Happy New Year Sign | Crate Paper

Hello there and Happy New Year to you! It is the end of one year and the beginning of another. And I decided that this year, in order to help remind me of all the hopes and dreams and goals I have for 2017, I thought I would create a little Happy New Year decorative sign using the awesome Color Reveal collection from Crate Paper and a few other fun Crate Paper goodies like some chipboard stickers from Maggie Holmes Gather and some gold letter stickers from Snow & Cocoa. 

I want the new year to be one that is really special and hopefully one that is filled with a whole lot of happiness and good health. I have been struggling lately with poor health...well poorer than usual. I have CRPS so my health is never perfect but lately it has been extra difficult. I have subsequently been worried about the upcoming New Year...but I am also really hopeful. I decided that I needed to make a sign that I could hang on the wall that would remind me of all there is to look forward to with the New Year. The New Year means new beginnings. It means a fresh start and lots and lots of hope! 

I decided that I would use the Color Reveal Heart shaped wall hanging and paint it in with the Color Reveal watercolor paint palette. I chose to use some really lovely  colors like light pretty pinks and mints and blues and try to create a cool kind of ombre rainbow effect by painting some areas darker and some lighter with the different colors! 

I think the happy look of the sign, with its super fun, pretty and dreamy aspects like the rainbow and the florals and the unicorn sticker and the pops of gold all over, really help to reflect the kind of new year that I am looking forward to having – one which is chock-full of happy memories, big hopes and dreams, good health, and tons of beauty and magic! Happy New Year everyone!!!

Last-minute Decor: Altered Frame | Crate Paper

Hello there and Happy Holidays, it's Andrea! And today I am super excited to share with you a fun last minute Christmas decorating idea using the whimsical Snow & Cocoa collection! And as much as I love decorating with cute things that I buy, is decorating with cute things that I have made! I love to make decorations, but during the holidays life can get really busy and those cute crafting projects that you had in mind to make to decorate your house with can get pushed further and further down your to do list. Here is a super fun, fast decorating idea that is easy to make and completely adhesive-less!

I made this lovely wall hanging by taking a little shabby window frame (which I found at a craft store) and tying ribbon onto it – two strands across the front from which to hang some pretty tags and pics and things. I used the oh so amazing Snow & Cocoa cut-apart sheet to cut out some of the decorative cards and tags in there like the country chic mason snow-globe and the adorable “Oh Deer” deer! I used paperclips to clip them to my ribbon. I printed out some of my favorite Christmastime photos in a 3x4 size with a white border and paper clipped those on as well. Other pieces like the tag that says “wonderful winter” and the gold Thickers from the collection that I used to add the number “25” to my wall hanging, further tell the story of this décor piece – which is obviously one of Christmastime!

I used embellishments like snowflakes from the ephemera pack and cute stickers to add some sweet little details to my decorative piece. I also used fun, out of the box pieces to my wall hanging, like the tassel and the the rubber bunny (which are from older Crate Paper collections) and the awesome bottle brush tree from Snow & Cocoa! The addition of pieces like these really add a lot of pop to my décor piece and give it a more dimensional and interactive feel!

This wall hanging was so super fast and easy to make because all I had to do was clip things onto my ribbon! And there was no adhering necessary and there was almost no cutting too! I hope you enjoyed this last-minute Christmas décor idea and that I have inspired you to make something like this using the Snow & Cocoa collection to decorate your home this year!

One Sweet Jar! | Crate Paper

Hello Everyone! I don't know about you, but I was blown away by the new "Gather" collection by Maggie Holmes! I just love it! It is like fall mixed with unicorns and ballerinas and pretty much all my favorite things! As soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to use it to make not only mini albums and layouts and cards, but also home decor pieces because it's just the perfect collection to use to make something pretty for your house! I found some really cute teal colored mason jars with copper lids and they practically called out to me to be altered into something adorable for my newly redecorate bedroom, using the "Gather" collection! 

I wanted the jar to have a "fall" kind of style to it but not in an obvious way so that I could keep it out all year too. I decided to fill the inside of the jar with a couple of the pretty leaves that come in the ephemera pack and the beautiful transparency ballerina.

On the outside of the mason jar, I put a few chipboard hearts and I stuck the cute little crepe paper embellishment to the lid.

For the tag that I made to tie onto the jar, I used some of the pretty patterned paper in the 6x6 pad and sewed onto it the chipboard word "sweet". I decorated the tag with a little bow and a little wood swan button from the mixed embellishment pack. I also added a little sticker that says "the little things"...which to me are the sweetest in life! To add a little extra something special to the tag, I attached some of the mini tassels from the collection to hang from the tag. 

