"Hello Happiness" Layout Tutorial | Citrus Twist Kits

Note: Here is a post that went up on the Citrus Twist blog in February...been meaning to share it on here too...so here you go and I hope you like it... :-)

Hello there! Today I want to share with you a fun tutorial!!! Yaaaaay! I made a fun video that you can watch and follow along to make a lovely love letter layout with the oh so pretty “Bright Side” add on kit for February from Citrus Twist! 

I loooooove all the kits from February! I always love the kits but February may be my fave month ever as there are so many dreamy and girly and really sweet goodies in all the kits!  I love the February kits so much that I think all that love just put me in a super duper lovey dovey mood...it probably helped that it is the season of love as Valentine's Day is fast approaching... Anyways, all this love made me feel like making something special for and about my love...my hubby Ryan! So today, I want to show you how to create this special love letter style layout that is perfect for the one that you love!

I love writing love letters to my hubby! We write them to each other all the time (even after eight years of marriage) and especially for holidays like Christmas and of course, Valentines Day! If you have never written a love letter before, here is your chance to start!

Take the time and write out something special for someone you love. It can be a friend, your son or daughter or your spouse...anyone you love! And if you aren't feeling the love letter thing, you could also just do a little fun handwriting on your layout and list out all of the things that you are loving right now or maybe even a little letter to yourself where you talk about what you love about you! There are so many fun ways to adapt this idea to your life, so go ahead and have fun and do what suits you!

This tutorial was so much fun to do! And I think you will find there are a lot of fun tips and tricks and techniques in this layout tutorial! I show you how to make a cool decorative paperclip, how to add a touch of watercoloring to your layout, a different way to incorporate journaling onto your layout, and how to make your embellishments pop off the page!

Most importantly though, I hope that this tutorial really inspires you to make something special for someone you love this Valentines Day! Watch the video tutorial and have fun!

Xoxoxoxo --- Andrea

3 to Inspire: "Happy Together" Layout | Citrus Twist Kits

Hi there everyone! It's Andrea here, and I had so much fun working on this special “3 to Inspire” challenge, with the three elements of sewing, word stickers, and the color pink.  I was so excited because I knew that these would all work great with the Citrus Twist February kits and the over-all feeling of February which is frankly quite sweet and lovely (due to the nature of Valentines Day, I think).

For my layout, I knew that I needed to use the super beautiful floral patterned from Crate Paper Oasis that is in “The Bright Side” add on kit. There is some fun pinks in that floral paper, but to add some more pink to my layout, I chose to use cute embellishments like some pink flowers from the Pink Paislee ephemera in the add on kit, and some butterflies and hearts and things from the chipboard stickers in the Main Kit. For more pops of pink, I did some fussy cutting and used some arrows from some of the patterned paper in the Pattern Paper Play kit and also some sweet little tickets that I cut from some of the product packaging.

I added word stickers to my layout that would help to tell the story. I used words like “loving this”, “let's go”, “me and you” and “you are my happy” to show that the story is all about me and my love, my husband Ryan, on a romantic Valentines Day night out. By adding both the flat word stickers and the chipboard ones, more dimension and interest is given to the page.

To add my sewing in, I did some hand-stitching here and there on my page. I stitched a bit across the top of the page where the paper clips are to kind of further anchor down the flags and things that I added to that top corner. I also did some cross stitches on my fussy cut pink tickets. And for the last of my sewing, I created a special little heart using a left-over piece from the Pink Paislee ephemera pack which I painted and then added some white cardstock to and stitched to make a fun and interesting, one of a kind embellishment for my page. (note: I added a few more painted touches here and there that had a bit of this kind of effect on it just to balance things out).

I had so much fun with this “3 to Inspire”! (Oh, and I just want to also point out that I had a lot of fun with my pics on this layout too and so can you...here is a fun tip...try coloring your pic/s for your layout in cool colors like the challenge color pink and/or mint, yellow, blue, etc using photoshop or another photo editing app or software! )

Creating Custom Valentines | Crate Paper

Hi, its Andrea! Today I am going to share with you some fabulous valentine ideas, using the gorgeous “Heart Day” collection, which you can then use to make something special for the ones that you love!

Every year for Valentines Day I make valentines for my special someone – namely, my hubby, Ryan. This year I was so excited to work on my valentines for Ryan and my friends and family! I am in love with all the polka dots and all the cute images like the heart emoji faces and the sweet little cartoon girls.

For one of my simpler valentines, I just made a fun little tag out of some of the pretty heart paper, a piece of ephemera, a sticker and some thicker letters that spell out the word “love”. For the other simple valentine, I used a pretty piece of the patterned paper, folded it into a simple square card, added a cool chipboard sticker and some ribbon and sewing to make a simple card that is great for anyone you care about. Just add a little phrase sticker to the inside of the card that says “be mine” or “i adore you” and it will make your recipient feel super special.

