New Year's Resolution Layout | Crate Paper

Hello there everyone! It is Andrea here and today I want to share with you a layout I made for the New Year using the fantastic Snow & Cocoa collection! I love this collection! It has been so much fun to use to document and create for Christmastime and I think it is perfect for the New Year too! It is 2017 now and as we begin February and get more and more comfortable with writing the new date and planning for a new year, it is important, I think, to document the resolutions you have made so that you will be reminded of them and rise to meet them not only for this month, but all year long!

Every year for New Year's Eve I write out my resolutions and I am guessing that a lot of you do as well. Snow & Cocoa has so many lovely and versatile patterns and that includes the bold and beautifully simply black and white pattern that I chose to use for the background of my layout. To add a bit more color to my layout, I framed the black and white with a pop of pretty and bright pink! 


I chose to make five resolutions that I explained in depth. Keeping the list short helps to keep the layout looking sharp and neat. I printed the resolutions out on some plain vellum and sewed the vellum onto my page, with some sequins and glittered snowflake stickers sprinkled inside. The fun look of the sequins and glitter in the layout also help create a magical quality that I also feel fits the theme of my page.

I decided to add a few snowflakes on top of the vellum as well with a couple of stickers from the sticker sheet and a cool transparency snowflake from the ephemera pack all grouped towards the top of my page.

I added a few extra touches like some other little label stickers and a cute pink and white tag. And to really make my resolutions pop, I used the black thickers from the collection to number and call special attention to each item on my list.

The pics I used to express my resolutions are some cute photo-booth style pics I took with my hubby a while back. I have not had the best of luck these past couple of months with my health, but I am super hopeful that this new year will be a new start for me and I have a lot of faith that the future will be filled with much happiness and much magic! 

"CHA dream-list" Travelers Notebook Spread | Citrus Twist

Hello! Today I want to share with you a fun little Travelers Notebook spread that I made using the fantastic January kits from Citrus Twist. I am calling this spread my "CHA dream-list" spread because everytime after the CHA show, which this year was called "Creativation", I make a special list of all the things I am dreaming about getting now! It is half a wish list and half a shopping list and all about my dreams!

You see I basically study all the new collections and products and tools and innovations and things that come out of each new show for the new season...I do so by watching all the youtube videos on the subject and looking at all the blogs and instagrams and facebook pages and such that show all the new goodies from all (or at least a lot) of the scrapbooking and planning and papercrafting companies! I am ever the nerd and I do my studying well! In the end I always end up with a list of all the things that I dream of playing with now (all my favorites from the show) and my as yet unfulfilled dream of going to CHA. Every year you see I wish to go and every year I tell myself I will next year and yet every year I do not get to go (usually due to my poor health or the cost of the trip...or both)... cue the sad face emoji... :-( . However, as always, I am determined to go next year and am filled with my dream of accomplishing that goal and also all my lovely scrappy, planny, crafty dreams of goodies from the show!!! So I had to put all this down somewhere and thought I would make a little entry in my new Travelers Notebook about it! 

I chose to use some goodies from the "Jameson" kit and the Sprinkles kit and the "Oh Darling" add on kit from the January Citrus Twist kits in order to create my little TN spread. I used some of the lovely pink polka dot paper from Crate Paper and on top of it I added a couple of descriptive words like "fun" and "play" because to me that describes my dream-list very well! And I also added some goodies from the exclusive ephemera pack like the labels and the sweet frame that I used to frame a pic of the "Chasing Dreams" collection (a fave pick on my dream list). I also used the "favorites" ticket note piece to make special note of the top five on my list. My list is rather long and it spans not only the twelve items listed on this spread, but continues on the next page. In fact, if you were to turn the page in my TN you would find two more pages filled with writing (with the rest of my long list and also my thoughts on why I dream of going to CHA one day). 

