A Cool Birthday Card | Crate Paper

Hello Everyone! It's Andrea and I am so excited to share with you today a fun little boy's birthday card that I made using the “Cool Kid” collection by Crate Paper! I have an awesome nephew, named Cole, who has a birthday coming up and I wanted to make him a really cool card that he would want to keep for hopefully years to come.

To make the card, I began by choosing some of the cool patterned paper from the collection to use to fold in half for the background of the card. I chose to fold the “handsome” patterned paper, however I folded the paper unevenly so that there would be a little bit of hangover on the right side of the card which shows the other side of the patterned paper (a cute little stripe) when the card is closed.

For the front of the card, I used a combination of cute embellishments from the “Cool Kid” collection. I decorated the front with a little piece of ephemera from the ephemera pack that says “boys will be boys”. I use that piece as my center and around it I use some other embellishments like a little arrow sticker, some star stickers (puffy and flat), an arrow that says “awesome”, a puffy sticker that says “little dude”, and a couple rubber shapes – an adorable t-rex dinosaur and a cute little puppy face!

I added a little decorative paperclip that I've made using a plain paperclip and adding to it a teeny flag of blue patterned paper called “brothers”...and with that the front of my card is done.

For the inside of the card, since it is a birthday card, I write in black script “happy birthday to you” and add some sticker stars and a fantastic paper airplane to finish things off. I love the way the card came out, with it's awesome little boy aesthetic! I tried to make it keeping in mind the kind of things that I thought my nephew would like, like the dinosaur and the puppy! I tried to also reflect Cole's personality with things like the “little dude” phrase and the “boys will be boys” because Cole is the kind of cool, strong and courageous little boy that is his own person, with a fun personality that is both super sweet and a little mischievous sometimes!

I love Cole so much and even though he is growing up more and more all the time (and I know teenage years are just around the corner, sadface), he will always be my sweet little nephew who loves video games and puppies and big hugs!!! Happy Birthday Cole!!!! And to all of you out there who have a special boy of your own to wish a happy day to, I hope I have inspired you to use the super rad “Cool Kid” collection to make a fun card for your cool kid!!!