For a more time-consuming, but oh so worth it, valentine I made a really cool fringed heart card. I folded some patterned paper in half and then I drew a big heart on the paper with a pencil and cut the shape out so that the fold was on the right side and I had myself a cool heart shaped card. I then used several different patterned papers from the collection, cut then into long strips that were about an inch wide and then proceeded to cut fringe into my strips with my scissors. I adhered the strips of fringe to the front of my card. I chose to add some vellum and a chipboard heart to the front, I stitched across the top of my heart and I added a little tag and a couple of cute “x” and “o” paperclips to the top of my heart to finish it off. I think this card is the perfect Valentine to give to my heart – my hubby Ryan!

For the last valentine, I used one of the pre-made valentine cards that come in the collection, with the cute images on the front, and the “to” and “from” note card on the back, and I created a sweet little envelope to slide the card into. For my envelope closure, I added a couple of cute heart emoji stickers that I adhered to buttons to add a whole lot of cute factor to the front of my envelope! A couple of stickers at the bottom finish things off for a fun little envelope that you can use to slide one of the “Heart Day” valentines into!

I had so much fun making these valentines! I also just want to mention that every year for Valentines Day, my hubby and I, in addition to making cards for each other, also like to write each other long love letters! And this year, I decided that for my handwritten letter, I will be using one of the simple white envelopes that comes with the pre-made valentines and one of the amazing “Heart Day” fringed heart embellishment stickers attached to the front, for a fun little envelope to put my love letter in! I cannot wait for Valentines Day and I hope these ideas have helped give you some inspiration for your valentines! Have a Happy Valentines Day everyone and remember, love letters are always a good idea, whether is February 14th...or a Tuesday! ;-)

Monday Sketch: "Be Mine" Layout | Citrus Twist

Hello there everyone! Its Andrea here today with your Monday Sketch! First off, let's look at our sketch:

Alright, now that you have seen the sketch, check out what I did with it to make my layout, using the super beautiful, fresh and bright January Kit, “Jameson”, from Citrus Twist:

I know what you are thinking, the sketch is for a 12x12 layout and mine is well...not 12x12! But I've said this before and I'll say it again, 12x12 sketches can be easily used to make layouts of other sizes. In this case, I have adapted the 12x12 sketch for my 8 ½ x 11 size layout. You can do the same. Just apply the components of the sketch, adjusted to fit your size preference. Sketches are here to help you and they are not set in stone. The point is to inspire you and give you a template, or a foundation if you will, to then build off of.

The size is not the only thing that is flexible with a sketch... As you can see with my layout, there are certain ideas that I stuck to very specifically and some that I chose to bend a little to my own creative will. One example of an exact adherence to the sketch is my use of three pictures – and specifically three pictures coordinated in this way with one large one on the right side and two smaller on the left and a bit lower down on my page. This is definitely an unusual combo for me – I don't normally use three pictures like this where one is much larger than the others and if I did, it wouldn't be my first inclination to line them up in this way. But this is the fun of sketches, you get out of your box and start working those creativity muscles, really stretching them out in ways you didn't even know they could go!

I really love the look of this layout because of the size and arrangement of the pics on the page. It looks really cool and I think it works perfectly for my subject matter as well which is of course, Valentines Day and my funny Valentine, my hubby Ryan! I knew I wanted to make a fun Valentines Day layout for my hubby and the three pics in the sketch along with the two titles that are called for in the sketch (at the top and bottom of the page) are what actually led me to making this layout not just about Valentines Day and our love, but how silly we are and how much I love that about us! I decided to use the beautiful exclusive blue puffy alphas from the January kit to spell out “Be Mine” at the top and I used the pretty script from Fancy Pants for the “laugh” title at the bottom. The combination of these words chose my theme for me. Without this sketch, I don't know if I would have been inspired to tell this specific story and it makes me really happy that I did because it is a special one which says a lot about who we are as a couple.

As for the “bending the rules” that I talked about before, there are a few things in the sketch that I tweeked a little. I chose to use hearts instead of stars (for Valentines Day) I chose to cluster a lot of the embellishment pieces together (along with the tag in the sketch) instead of having them spread out more. As you can see, for these embellishments, I had lots of fun with the exclusive pieces from the January kit, especially the pretty resin hearts and the fun cut apart labels and pieces from the ephemera pack. I also chose to put the second title over on the right side of the page instead of the left. I used the sketch to fit me and my style and I think it works great!

I hope that this has inspired you to use your fantastic January kit/s to make a fun layout with the sketch, that specifically fits you and your style! I can't wait to see what you all do with today's sketch!  Please share your creations with me on Instagram, just hashtag your pics with #ctksundaysketch and #citrustwistkits !

Xoxoxo ~ Andrea