Henny's Jolly Dashboard

Hello everyone... Henny is here again today sharing with you my new dashboard and set up for my Filofax Personal size.


It’s quite a challenge for me to stuffing up and decorating this style of pocket so I thought a simple decoration would be more appropriate. I love those tickets of die cuts which always provide a fun side with its vintage style in every one of my projects. 


And same for the dashboard, since this cute picture has already looked busy for me, I tried to make it as simple as possible without adding more embellishments and just added couple of gems adhesive. I’ve also turned the dashboard as a slide pocket on the other side.


Here’s the back side of the dashboard where I added a pocket to store stickers, receipts or anything else you can come up with. I can’t get enough of all of the dividers from this kit, I took another divider and created it as a second dashboard or I can use as my main dashboard whenever I feel I needed to change it into. Overall I’m in love with how everything has turned you. Sometimes simplicity makes something more ordinary but enjoyable to look at.

Well I hope you’re happy and love it just as much as I have enjoyed creating it.  

Until next time.