NSD Challenge - A Happily Ever After

Hi Everyone, Andrea and Vanessa here today to share with you a fun Fairytale challenge that is all about planning & documenting your own Happily Ever After!  So for this challenge, what we want  you to do is plan or scrap about the person or persons who have given you the "happily ever after" in  your life! So make something about the person or people you love and show how they have changed your life! Specifically those you love in a non-romantic way -- like your family and friends.

In Fairytales, there is often a Prince Charming or some fairytale romantic figure who falls for and saves the heroine and they both "live happily ever after". Sometimes in life though, a "happily ever after" is not always about romantic love. In the case of Vanessa, she has recently had a beautiful baby named Patrick who has changed her life and brought great love into it! See how she documents her brand new baby boy in her planner, with her dashboard spread. Vanessa used the "my favorite-est" 3x4 card from the kit to show how much this new addition to her family means to her.

Now we leave it to you to follow along with this challenge... You can plan or scrap or do some other papercrafting project...but the point is to document the person or people who have made your life one that is lived "happily ever after"...well, at least mostly, right?! And especially those in your life that you love in a non-romantic way...like your kids, siblings, best friends, parents, etc.

Good luck with the challenge and have fun!  Remember to share what you do on our Facebook page, The Fairytale Club Facebook Group ! Share in the share thread for this challenge and get a chance to win a gift certificate for The Fairytale Club!!! You can also share on instagram with the hashtags #thefairytaleclub #fairytalechallenge #nsdpart2 ...and make sure to specify which challenge you are doing in your post. 

Fairytale Note: Think of the movie Frozen when you do this challenge. This movie is so great because it has the traditional "happily ever after" fairytale "true love" that is romantic (i.e. the love between Kristoff and Anna), but also the familial "true love" that is so beautiful and just as important and impactfull for a persons' "happily ever after" (i.e. the love between Anna and Elsa). Think about how much the two sisters love each other, what they do and sacrifice for one another...and think about how beautiful the love of family is!