From Faith Planner to Faith Mini Album

Hello there all you super creative, fantastic people! It's Andrea here and today I want to share with you a cool new project using the Simple Stories Faith collection! I made this one for all you who love planning and all you who love scrapping too! I enjoy doing both...which is one of the reasons why I love Simple Stories so much! It has such wonderful papercrafting supplies for both the planner addict and the scrapbook lover in you!


Recently, I came up with this idea to combine my planning and scrapping in a fun new way! I realized that after I finished playing in a planner with a certain theme or for a certain period of time, instead of just storing what I had put in the planner, I could instead take what I had done in my planner (the set up and decorations...all the planning, notes and writing) and incorporate that into a mini album!

It is so easy – you just take what you put in your Carpe Diem planner, transfer it over to a SN@P! album, add in some pocket pages and some photos, and voila!'ve completed a mini album!

I had so much fun creating this project! I decided that I wanted to document my faith in a special way. I chose to do something specifically for this time of year (for March and April because of Lent and Easter). I think this is a perfect time to reflect on one's faith and document it!

So this is what I decided to do – I thought I would plan out my March and April much like normal, but then add in all the cool stuff from the Carpe Diem Faith Insert Set. With the set, I documented things like my prayer list for the month, faith quotes that were inspiring me, etc. I used the cute notebook paper that comes in the set and used those to do some Bible journaling and to reflect on the mass readings from different days during Lent.

I love reading my Bible and it was cool to take notes on the different Gospel readings and things and really study them and explore what they meant to me!

I had fun with all the “nerdy” Bible studying that I did with my planner, but I also really had fun with the creative stuff like the decorating! I especially enjoyed making my cross dashboard! I used the SN@P! Pack  2x2 cards and the SN@P! pocket pages to make my cool dashboard.

This dashboard, and all my other goodies that I used to document my faith in March and April (for the Lent/Easter season), I then moved into my SN@P! 6x8 binder to create my cool “faith book” mini album.

I simply transferred things first, and then started adding in pictures and SN@P! pocket pages. I used the 6x8 paper pad and the SN@P! Pack and chipboard stickers and brads and other embellishments from the Faith collection to fill out my mini.

I love the look of the Carpe Diem planner dividers and notebook papers and things intermixed with all the large photo pages and photo pocket pages!

And I love the look of the calendar pages with the photo pocket pages!

I had fun putting my pocket pages together. I love that Sn@p gives you a range of different sized pockets to play with! I have a hard time sticking to just one or two sizes of pics...I want to use them all...I like a variety!

I also enjoyed adjusting some of the pocket pages to better fit my needs. It is so easy to do just need some scissors and to do a bit of sewing with a strip of patterned paper along the edge (for the hole punching).

I love sewing little touches here and there inside my mini albums. I think it makes for a cuter more personal look.

I love my faith and I'm finding this such a fabulous idea for Lent – because I am not giving something up, but instead using my time to read my Bible more, reflect on what it means and the importance it holds in my life.

Alright well, I hope you enjoyed my cool Planner to Scrapbook Mini Album idea! Hopefully you now have some fun ideas on how to use your Faith collection.

And don't be afraid to mix in those planner goodies with those scrappy ones!

You can use this ideas for your faithbooking like I have (for a special project for Lent, Easter, or anytime of year really) or you could use it for other themed projects as well!

Hope I have inspired you today to put a little planning in your mini album...or a little mini album in your planning...see what I did there?   Anyways, have a great, happy scrappy day, a wonderful Easter and remember to, as I like to say, “live your life as a fairytale”...writing your own happily ever after one Simple Story at a time... Hey, see what I did there too? :-)

National Craft Month Mini album Challenge from Citrus Twist! -- #Hope album

Hello there! It's Andrea here and today I want to share with you a fun little album that I made using the super lovely and awesome Citrus Twist March kits! The main kit this month is perfect for making a mini album as it includes a couple of chipboard pieces and a couple binder rings in it! This month, for National Craft Month, Citrus Twist is inviting you to make a mini album as part of a special challenge! I myself absolutely love making mini albums and I had such fun working on this one!

I decided to make a mini album that was about hope and all the elements right now in my life that are helping me stay hopeful during what has been a really difficult time. These three things are – happiness, bravery and love! I chose to divide my mini into three sections (called “be happy”, “hi brave”, and “so loved”, for this reason).

As some of you may or may not know, I have a very serious health condition called CRPS and it causes constant pain every day of my life. Lately my CRPS has been particularly bad. I am used to some good days and some bad, but the number of bad days has definitely gone up. However, I refuse to give up on hope and a happy life and therefore I am trying to really live in all of the precious happy little moments that I have, really appreciate the good days and take advantage of them! I want to document this journey through the good stuff and the bad stuff, focusing on the beauty and acknowledging the struggle.

A mini album is perfect for the purpose of reflecting on the thoughts and feelings and circumstances that you are experiencing at a particular time in your life. The good and the bad.

I created this album to be a reminder of hope but also to show really the contrast between the good days and bad days (the days out, the days stuck in bed, and the importance of happiness and bravery and love for both). I wanted to create a mini that shows the reality of my situation.

