Hello Beautiful Traveler's Notebook with Michelle

Hi there, crafty friends! Michelle here, back with another project with the “Hello Beautiful!” kit from The Fairytale Club!

For this project, it all started with a drab travelers notebook I purchased at my local craft store. I picked it up during a recent sale, and while I wasn’t sure what I would use it for, it was such a steal, I couldn’t pass it up! So today, I’ll be showing you how I turned transformed the bland notebook with this amazing kit!

2018-06-14 01.42.39 1.png

Once I got the notebook home, I realized that the inside cover was simply a sheet of black paper, attached to the faux leather cover with a bit of adhesive. I probably could have removed the paper lining, but it would have been messy. So instead, I decided to cover the inside with the white and black diamond-patterned Kindness paper! I liked the bold print, and I think black goes with just about everything.

So for this part of the project, I turned the paper over to the side I wasn’t using, and I laid the notebook over it. I then traced the notebook onto the paper and cut it out.

After I cut it out, I then had to cut out a section in the middle for the elastics which would hold the contents of the notebook. And finally, on the inside cover on the right-hand side, I carefully used an X-acto knife to cut a hole for the elastic knot, which is used to secure the elastic that closes the notebook.

Once I attached the paper to the notebook, then it was time to decorate! I decided against putting pockets on the inside cover because the notebook came with a pocket folder already, so that was good enough for what I needed. So this gave me the opportunity to use the adorable planner divider with the deer and bunny duo! They are just so cute! I topped the page with a couple strips of various papers in the kit, and “once upon a time” from the “Fairytales” paper.

On the right, you will see the beginning stages of the pocket folder that was provided in the traveler's notebook. It was made out of kraft paper, so I thought I would cover it with much cuter paper from The Fairytale Club! I am very happy with how it turned out. I decided to cover it with the geometric pink patterned “Happy” paper, and other die cuts and pieces from other pages in the kit.

2018-06-14 01.42.39 1.png

So once the outside of the folder was decorated, it was time to decorate the inside!

2018-06-14 01.43.20 1.png

Again, I love how this one turned out with the various patterns and die cuts. I used the blue butterfly paper to line the inside of the pockets, and I covered them with the green geometric paper.

And I know I keep saying I love how this turned out, but I think my favorite part of this notebook overhaul is the simple, but adorable, back to this pocket notebook. I knew that I couldn’t leave it just plain, so I grabbed the deer die cut, and I cut off the bottom section of the “Fairytales” paper that had an excerpt from the beautiful writing. I love that it said, “be the hero or heroine of your own life”. Because of the amount of size I had, I trimmed it down. And I think this is just wonderful!

Finally, I covered the insert that came with this travelers notebook. It was also plain and made of kraft paper. So I simply covered it with the “Hello Beautiful” paper! I had been waiting to use this page in particular because it is so beautiful! This was pretty simple. I just cut the paper down to size, and I attached the Snow White die cut with a mounting square, so really set it apart.

2018-06-14 01.43.18 1.png

And that’s how this project came together! Like I said, when I purchased this notebook, I didn’t have any plans in mind. However, now that it’s all decked out, and has so many nature and forest-inspired elements, I’m thinking I might use this to plan an upcoming camping trip! Until next time, happy crafting!


Dianna's Weekly Planner Spread

Hey there friends! It’s Dianna, back with my weekly planner spread using the Hello Beautiful kit!

I used the pretty pastel papers to create this lovely spread! Aqua and pink are my faves so I concentrated on those shades and some black polka dots! It’s a great combo!!  To make this planner spread I cut out my paper to fit the dimensions of the boxes in my weekly planner insert. It was super easy and I just used my tape runner to add adhesive to the back of the paper and glued it in place!  I love the ledger style paper. It  worked perfectly to add some of my to-do’s. 

I also cut some of the paper into strips to look like washi tape and layered it in a couple of places.  To make the paper clips I simply hot glued the flair button and bow die cut to some gold paper clips.

A few embellishments from the die cuts and sticker sheet and all done! Oh, and I added a little layering on the edge with some ruffle lace too! 

Hope you like it! Have a beautiful weekend! 💗