Trekkie Explorers boldly go where no nerds have gone before! | Crate Paper

Hi Everyone! As you may already know...I super duper love really cutesy, "girly" things like unicorns and kitties and pink and sparkles and fairytale flights of fancy, but did you also know that I super duper love really dorky, "boyish" things like Sci-Fi and puppies and gaming and rockets and action-adventure! For these reasons, I find the new Crate Paper Cute Girl and Cool Kid collections both perfect for the different facets of my personality! I think that both can be used whether you are a boy or a girl and no matter how old you are! You probably remember the Cute Girl mini that I did...well I loved playing with those pretty goodies...but I was also itching to scrap using the rad new Cool Kid collection! And I knew just what I wanted to use the collection for first -- a trip to see the new Star Trek Beyond movie!!!

As I said, I'm a big nerd and I love Sci-Fi and so does my hubby! We were so excited to see the new Star Trek movie and rightly so! It was a great movie and a great date! To scrapbook this awesome night, I wanted to document our movie trip like we were part of Starfleet and I was recording a mission in my Captain's Log! It is a perfect way to document our Trekkie date because its the exact kind of thing that Ryan and I do all the time -- be silly and pretend we are on adventures even though we are doing everyday things! After all, why not, life is one big adventure!

I typed my Captain's Log entry on my computer and printed it out onto the awesome ledger patterned paper that comes in the Cool Kid collection. I made sure to leave room for my picture and some embellishing and a title.

I framed the ledger paper with two other fun patterns from the collection (the black on white plus signs and a nice blue on blue chevron). I think they really help frame the journaling and the layout as a whole. I had fun playing with the different embellishments that come in the collection. I used a lot of embellishments that had images that reflected my space exploration the globe and rocket ship and all the stars!

I also used word stickers and transparency pieces that say things like "explorer" and "adventure time" to further reflect my Sci-Fi theme.

I added a couple of ticket stickers to bring out the movie theme of the layout too. And of course, the layout wouldn't feel complete without the symbol of nerdy Star Trek crew members everywhere... so I used a little yellow piece of paper (from the Cute Girl collection), cut out a Star Trek Insignia shape, hand stitched it, and popped it up on my page to really show our Trekkie love!  

I had so much fun with this layout and I hope that I have inspired you to be a little bit silly and make a fun layout with you and your loved ones using the awesome new Cool Kid collection from Crate Paper! Now, boldly go where no scrapbooker has gone before...really, go scrap now! :-)