasonal décor as well as ideas for things you can make for your events to make your party or wedding a fabulous and unique gathering.  We talk about how you can upcycle things from pieces of furniture or other home items to things like your clothing.  Yes, we even talk about how to decorate yourself, to change and update your style so that it reflects your own personality and creativity!  We want your house, your event, your holiday and your-self to be filled with creativity and to really show the kind of fabulous person that you are!  So create that fairytale world around you with the things you make – decorate your home and your wardrobe and all your activities so that they are filled with fun and fantasy and all your creative goodness! Live in a world of inspiration and afterward you can document and tell your fairytale in gorgeous scrap layouts too with all the beautiful pictures of your beautiful life!  That is the goal after all...Live Your Life As A handmade project at a time!

By the way, we have a special guest this episode...she may be unknown in the industry, but she sure can decorate, let me tell you!

Listen to the podcast and hear all this as well today's challenge and our favorites!

Thanks for listening!  Go live your life creative!  With lots of pretty, cute stuff!