Hello!!! It is Andrea Bethke here, and today I am super duper excited to share with you my first collection called “GIRLY AND STRONG”! It is the first collection for THE FAIRYTALE CLUB, which is a brand new and magical membership club with scrapbook and planner kits for all your whimsical and pretty papercrafting needs!


THE FAIRYTALE CLUB is built on my love for fairytales and all the “once upon a time” , “wish upon a star”, and “happily ever after” goodness that makes life beautiful PLUS my love of all things papercrafting, planning and memory keeping!

Each collection for the club will be inspired by my favorite fairytales and my “happiest place on earth”. And so, for this first collection, GIRLY AND STRONG, there are lots of lovely hints at various fairytale movies and characters – like Alice in Wonderland and Oliver & Company, and Snow White, Mary Poppins and Emma Swan – and also by my trips to my favorite theme park. However, the collection is also filled with just awesome versatile patterns and things that are great for documenting spring, summer, being in love, being happy, having fun, being brave, being girly and strong...wink wink...and all kinds of other good stuff!

This collection and all collections for the club, will be perfect for documenting your fairytale adventures but also your everyday life adventures and really work for any story that you want to tell. I specifically designed everything so that you could use it for any of your memory keeping and planning needs, but in a way that has that touch of magic and a little nod to the happiest place on earth!

For GIRLY AND STRONG, I specifically wanted to design a collection where the theme was all about being a strong woman/girl/female and accepting and being happy with the person that you are! I have always wanted to design my own collection and making this dream happen is so incredible! I feel empowered as a woman and I want to share that with all of you. I so often dreamed about this happening, but I kept telling myself that I couldn't do wasn't until I realized how truly brave and capable I am that I finally allowed myself to begin the journey that I had always been dreaming about! And so here it is...a collection and a club that is all about being inspirational, making dreams come true, and writing that happily ever after...whether through your planning or your memory keeping!

I am so thrilled to finally be able to show you all the special designs that I have been working on for this collection and all the cool patterned papers and planner dividers and embellishments! 

I want to share with you my favorites...oh wait, they are all my favorite! Well, let me just list out all the cool things that are in the collection! So first, there are all the amazing patterned papers! There are 12 double sided 12x12 patterned papers (so 24 patterns total). And the patterned papers range from super whimsical and lovely images of swans and poodles and carousel horses (well, unicorns actually) to more simple, but also super cute patterns like fun polka dots and stripes.

I really love the pretty patterns that just scream girly goodness – like the bows and lipsticks and roses! I also love all the watercolor patterns which have a more free-flowing feel as well as the geometric prints which are also really cool.

Then there are the planner dividers (which come in A4 and A5 sizes). There are 12 of those and they are also double sided, with cute patterned prints on the back. They are perfect for planning but would also look beautiful in a mini album or hung on the wall as a décor piece.

I love the sweet imagery on the planner dividers. The vintage feel of the poodle and the swan makes me smile. And I think my cute, dapper, pink haired girl is my favorite!

I also love the sayings that you can find in the collection. There are some great inspirational quotes on the planner dividers that are all about being brave, loving yourself and others, being strong and silly and weird and wonderful, and you!

It is all about feeling good about who you are. I love that! And you can see that, not just in the planner dividers, but also in other imagery in the collection, like in the embellishments and the cut-apart sheets.

Let's talk about the embellishments...there are so many adorable embellies in this collection! And everything has gold foiling!!!

I of course had to have paperclips. I love paperclips! They are by far my favorite thing to scrap AND plan with! I decided to make my paperclips for the GIRLY AND STRONG collection in cute decorative shapes. They are wooden and come in different pretty colors from the collection and they all have beautiful gold foiling on them!

Another embellishment that I love and always use in both scrapbooking and planning, is ephemera. So I knew I had to have an ephemera pack be part of the collection! I made ephemera pieces that matched nicely with the patterned papers in the collection and that would be fun and easy to use. I love the cute vintage pieces so much! And I also really love the tags and the hearts and the words...and oh, all the pieces with gold foiling on them! Did I mention that some of the pieces in the ephemera pack are gold foiled! Yay!!!

I decided that I needed to have some label stickers and tiny word stickers in my collection too. So I came up with a cool sticker sheet that has both. The labels and the word stickers are gold foiled. They look beautiful and they are super colorful and bright! The words are great too because they go along with the theme of GIRLY AND STRONG so there are words like “brave” and “silly” and phrases like “happy girl” and “so lovely” and “stay weird”...because us girls are so many wonderful things, all of which we should be proud of!

I realized that we also needed something pretty to use for title-making in our scrapbooks and I decided to have some pretty gold foiled puffy word stickers to play with! I just love these! They are so gorgeous! All the words are in my handwriting and they say cool things like “this is me” and “pretty” and “bright' and “hello”.

All the product is so cute and I love it so much! This has really been a dream come true getting to design this collection and starting this new club! I really feel like I am in the middle of a fairytale made real!

I really hope you will join me on this amazing fairytale adventure! Please join THE FAIRYTALE CLUB today! You can get a planner kit or a scrapbook kit or all of the collection! Whatever you decide on, I hope you enjoy being part of our new club! This is the beginning of our “happily ever after” in a papercrafting dreamland don't wait, subscribe to get your May kit of GIRLY AND STRONG goodies today!