For some finishing touches embellishing, I did a bit of sewing to create a cool layered cluster of goodies at the top of my left hand spread that says "CHA" on it. I balanced this off by placing on the bottom right hand side of my spread a cluster of buttons and enamel dots/shapes. And at the top of the right hand side page, to tie things up neatly, and make myself smile, I added a couple of paperclips (one which I made using a little yellow acrylic heart from the kit). I do so love my decorative paperclips...and paperclips in general. Of course you know I added lots of paperclips and things to make decorative paperclips to my CHA dream-list! :-)

Well, I hope you like my TN spread and if you would like me to do a blog post about my CHA/creativation studies and my whole dream-list, let me know! Hope I have inspired you to play in your TN with your pretty Citrus Twist kits...and to go make your own dream-list...its fun! Hugs and Happy Scrapping everyone! 



Let's Get Digital for 2017! | Citrus Twist

Hello again, from me, Andrea! Today, focusing in part on digital scrappy fun, I'm bringing you fun, free printables to use for the new year, designed to be used with the amazing January Citrus Twist kits! You can click the images below to download each one in three different sizes (8 ½ x11, 6x8, and 3x4).

The two page spread I created uses the printable I designed along with the main kit, “Jameson”, and the “Oh Darling” add on kit, plus a couple of things from the Sprinkles kit and the Embellishment kit. The kits this month are so beautiful filled with such beautiful and bold colors that really inspired me and made me feel bold and confident with this new year that we have just begun! I am starting my project life album for 2017 and so these will be the first couple of pages in my 8 ½ x 11 album.

For my printables, I created two fun pieces that can each be used in different ways, according to what suits your needs. You may choose to print on photo paper, cardstock or vellum or a combination (as I did). And the printables come in a few different sizes so if you are doing pocket pages you may print the printable as a card as well. Do whatever works for you! In my case, I like to do a mix of layouts and pocket pages in my PL albums and I decided that I would begin my album with a big bold statement cover page! I combined the pink polka dot printable (which I printed out on semi-gloss photo paper) and the black and white printable (which I printed out on vellum) and sewed them together to make a statement piece for the beginning of my album.

For the layout that I did to also start out my new album for the new year, I chose to also go big and bold with the use of a large picture. I chose a pic of myself that reflected my thoughts on this new year, what I hope will be one filled with great possibilities and a bright future on the horizon!

I used the bright bold colors and patterns in the kit like the pretty multi-colored striped Crate Paper patterned paper from the add on kit and the beautiful blue exclusive paper from Citrus Twist in the Main kit. I chose embellishments that I thought fit the “new year, new adventure” theme of my spread and indeed my album for this year. I love the wood piece in the kit that says “hello 2017” on it, the 2017 stamp, and the pieces from the exclusive ephemera pack that say things like “be bold” and “live your best”!

I hope you enjoy the printables and that I have inspired you on how they can be used along with the January kits to make a fun new start to your memory keeping this year! Please share what you create with me...I would love to see all your creative ideas for how to use the printables!  

Happy Scrapping!

Monday Sketch: "Be Mine" Layout | Citrus Twist

Hello there everyone! Its Andrea here today with your Monday Sketch! First off, let's look at our sketch:

Alright, now that you have seen the sketch, check out what I did with it to make my layout, using the super beautiful, fresh and bright January Kit, “Jameson”, from Citrus Twist:

I know what you are thinking, the sketch is for a 12x12 layout and mine is well...not 12x12! But I've said this before and I'll say it again, 12x12 sketches can be easily used to make layouts of other sizes. In this case, I have adapted the 12x12 sketch for my 8 ½ x 11 size layout. You can do the same. Just apply the components of the sketch, adjusted to fit your size preference. Sketches are here to help you and they are not set in stone. The point is to inspire you and give you a template, or a foundation if you will, to then build off of.

The size is not the only thing that is flexible with a sketch... As you can see with my layout, there are certain ideas that I stuck to very specifically and some that I chose to bend a little to my own creative will. One example of an exact adherence to the sketch is my use of three pictures – and specifically three pictures coordinated in this way with one large one on the right side and two smaller on the left and a bit lower down on my page. This is definitely an unusual combo for me – I don't normally use three pictures like this where one is much larger than the others and if I did, it wouldn't be my first inclination to line them up in this way. But this is the fun of sketches, you get out of your box and start working those creativity muscles, really stretching them out in ways you didn't even know they could go!

