"CHA dream-list" Travelers Notebook Spread | Citrus Twist

Hello! Today I want to share with you a fun little Travelers Notebook spread that I made using the fantastic January kits from Citrus Twist. I am calling this spread my "CHA dream-list" spread because everytime after the CHA show, which this year was called "Creativation", I make a special list of all the things I am dreaming about getting now! It is half a wish list and half a shopping list and all about my dreams!

You see I basically study all the new collections and products and tools and innovations and things that come out of each new show for the new season...I do so by watching all the youtube videos on the subject and looking at all the blogs and instagrams and facebook pages and such that show all the new goodies from all (or at least a lot) of the scrapbooking and planning and papercrafting companies! I am ever the nerd and I do my studying well! In the end I always end up with a list of all the things that I dream of playing with now (all my favorites from the show) and my as yet unfulfilled dream of going to CHA. Every year you see I wish to go and every year I tell myself I will next year and yet every year I do not get to go (usually due to my poor health or the cost of the trip...or both)... cue the sad face emoji... :-( . However, as always, I am determined to go next year and am filled with my dream of accomplishing that goal and also all my lovely scrappy, planny, crafty dreams of goodies from the show!!! So I had to put all this down somewhere and thought I would make a little entry in my new Travelers Notebook about it! 

I chose to use some goodies from the "Jameson" kit and the Sprinkles kit and the "Oh Darling" add on kit from the January Citrus Twist kits in order to create my little TN spread. I used some of the lovely pink polka dot paper from Crate Paper and on top of it I added a couple of descriptive words like "fun" and "play" because to me that describes my dream-list very well! And I also added some goodies from the exclusive ephemera pack like the labels and the sweet frame that I used to frame a pic of the "Chasing Dreams" collection (a fave pick on my dream list). I also used the "favorites" ticket note piece to make special note of the top five on my list. My list is rather long and it spans not only the twelve items listed on this spread, but continues on the next page. In fact, if you were to turn the page in my TN you would find two more pages filled with writing (with the rest of my long list and also my thoughts on why I dream of going to CHA one day). 

For some finishing touches embellishing, I did a bit of sewing to create a cool layered cluster of goodies at the top of my left hand spread that says "CHA" on it. I balanced this off by placing on the bottom right hand side of my spread a cluster of buttons and enamel dots/shapes. And at the top of the right hand side page, to tie things up neatly, and make myself smile, I added a couple of paperclips (one which I made using a little yellow acrylic heart from the kit). I do so love my decorative paperclips...and paperclips in general. Of course you know I added lots of paperclips and things to make decorative paperclips to my CHA dream-list! :-)

Well, I hope you like my TN spread and if you would like me to do a blog post about my CHA/creativation studies and my whole dream-list, let me know! Hope I have inspired you to play in your TN with your pretty Citrus Twist kits...and to go make your own dream-list...its fun! Hugs and Happy Scrapping everyone!