Fourteen Days of Valentines

Wanted to do something really special for Ryan this year for Valentines day since he always does so much for me (everyday) I surprised him this year with a special set up of balloons in the living room & decorations and some handmade and heartfelt gifts. Ryan knows its very hard for me to do surprises for him because of my CRPS. Being disabled makes it hard to surprise my hubby because Ryan has to drive me everywhere since I cant so its hard to go out and shop for anything without him seeing it (especially things like balloons). Very hard to be stealth with balloons for your husband while you are out with your husband. It's also hard for me to decorate and set things up all by myself since my legs and hands are always in so much pain and Ryan, being so sweet always wants to help me. So I arranged for a friend to bring over the balloons and I set up the room and everything real slowly on my own while Ryan was out working. He was so surprised and touched and it made for a very special day. It may seem like just a small thing for most people but it was a big deal to us. Love you Ry.

Oh so...part of the gift was doing this album where I put together fourteen days of romantic moments like this one (all in the month of February). Each one of us would do something sweet and loving for the other in one way or another to show that we are Valentines. So...fourteen days of Valentines. This Valentines Day surprise was part of that ongoing project for February. So cool, right?