I really love the look of this layout because of the size and arrangement of the pics on the page. It looks really cool and I think it works perfectly for my subject matter as well which is of course, Valentines Day and my funny Valentine, my hubby Ryan! I knew I wanted to make a fun Valentines Day layout for my hubby and the three pics in the sketch along with the two titles that are called for in the sketch (at the top and bottom of the page) are what actually led me to making this layout not just about Valentines Day and our love, but how silly we are and how much I love that about us! I decided to use the beautiful exclusive blue puffy alphas from the January kit to spell out “Be Mine” at the top and I used the pretty script from Fancy Pants for the “laugh” title at the bottom. The combination of these words chose my theme for me. Without this sketch, I don't know if I would have been inspired to tell this specific story and it makes me really happy that I did because it is a special one which says a lot about who we are as a couple.

As for the “bending the rules” that I talked about before, there are a few things in the sketch that I tweeked a little. I chose to use hearts instead of stars (for Valentines Day) I chose to cluster a lot of the embellishment pieces together (along with the tag in the sketch) instead of having them spread out more. As you can see, for these embellishments, I had lots of fun with the exclusive pieces from the January kit, especially the pretty resin hearts and the fun cut apart labels and pieces from the ephemera pack. I also chose to put the second title over on the right side of the page instead of the left. I used the sketch to fit me and my style and I think it works great!

I hope that this has inspired you to use your fantastic January kit/s to make a fun layout with the sketch, that specifically fits you and your style! I can't wait to see what you all do with today's sketch!  Please share your creations with me on Instagram, just hashtag your pics with #ctksundaysketch and #citrustwistkits !

Xoxoxo ~ Andrea

Happy New Year Sign | Crate Paper

Hello there and Happy New Year to you! It is the end of one year and the beginning of another. And I decided that this year, in order to help remind me of all the hopes and dreams and goals I have for 2017, I thought I would create a little Happy New Year decorative sign using the awesome Color Reveal collection from Crate Paper and a few other fun Crate Paper goodies like some chipboard stickers from Maggie Holmes Gather and some gold letter stickers from Snow & Cocoa. 

I want the new year to be one that is really special and hopefully one that is filled with a whole lot of happiness and good health. I have been struggling lately with poor health...well poorer than usual. I have CRPS so my health is never perfect but lately it has been extra difficult. I have subsequently been worried about the upcoming New Year...but I am also really hopeful. I decided that I needed to make a sign that I could hang on the wall that would remind me of all there is to look forward to with the New Year. The New Year means new beginnings. It means a fresh start and lots and lots of hope! 

I decided that I would use the Color Reveal Heart shaped wall hanging and paint it in with the Color Reveal watercolor paint palette. I chose to use some really lovely  colors like light pretty pinks and mints and blues and try to create a cool kind of ombre rainbow effect by painting some areas darker and some lighter with the different colors! 

I think the happy look of the sign, with its super fun, pretty and dreamy aspects like the rainbow and the florals and the unicorn sticker and the pops of gold all over, really help to reflect the kind of new year that I am looking forward to having – one which is chock-full of happy memories, big hopes and dreams, good health, and tons of beauty and magic! Happy New Year everyone!!!

3 to Inspire: "Holiday Dream" Layout | Citrus Twist

Hello there! It's Andrea and today I want to share with you a fun Holiday-themed 3-to-inspire challenge! Yay!!!! I can't wait to get let's get to it shall we?! :-) First, check out my layout:

It is Holiday time and for this challenge I want you to use the following on a fun scrappy layout of your own:

1. Holiday/Winter themed images ( i. e. gingerbread men, Christmas trees, snowflakes, deer, snowmen, mittens, stockings, Santa, etc).
2. Use pics (more than one) of special holiday moments
3. Add a sprinkle of holiday sparkle...whether that is the use of sequins, gold, stars, glitter, or all of the above, add a touch of shimmer and shine to your page to make it festive!

For my layout, I used the absolutely awesome and adorable December Kinsley Scrapbook Main kit and the Embellishment add on kit! I love these kits! The main kit is filled with beautiful patterned papers and such happy colors and sweet decorative peices! It is perfect I think for winter and the Holiday season but doesn't scream holiday...its more subtle and therefore much more versatile. I loved using it to scrap my Christmas-time experience. The pretty, happy colors really evoke the hopeful holiday feeling I was going for!