Not all of our stories are pretty, perfect stories, but all of them are important! For this reason, I challenge you to create a mini album that reflects not only what is good and sweet in your life, but also what is difficult and bitter. Try including the perfect picture moments and the not so perfect ones...try journaling in a way that goes deeper than just...”what a great day!” Write about your thoughts and emotions. Be real!

The hard stories in our lives are often the ones that get overlooked as far as memory keeping, but I think they are usually the ones that most need to be documented. Telling stories like this one have proven to be very helpful, cathartic and uplifting to me.

[Note: try breaking your story into two or three different parts/thoughts so it is easier to convey. When you are documenting more complex stories with emotional depth, it is always a good idea to divide your album into sections so that you can gather your thoughts and get your points across clearly, both for your own benefit and that of whoever else sees your album].

I hope that telling a story that is real and important for you, and looks at both what is difficult in your life and what is good and helpful and beautiful, will help you to learn more about yourself and to feel good about the person that you are. 

For more of a “light” and technique based challenge, try using some of your packaging in your mini album, like using the backing to create a tag or using the plastic covering to create a fun shaker pocket!

I hope you have enjoyed my mini album and that I have inspired you to make something that tells an important story in your life.

Life is not perfect but it sure is beautiful! 

I hope you enjoy this special National Craft Month Mini Album Challenge from Citrus Twist! Please check out the other minis created by Citrus Twist Design Team members this month too (check out Michelle Wedertz, Veera Saarivuo, Elsie Robinson, Emma Wood)! 

And remember that we all write our own be brave, document the good and the bad, create beautiful things, be the heroine of your own story and live your life as a fairytale (one precious, hopeful, memorable moment at a time)!

Hugs! – Andrea

p.s. There is a cool “how to” video for this mini album on my YouTube channel, Fairytale check that out too when you get a chance!

Cute Girl Mini Album | Crate Paper

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share with you this mini album that I created with the new Cute Girl collection by Crate Paper! I love this line so much! Everything is so ridiculously cute and girly and magical...which is totally my thing!

When I first saw the collection with all the awesome patterned papers, like the lovely florals, cute kitties and pretty pinks...I just couldn't wait to start using it all.

I especially love all of the embellishments! The fairytale imagery like the crowns and the mermaids are so cool...but the best has to be the unicorns! I know that I am a grown woman, but, really, inside every grown woman is a little girl who loves unicorns! Life is so special and filled with magic that it’s just waiting to be written down and photographed!

I actually think this collection is so versatile and you can use it for a lot of things...but yeah, I had to do something super girly with it first. So, I made a mini album called “Hello” about me and my girlitude!

 I cut the 12x12 patterned papers in the collection and used each one to be a different page in my album. I intermixed these pages with pocket pages that I filled with pics and some of the cute pocket cards that come in the collection (in the cut-apart sheet).

To make paper clips for embellishments, I used hearts and stars and butterflies from the puffy stickers and chipboard stickers. I also used some of the gold foiled tassels in pink, mint and polka dot to make some cute dangling paperclips. Cute Girl comes with some awesome bow paper clips, too. All the paperclips are definitely my fave!

Also, I loved making the layouts in the album. I made my mini layouts using the puffy sticker words and the pink and gold thickers to make my layout titles (plus a few of my own words that I wrote, die cut and then painted to mimic the cool ombre/colorblocked look of the words in the Cute Girl collection.)

So much to love about this collection! I just had to use the sequins and stamps in the collection to make a cute shaker pocket and it may be my favorite shaker pocket ever!

I really enjoyed making this mini album and I hope you are inspired to make something magical using the new Cute Girl collection by Crate Paper! (P.S...really, how cute are those unicorns?!)

A Mini That's a Day at the Beach | Hip Kit Club

Hello, It’s Andrea, and today I want to share with you this mini album that I made, using the June Hip Kit Club kits, to document a trip to Coronado Island and a lovely day at the beach! Every year we try to go to Coronado Island, right off the coast of San Diego, California, to lay on the beautiful shore there in front of the gorgeous Victorian Hotel del Coronado and go swimming! This has become a bit of a summer tradition for us and I love it!

We haven’t been able to go yet this summer but I know we will soon and while I wait for my day at the Beach, I thought I would make a cute and simple mini album to document our trip there last year. It was a fun way to both dream about my upcoming visit to the beach, and to reminisce about last summer.

Now, when I call the mini “simple”, I certainly don’t mean boring…I wanted to make something that would be bold and beautiful, vibrant and filled with color and summer style but that would be small and fairly quick and easy to make. I chose to make the mini 5 5/8 by 5 1/8 (with all the pages that size) so that the process of making it would be uncomplicated and could go smoother and faster.

However, I did decided to spend a little bit more time on making this mini a bit more special and one of a kind by  creating a few hand-painted patterned pages to go in the album. I used the white cardstock from the Cardstock add on kit and painted them with some Goauche paint.

