Dream for the New Year

Decided to make this card for Ryan for New Years Eve. We cant go out this year because I'm not doing well..been doing really badly all week with my CRPS.  Going to include this card in my Holidaily for the New Years Eve page. Inside I decided to write all my New Years Dreams that I wish will come true for Ryan and I this year. Mostly I just wish for good health and happiness. It's so difficult when you suffer to get through things, even day to day things sometimes that are so easy for other people...but I know that if Ryan and I do it together...we can get through anything. We just found out recently about a possible surgery that might cure or at least help my condition. I have great hopes for this year and I hold fast to my faith. Dear God, please let this New Year be a happy one!

Oh I also wanted to share the card I made for Ryan for Christmas on photoshop...I think it came out so cute!