Hello! I would like to share with you a little bit about The Fairytale Club! You are probably wondering, “what exactly is The Fairytale Club?”...well basically, it is my dream come true – a papercrafting membership club where planners and scrapbookers can create beautiful things and be creative and inspired each month and work with a new, magical collection each month!

Each collection is inspired by fairytales (fairytale characters, fairytale movies, fairytale imagery, and fairytale ideals). Every collection is filled with inspirational goodies that are meant to speak to the creative heart and the mind and imagination of those who believe in rainbows and unicorns and wishes made on stars! The Club is made to encourage its members to believe in themselves and to write their own “happily ever afters” (whether that be through their planning or their memory keeping, or both). 

The monthly collections are split into kits – a scrapbook kit, a planner kit, and a “happily ever after kit” which includes everything in the collection that month plus some extra goodies! You can pick which kit you like and also whether you want to do a one time purchase, a six month subscription, or a twelve month subscription.  During the period of time that a collection is current, you will only be able to purchase the kit as a whole, with the exception of the 12x12 paper set, which may be ordered separately.  Following that period of time, the embellishments and planner dividers will also be available separately.

Whatever you decide to do, whether you subscribe or just purchase once, you are part of a club that is all about the magic and the whimsy, being kind and supportive, making you feel good about yourself, and making your creative dreams come true! I really hope you will be a part of the club and that you enjoy your fairytale adventure here with me! Our newest collection kit is called “Happy Day.” Get your kit and become a member today!