The "Girly and Strong" Look -- May's Colors!

I don't know about you but I am loving the color scheme for May's "Girly and Strong" collection! As you know, each collection that is made every month for The Fairytale Club's kits, is inspired by a combination of favorite fairytales and fairytale characters! These characters inspire the patterns, the embellishments, etc.  So it makes sense that the color schemes are inspired by fairytales as well!

For May's "Girly and Strong" collection, I wanted to go with something that felt lovely and worked with the tone of May and how it crosses over from Spring into Summer!

It has the bright primary, summery colors of red and blue yellow, but also the really light and spring like colors of light pink and mint.  ... Does this color pallet remind you of anyone?

That's right, it's Snow White! Snow White is my favorite Disney princess and I just love her so much! She is so lovely and sweet, girly, kind, happy, loving, pretty, and also brave! She has the perfect look and color scheme to base my premiere collection's colors and overall feel on! 

And if you watch the movie again, I kind of think that maybe you'll see that the whole thing is taking place in least that's what I think!  Also, I think Snow White would totally Scrapbook and Plan and that she would love "Girly and Strong"!

Yes, she would be a dark haired papercrafting princess...with a silly, happy demeanor, who was fair skinned, loved wearing red lipstick and playing with planners and scrapbooks...believed in "happily ever after"


Well, you get the picture! :-) I hope you enjoy the color scheme for our premiere collection "Girly and Strong" and this look at it's fairytale inspiration! Have a happy scrappy day and remember to "live your life as a fairytale"!