Rewind! - Dailys pt 1: October Daily

Okay, so before we get to all the new stuff (and there is a lot of new stuff I'm working on right now)...I just wanted to do a little rewind and show you some Halloween and Christmas goodness.

oct daily1.jpg
oct daily3.jpg
oct daily2.jpg
oct daily6.jpg

So first, I did an October daily for 2013 (just like I have done for the past few years) and this one I made using a lot of Glitz Raven and Basic Grey Persimmon.  There is also some other stuff thrown in from my stash, like some October Afternoon Witch Hazel and some My Minds Eye  Lost and Found Halloween and some other scraps of paper and embellishments in the black, white, orange and gold (and a little blue too) color palette that I decided to use for this album.  I decided to go a little more graphic and modern look for the album because for Halloween, Ryan and I dressed up as Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas (and I felt that look matched better with the Tim Burton feel).  However, I did have to put some of my vintage touches in since I love the retro Halloween stuff so much (well, I love retro anything so much really!)!

oct daily4.jpg
oct daily13.jpg

I designed some of my own pages and journal cards and embellishments and things to go with the album because I found it hard to find Nightmare Before Christmas scrapbooking stuff but also because I like to! :-)  These include the vintage looking Sally face card that says "I don't to be patient", and the "You & Me" Jack and Sally card that has bats around it, as well as the Jack and Sally on the hill ledger paper that says "Happy Halloween" at the top.

oct daily5.jpg
oct daily7.jpg
oct daily10.jpg
oct daily8.jpg

Oh and I realized that the daily journaling would go a lot faster and be a lot easier if I typed it up.  So I designed my own journal page template on photoshop and then just used it with my own font of my handwriting and typed up the journaling each day and then printed each page out.  And it did make things so much easier and faster!  

oct daily11.jpg
oct daily9.jpg
oct daily15.jpg
oct daily16.jpg

I also used mostly 3x4 pics to keep things simple and used the same color palette throughout so that would make things faster as well.  I really suggest doing these sorts of things if you do daily journal scrapbooks like December Daily or Project Life because it makes it all so much more feasible to complete the entire album.  To be honest, my last two October Daily's I have not completely finished yet and I think it is because I didn't make it easier on myself like I did with this one.  

oct daily12.jpg
oct daily14.jpg

My Anniversary with my hubby is in October, and we also met in October Senior year of college, so it is a very special month for us.  If you have a month that is really special to you, go ahead and make a daily album about that month.  There is no rule that you can only do it in December.  So have fun and try it sometime for any month!  I promise you will love the outcome!

oct daily17.jpg
oct daily19.jpg

I love Halloween so much!  It is my favorite holiday!  The dressing up, the decorations, the imagination and childlike all the yummy sweets!  It just always lifts my spirits and makes me feel like the world is magical again like I did when I was really little...I would totally bottle up that feeling if I could...but at least I get to document it and relive that feeling with this album!

oct daily18.jpg
oct daily20.jpg

Let me know what you think.  I know it is February now, but as I said you can do a small daily album like this for any month!  In fact, I love the idea of doing one for February since it is a month that really celebrates love...I may just have to make one!  :-)