And once again...

stuck in bed laaf image.jpg

Well, hello again...I do apologize for it being so very long.  I have only one real excuse and that is that my health has been bad.  I think I may have mentioned before that I am disabled -- I have a nerve condition  called CRPS which I have been battling with for years now and it has been very rough lately.  The amount of pain I am in has caused me to be bedridden since Christmas day pretty much and before that...well September was not so great, October was partly okay, November was rocky and December was half and half.  And then there is January, which was absolutely and completely horrible.  I have not been out of the house for over a month except to go to the doctor (and a couple trips to Michaels or Joanns on the way back from the doctor as a kind of gift, or bribery depending on how you look at it, from my awesome hubby because I dread going to the doctor so much and because it is just so painful, oh and those were quick trips and in pajamas and with my wheelchair).  Anyways, I hope you guys understand that this blog and the podcast, along with a bunch of other stuff, got pushed to the bottom of the priorities list while I dealt with (both mentally and physically) what has been an increasingly worse condition. Having said all this, yes, I am still doing badly, quite badly in fact, but I have decided that I want to do what makes me happy so I am focusing on my crafting right now in an effort to "live my life as a fairytale" and make what is now a quite small world around me (being that it consists mostly of my bedroom) beautiful.  I have been crafting and scrapping in bed and cultivating my creativity and imagination.  I have realized that there is, even now, so much good and so much happy and so much beautiful to be thankful for and to focus on, instead of the bad stuff like my pain.

So here I am once again.  Starting anew.  Each day that I am stuck in bed is another day when I have the opportunity to make something beautiful.  And that is how I am looking at it.  There aren't a whole lot of pics from this new year so far (very few really from January and February) but when I was still having good days mixed in with all the bad ones, I took that time to spend with my husband and family and I have pics from that so I have been using those to create lovely scrapbooks and things and I have also decided that I am going to start to take some pics of what is happening now (even though it doesn't feel like anything is really happening because I am stuck in bed) because even though it is a hard and slow time right now, it is still a part of my life and it has importance and beauty to it as well so I need to and want to record it instead of skipping over it and pretending like it didn't happen.  

I want to inspire others in what I am the fact that I am trying, that I am still going, that I am looking at the world as something beautiful even from my vantage point in my bed and making beautiful things to reflect that and that I am embracing the fact that life is full of good and bad and that even the times that are difficult are important to who we are as people and how we see and create our world.  

I will live my life as a fairytale, beautiful and magical, and I will tell my fairytale, I will document my story of the journey, the adventure, the dragons and monsters that I battle everyday and the handsome prince that stands by my side and carries me when I can't walk, and the awesome creatures and characters that I encounter along the way, the magic that I see and make, and the happily ever after that I know is waiting for me.