Puppy Mason Jar!

Hi everyone! Today I am really excited to share with you my super cute Puppy Mason Jar, which I made using the adorable Little You collection! The Little You collection is so much fun to work with because it is actually very versatile. While you might look at the collection and think Baby, I look at it and think Spring, Everyday Moments, Disney, and, yes, Puppy! Specifically, I thought about my puppy, Leeloo! Leeloo is an awesomely cute little half chihuahua, half terrier, mix. My husband and I got her when she was so small she could fit in one hand! While she has grown, she is still really small and she is still my sweet little puppy! 

I decided to make this project to celebrate my little Leeloo and how special she is to me. So I took a simple mason jar and I decorated it with a cute picture of my puppy. I added a Little You decorative paperclip that says “baby” to the picture to add emphasis on the fact that she's still a baby puppy to me. Next to the picture, I added the word “Puppy” with the Starlight thickers from the collection as well as some of the chipboard stickers that say things like “so sweet” and “our little star” because to my husband and I, Leeloo is a bright and sweet star in our lives.

For the inside of the jar, I used some decorative straws and to each straw I attached something special using the Little You collection. On one straw I attached a little pinwheel that I made using some of the pattern paper from the girls Little You 6x6 pad. On another straw I attached a charming cat tag chipboard sticker that says “all you need is sleep” (because Leeloo keeps us up at night sometimes with her snoring). On another straw you will see a framed piece of the gold vellum from the collection. One straw has a tag that says “you have my heart” (because Leeloo totally does). And the last straw has on it a “hello my name is” tag from the ephemera pack, on which I wrote (in my best attempt at a lovely script) Leeloo's name.  

I think Leeloo will really enjoy her new Puppy Mason Jar...ok, so maybe it's more for me...but it is definitely a celebration of my pretty little puppy! I'm excited to have this decorative piece now as a special keepsake that will stand always as a remembrance of her, her personality, beautiful moments and memories with her, and all that she means to me! I hope you feel inspired now to make such a keepsake for your sweet little puppy, using the oh so sweet Little You!