I really love how my "sweet jar" turned out and to me it's a reminder to be grateful and appreciate all the little, sweet things in life that are in themselves, precious miracles that make life worth living...  Falling leaves, lovely memories, holding hands with the one you love, and making pretty things...these are the kinds of little things that just fill my heart up! I hope this has inspired you to make a "sweet jar" of your own filled with things that make you smile and with a little tag "reminder" of how beautiful this world is!

Decorating for July 4th | Crate Paper

Hello everyone — I love July! My birthday is this month and I enjoy this special time during the summer, when in the same week, I get to celebrate the date of my birth and the birth of our Nation! For Independence Day, I don’t usually do a whole lot of decorating. I decorate quite a lot for all the other holidays but for whatever reason, not this one so much. I decided I wanted to change that. I love making my own decorations for holidays so for this Independence Day, I decided to create a pretty flag decoration using Crate Paper Little You and Bloom by Maggie Holmes.

I decorate my house with lots of pinks so I thought that instead of the traditional red that is in our flag, I would use some pinks. I combined light pinks from Little You with the darker pinks for Bloom and I love the way they look on my flag. For the white stripes, I used some pretty white with black patterned papers like the Hello, Hello paper from Bloom and the lovely black and white floral paper called Peony. As I was laying down the stripes, I realized that the flag had a quilted sort of a look so to emphasize that I did some sewing. I did zig-zag stitches on my pink and white stripes and I also decided to stitch on my stars.

I cut out the stars by hand. I wanted them to look like stars on a primitive style, American quilt so I cut the stars in such a way that they aren’t perfect, but they look really cute...cutting by hand and eye and not using a template or drawing them out first or anything. I stitched down the middle of the stars so they would pop out and give some fun dimension to my flag. I chose light blue denim papers mixed with white with black patterned papers to stand out against the dark blue of the background corner of the flag. I think they give a nice, Americana feel with the denim.

To finish my flag I added some cute embellishments like the chipboard rose stickers. I love the look of my flag and it was so fun and easy to make.  I just glued everything down to a thin, plain piece of wood and set it up as a cute piece of decor in my house. I think it really reflects the spirit of our Independence and the hope I have inspired you all to make and put out in your home too!

A Sign for Mom and A Layout for Ryan...making a couple of gifts for the ones I love! | Crate Paper

Hi there you fantabulously scrappy, happy people!!! I want to share with you a couple of things that I made using some awesome Crate Paper goodies to create some gifts for people that I love! I actually made these two scrap-tastic pieces in a live stream on my You Tube channel, Fairytale Scrapbook! And I had so much fun doing it! First, I want to share with you a special wall decor sign that I made for my Mom for her birthday!

I made this sign using the Crate Paper Bloom collection by Maggie Holmes! I love this collection so much! Even though it's been out for a while now, I still get excited every time I scrap with it! I am still filled with ideas of things I want to make with it! And I had been thinking about making a cute decorative wall hanging piece like this with the Bloom collection for a while now! My mom's birthday seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. I started with a kind of box thing that my hubby made me out of wood and we painted it white with black chalk paint in the middle/inside. This is so that I could use chalk to draw on it...which I did!

I used the beautiful Maggie Holmes Bloom patterned papers to make the fringed word MOM with a heart in the middle!!! I think it came out so cute! I really hope my mom likes it! I added a picture of me and my mom hugging, and some fun embellishments like the rubber shapes and chipboard stickers to add depth!

So for the second project/gift that I worked on during my live stream...I wanted to make something cute for Ryan...just to say I love you! It's not his birthday or anything but he has been helping me out so much lately and really being supportive with all my scrapbooking stuff so I thought I would make him a layout. I am planning on framing it later (once I find a cool like shadowbox kind of frame or something to put it in).

I made the layout using the Bloom collection too but with some fun pops of goodies here and there from the Little You collection as well. As you can see, I used one of the cool bow stamps in the Bloom collection to stamp on some different colored patterned paper and create little fluttery bows that are scattered here and there across my layout...they pop up to add dimension! I love those and I love the paperclips at the top of the page...especially that Little You decorative star paperclip that just adds a sweet, adorable touch to the layout. And the "Madly" spelled out on the page is perfect I think for my title! For that I used the thickers from Little You in the pink! 

Ok, well I hope you like my gifts and that I have inspired you to use some Crate Paper today and create a fun gift or gifts for your loved ones!!! (P.s. I will try to get the livestream of me making these up soon) ....oh (P.P.S. If you are wondering, the silohuette cut words in the two gifts "hello" and "love" are ones that I designed and cut out of glitter paper). :-)