Happy Thirty-first Birthday To Me

My birthday this year might not have been so incredible if it were not for my amazing husband who very thoughtfully set up  this year’s celebration with the help of my brother and my mom. Ryan asked Erik to get us all into Disneyland and ma mere Virginia to help us with the lunch celebration in Downtown Disney. So, with a beautiful party at the Jazz Kitchen and the rest of the day spent in the happiest place on earth, going on rides, taking pics, and watching parades, my family and I enjoyed a truly unforgettable day! It’s been  a long time since I had the opportunity to celebrate my life in such a way. Sometimes with all that I go through and with all that Ryan and I have to deal with with my CRPS, it becomes easy to let things like birthdays and holidays fall to the wayside. It is difficult physically  (for obvious reasons) but it can also be difficult to emotionally be up for celebrating your life when there is so much of a struggle and so much pain and suffering on a day to day basis. This year though I decided that just going out to a movie and dinner at Red Robins sometime, when I felt up to it, was just not going to cut it. Last year, Ryan and I did go to New York to mark the milestone of both of us turning 30, but that really was more of a vacation, an escape, and although fun, it wasn’t an affirmation of our lives or any kind of real “celebration” with friends and family. This year, I wanted to celebrate, I wanted the party, with loved ones to witness the fact that I had not given up! I have decided to take my own advice, and actually “live life as a fairytale” . I do so by refusing to let the evil CRPS monster win, by overcoming and enjoying all the beauty that there is in this world! There is so much that I have to be thankful for and celebrate! I will be the heroine of my own story, and with my prince charming, live happily ever after! And so for this birthday, with my pink flower Minnie ears (that I made), my twirly tutu skirt, and new hope in my heart, I really felt like a princess in the middle of  my own fairytale! 

I made a whole lot of cute decorations and guest giftbags and party hats.  I did so using Crate Paper goodies like Maggie Holmes' Confetti collection (which is definitely a favorite) and Crate Paper's Craft Market collection plus other cute goodies like Dear Lizzy's Fine and Dandy collection and some Hello Maypole Felt Balls in the Winter Wonderland colors. Hello Maypole asked me to be a guest designer and make a few items using her Hello Maypole Felt Balls. She said I could use my imagination and make anything I want so since I had my birthday party coming up, I decided to make items for that. I think everything came out pretty darn cute. Loved the way the gold spray painted plastic animals look around the table too and the letters that spell Happy Birthday. Loved decorating the presents and just  really appreciate how everything came out. The theme for the party is Vintage Disney Carousel (like the one in Fantasyland thats been there since the fifites) and I think you really get that vibe.