Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos!!!

Hi Everyone! It's Andrea here....I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Halloween and Happy Dia De Los Muertos! I know I am a little late with this post, and I'm sorry about that. I have been having a very hard time with my health lately. It's really no fun when you don't have good health. It makes everything, even things that should be easy, really quite difficult. I love Halloween, though, and Dia de los Muertos, and this whole spooky and magical season...so I really wanted to give you all a little something in honor of my favorite holiday...it's just a little printable, which you can use now in your scrapbook or something, or use it next year for a card maybe or a planner divider. Anyways, I hope you all have had a wonderful and magical October/Halloween-time! Mine wasn't perfect - there were a lot of bad pain days, unfortunately, because of my CRPS, and some bad news too...but there were also really special and magical moments with loved ones that I will always cherish!...and which I am documenting, of course! Ok, I will talk to you all later and get ready to start transitioning from one magical holiday time to another... Christmas time is coming everyone! Yaaay! And on that note, I will be posting the new kit reveal ASAP (and it's really cute and Christmas-y)! Sorry that got pushed back, too, because of my bad health...but it will be up real soon (tomorrow I believe), so stay tuned!

Click on the images to download the full-size jpeg files.

4x6 at 300dpi

6x8 at 300dpi