For the rest of my mini album, I simply cut down all the pattern papers from the kit, used a transparency with a vellum picture for the cover, a piece of thin chipboard from some of the packaging in the kit (the blue and white striped one from the exclusive puffy stickers) for the back, and I bound them all together using my cinch to make my mini album. Oh, I also included some full page pictures in there too (also 5 5/8 by 5 1/8).

Once everything was cinched together, I decorated all my pages. I used different embellishments from the June main kit and embellishment kit…the exclusive pieces, the wood veneers from Jilibean Soup, the buttons from Pink Paislee Fancy Free, the ephemera pack from Becky Higgins Project Life, the metal buttons from Simple Stories, etc..

I made little layouts on the patterned paper pages using small, 3×4 and 3×3 pictures plus the embellishments. I also embellished some of the big picture pages. I also used the June Hip kit die cuts to decorate my album (the ones I designed :-) )!

And to put my own special touch on the mini, I did some stitching and added in some vintage ephemera pieces from Coronado Island (vintage beach pics, a vintage mermaid, vintage postcards, a map of Coronado Island, etc).

I think the mini came out so cute and colorful and it didn’t take to long to make…plus making it was so much fun, it was like a day at the beach documenting my day at the beach!

I hope I have inspired you to make such a mini to document your summer days at the beach too!

Mad Tea Party Spread using the May Sketch | Hip Kit Club Design Team

Hi everyone! It’s Andrea. Today I’m going to share with you a two-page spread from my Week in the Life mini album which I made using the May Hip Kits and the May Sketch. This spread in my mini is from Sunday and documents a trip to Disneyland and to a Mad Tea Party in “wonderland”.

The use of the Hip Kit Club’s May sketch was a real challenge for me because I never use sketches in my scrapbooking. I love the triangles on the sketch so for my mini layout I decided to use the exclusive triangle patterned paper from the May Hip Kit, and fussy cut out some of the triangles to lay in different, clustered positions on my page. I added extra interest to the clusters of triangles with the use of some gold glitter washi tape (which is actually from the April kit) to create “plus” signs.

I think the colors in my teacup pictures really pop against the clusters of multi-color triangles and the patterned paper that I used for my layout background. This patterned paper is another exclusive in our May Kit, and I chose it for this layout because the funky, mod style of it, with the large, triangular sections of color plus the white with black polka dots, complements my Mad Tea Party quite nicely.

I used a couple different design principles in my layout in order to keep things in balance because there is a lot going on. I repeated elements such as the wooden teacups from Jillibean Soup (one of which I layered on top of some crepe paper, and one I added to a paperclip), the gold “plus” signs from the washi tape, and the triangles (not just the ones I cut out, but also the larger ones on the background paper). I also used “visual triangles” in my layout like the one I created with the use of the color green which you can see in the exclusive puffy scalloped sticker at the bottom of the layout, the little green paperclip bow from Bella Blvd at the top, and my fussy cut green triangle on the right side of the page.

With a mini album, I have to think about not just balancing out the layout but balancing it with what is across from it – in this case, a pocket page.

For my pocket page, I decided to use the adorable, aqua “Hello” 4×6 card that comes in the Project Life kit. It works with the aquas in my layout (including the piece of aqua card stock from the add-on paper kit that I added to my layout in order to tone down the orange on the background paper).

To finish things, I added some embellishments — the exclusive ephemera floral pieces in the kit, some bits from the exclusive cut-apart sheet, some of the enamel hearts from Bella Blvd, a wooden “hello” and teacup from Jillibean Soup, and an exclusive butterfly flair button. This, plus a vintage piece of Alice in Wonderland ephemera from my own collection, completes my pocket page and my Week in the Life spread.

I hope you like what I’ve made and that I’ve inspired you to use the Hip Kit Club May sketch and the beautiful May kits to perhaps step outside of your comfort zone and  create something madly and wonderfully fun!

Using the May Hip Kits for Week in the Life | Hip Kit Club Design Team

Hi Everyone, it's Andrea Bethke here, and I want to share with you a Week in the Life mini album that I've been working on using the May Hip Kits!

I love making mini albums, but this was the first time I have ever done Week in the Life! I've always wanted to do it because it's such a cool idea to document your everyday life by taking a snapshot of an average week. Since I knew I would be documenting the week I wanted to use a "rainbow-like" color scheme that would incorporate all the colors of my life. The May Hip Kits are perfect for that because they have so many vibrant, beautiful colors! The exclusive pieces in the kits were my favorite things to use in my WITL mini album! I loved using the pretty patterned papers like the multi-hued watercolor polka dots paper designed by Kim Watson which I used to create a cute layout, about seeing Zootopia. And the exclusive ephemera pack and the puffy shaped stickers and letter stickers were great for making other layouts in my mini. The project life cards from the PL kit made it easy to incorporate pocket pages in my mini too. I also loved using goodies from Simple Stories and Bella Blvd to decorate my album and document my week! I hope you like my mini!  Check out my video flip-through of the album below!

Oh, and thank you to everyone who watched the Live Stream of me working on my WITL mini on Friday...that video will be forthcoming for those who didn't get to watch live as well!