I wanted to make a layout that was about my Holiday season. To be honest, the holidays this year have lacked their usual luster due to poor health on my part. However, I am still dreaming of having a beautiful Christmas-time. For this reason, I thought I would make a layout that would portray the true feelings that I am having right now about the holidays – that being that there may only have been a few holiday things that I have been able to do so far this year, but that each is precious and is all part of a beautiful picture of hope for the future.

I am dreaming of a healthy, happy Christmas right now and I am so thankful for the good moments that I have been able to have so far. These three moments pictured in my layout held such Holiday happiness...putting deer antlers on and being silly with the hubby, looking at Christmas magazines with some apple cider from Starbucks, and actually going to an outdoor Vintage Holiday Fleamarket for some fun Christmas shopping when my pain wasn't so bad. They may seem like simple things, but I think during the holiday hustle and bustle and all the pressures that come with this time of year, we can often forget what is really important – the small and simple moments of love and laughter and beauty!

For your challenge, choose pics of holiday moments that are special to you right now. What do these photos say about your Holiday season this year? Try to tell a story that has a deeper meaning than just “we had fun”...not that there is anything wrong with that...but take this opportunity to really think about what the holidays mean to you right now. I guess this would be a little bonus challenge...just from me to you! :-)

Remember to use your holiday pics, your holiday themed images (like the gingerbread man and tree and snowflake die-cuts I used on my layout), and a sprinkle of holiday sparkle to complete this 3-to-inspire challenge (I know I had fun with some sequins and gold and stars myself)!

Don't forget to share your creations for this 3-to-inspire challenge with us on the gallery and/or our Facebook Forum. And remember to share on Instagram too...when you do tag @citrustwistkits and hashtag with #citrustwistkits and #ctk3toinspire ! Hope you like my Holiday layout and I hope you have yourself a very happy Holidays!!! Hugs!!!!


Last-minute Decor: Altered Frame | Crate Paper

Hello there and Happy Holidays, it's Andrea! And today I am super excited to share with you a fun last minute Christmas decorating idea using the whimsical Snow & Cocoa collection! And as much as I love decorating with cute things that I buy, is decorating with cute things that I have made! I love to make decorations, but during the holidays life can get really busy and those cute crafting projects that you had in mind to make to decorate your house with can get pushed further and further down your to do list. Here is a super fun, fast decorating idea that is easy to make and completely adhesive-less!

I made this lovely wall hanging by taking a little shabby window frame (which I found at a craft store) and tying ribbon onto it – two strands across the front from which to hang some pretty tags and pics and things. I used the oh so amazing Snow & Cocoa cut-apart sheet to cut out some of the decorative cards and tags in there like the country chic mason snow-globe and the adorable “Oh Deer” deer! I used paperclips to clip them to my ribbon. I printed out some of my favorite Christmastime photos in a 3x4 size with a white border and paper clipped those on as well. Other pieces like the tag that says “wonderful winter” and the gold Thickers from the collection that I used to add the number “25” to my wall hanging, further tell the story of this décor piece – which is obviously one of Christmastime!

I used embellishments like snowflakes from the ephemera pack and cute stickers to add some sweet little details to my decorative piece. I also used fun, out of the box pieces to my wall hanging, like the tassel and the the rubber bunny (which are from older Crate Paper collections) and the awesome bottle brush tree from Snow & Cocoa! The addition of pieces like these really add a lot of pop to my décor piece and give it a more dimensional and interactive feel!

This wall hanging was so super fast and easy to make because all I had to do was clip things onto my ribbon! And there was no adhering necessary and there was almost no cutting too! I hope you enjoyed this last-minute Christmas décor idea and that I have inspired you to make something like this using the Snow & Cocoa collection to decorate your home this year!

Thank You Card | Crate Paper

Hello there! It's Andrea, and today I want to share with you a really fun idea that you can use for your Thanksgiving dinner guests this year! I wanted to make cards for my friends and family this year for a kind of “thank you” card for all my loved ones. I also thought it would be fun to have everyone at Thanksgiving dinner, make a list of what it is that they are thankful for. Subsequently, I combined the two ideas and decided that this year I would make Thank You cards that say thanks but also have a spot inside to write a list about what the recipient is thankful for in their life.

