Happy New Year Sign | Crate Paper

Hello there and Happy New Year to you! It is the end of one year and the beginning of another. And I decided that this year, in order to help remind me of all the hopes and dreams and goals I have for 2017, I thought I would create a little Happy New Year decorative sign using the awesome Color Reveal collection from Crate Paper and a few other fun Crate Paper goodies like some chipboard stickers from Maggie Holmes Gather and some gold letter stickers from Snow & Cocoa. 

I want the new year to be one that is really special and hopefully one that is filled with a whole lot of happiness and good health. I have been struggling lately with poor health...well poorer than usual. I have CRPS so my health is never perfect but lately it has been extra difficult. I have subsequently been worried about the upcoming New Year...but I am also really hopeful. I decided that I needed to make a sign that I could hang on the wall that would remind me of all there is to look forward to with the New Year. The New Year means new beginnings. It means a fresh start and lots and lots of hope! 

I decided that I would use the Color Reveal Heart shaped wall hanging and paint it in with the Color Reveal watercolor paint palette. I chose to use some really lovely  colors like light pretty pinks and mints and blues and try to create a cool kind of ombre rainbow effect by painting some areas darker and some lighter with the different colors! 

I think the happy look of the sign, with its super fun, pretty and dreamy aspects like the rainbow and the florals and the unicorn sticker and the pops of gold all over, really help to reflect the kind of new year that I am looking forward to having – one which is chock-full of happy memories, big hopes and dreams, good health, and tons of beauty and magic! Happy New Year everyone!!!

Cute Girl Mini Album | Crate Paper

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share with you this mini album that I created with the new Cute Girl collection by Crate Paper! I love this line so much! Everything is so ridiculously cute and girly and magical...which is totally my thing!

When I first saw the collection with all the awesome patterned papers, like the lovely florals, cute kitties and pretty pinks...I just couldn't wait to start using it all.

I especially love all of the embellishments! The fairytale imagery like the crowns and the mermaids are so cool...but the best has to be the unicorns! I know that I am a grown woman, but, really, inside every grown woman is a little girl who loves unicorns! Life is so special and filled with magic that it’s just waiting to be written down and photographed!

I actually think this collection is so versatile and you can use it for a lot of things...but yeah, I had to do something super girly with it first. So, I made a mini album called “Hello” about me and my girlitude!

 I cut the 12x12 patterned papers in the collection and used each one to be a different page in my album. I intermixed these pages with pocket pages that I filled with pics and some of the cute pocket cards that come in the collection (in the cut-apart sheet).

To make paper clips for embellishments, I used hearts and stars and butterflies from the puffy stickers and chipboard stickers. I also used some of the gold foiled tassels in pink, mint and polka dot to make some cute dangling paperclips. Cute Girl comes with some awesome bow paper clips, too. All the paperclips are definitely my fave!

Also, I loved making the layouts in the album. I made my mini layouts using the puffy sticker words and the pink and gold thickers to make my layout titles (plus a few of my own words that I wrote, die cut and then painted to mimic the cool ombre/colorblocked look of the words in the Cute Girl collection.)

So much to love about this collection! I just had to use the sequins and stamps in the collection to make a cute shaker pocket and it may be my favorite shaker pocket ever!

I really enjoyed making this mini album and I hope you are inspired to make something magical using the new Cute Girl collection by Crate Paper! (P.S...really, how cute are those unicorns?!)