For the card, I decided to use the super sweet Gather collection by Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper. I love this collection because of how beautiful and versatile it is, the vintage flair that it has and also the warm, fall feel that it evokes.

For the base of the card I used the floral patterned paper, “So Sweet”. On the outside of my card, I used a cluster of fall leaves that I cut out on my die cut machine (I designed the leaves cutfiles myself). I cut these leaves out of various patterned papers from the Gather collection. On top of my leaves, I used the word “Gather” – it is a chipboard sticker from the collection and it really helps create a fun, fall Thanksgiving look to my card, along with the leaves.

At the top of the card, I used a little chipboard flag sticker that says “little moments” on it. And at the bottom of the card, underneath the word, “gather”, I did a little hand-sewing with a few zig-zag stitches to create a fun handmade feel for my card.

On the inside of the card, I used a few journaling cards (from the ephemera pack and the cut-apart sheet) for decoration. I placed one on the inside cover of the card that says “write it on your heart” – which serves as kind of directions for the recipient. This way they will then notice the blank lined paper that I stapled onto the other side of the card which is for them to use to write out all the things they are thankful for. I will of course give my friends and family members this instruction when I hand them the card too.

On top of the piece of patterned paper that I included for their “thankful” list, I clipped on a couple journaling cards, one which I stitched the words “thank you” to, and one which says “with happy hearts we gather together'. I hope I have inspired you to create some fun “Thank You” card/Thankful lists for your friends and family this Thanksgiving. Remember to make one for yourself too, to really help you reflect on all the wonderful things in your life that fill your heart up with gratitude!

Sunday Sketch: "Beautiful Good Day" Layout | Citrus Twist

Hi all! It's Andrea here and today I will be showing you another take on the Sunday Sketch! Now that you have seen Suse's beautiful 12x12, I thought I would share with you an 8 1/2 x11 alternative! I'm using the same adorable November Citrus Twist kit and the same awesome sketch, but for a differnent size layout and to tell a different story. That is what is so great about sketches, you can use them to suit whatever your scrapbooking needs are! And that's what is so great about this month's is so versatile!

Lets get started, shall we? First, take another look at the sketch:

Even though the sketch is originally laid out in 12x12 form, an 8 1/2 x11 can be easily adapted from the same basic plan. For my layout, I used some white 8 1/2 x11 cardstock as my background and built up from there, layering up some of the pretty floral Maggie Holmes Gather patterned paper from the kit and some of the Reset Girl for Simple Stories library cards behind my photos.

On one library card, I added some stamping using the exclusive stamp set from this month.

One notable difference is that I used an additional photo in my layout than is originally called for with the sketch. I can get away with the additional photo without throwing off the balance of the layout by using one large focal photo and then three much smaller photos that help tell my fall story more fully.

I used tags behind each of the three smaller photos that take up the space of the three horizontal rectangles lined up down the right side of the sketch. This was inspired by the tag at the top of the sketch.

For the border that is called for in the sketch, I used pen to draw a kind of diagram around my layout, leading from the title at the top "Beautiful Good Day" (made from the Amy Tan thickers and one of the exclusive stickers from the kit) around the whole page, drawing your eye from photo to photo, and then back up to the sentence beneath the title - "this was such a special day with you".

For some special fall touches to my page that help tell my story, I added some leaf shapes. I used some of the pretty black and white Simple Stories patterned paper from the kit and a leaf cutfile I designed, at the top of the page, and then one of the beautiful gold leaf paperclips from the Sprinkles kit, at the bottom of the page.

I hope you enjoyed this look at an alternate 8 1/2 x11 take on today's Sunday Sketch! I really loved this beautiful Fall day out in October with my hubby and I hope you are having lots of special Fall moments with your loved ones!

P.S. Remember to play along with the challenge by posting your Sunday Sketch inspired layout to the Citrus Twist Gallery with today's date (11/20) in the title. You could win a gift certificate for $5 to the Citrus Twist store! Yay! Can't wait to see what you guys make!

xoxoxoxox -- Andrea