A Closer Look at Storytime!!!

Hi Everyone! It's Andrea here! I wanted to do this post to talk to you some more about our June collection, "Storytime"!!! I don't know about you but I love stories! I love to read and I love to write and I especially love to document my own story through my memory keeping and planning!!! Stories are so important! Telling them is part of the human condition and we learn from them constantly. For this month, I wanted to make a collection that was inspired by story-telling and the adventure, beauty, magic and courage that is found in stories.  

This month I was inspired by Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Moana, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Fantasia, and Beauty & The Beast. Story-telling is a prominent theme in all of these fairytales. There are a few other fun sub-themes in these fairytales too though and those can also be found in the collection this month -- themes like the ocean, magical creatures (like mermaids & unicorns & fairies & flamingos?), and also travel & adventure! :-)

I am loving all the beautiful mermaids in "Storytime"! I have always been a big fan of mermaids! And the tale of the mermaid is a classic one that has been around for centuries! Ancient mariners would tell tales of the beautiful creatures and they became a symbolic image for the magic, majesty and mystery of the ocean. Mermaids can be found in both The Little Mermaid and in Peter Pan. And in both of these classic tales, stories are important. Peter Pan is all about telling stories to his mermaid friends in The Mermaid Lagoon, and The Little Mermaid wants to hear as many stories as possible about the human world! So you can see why mermaids became an important part of my "Storytime" collection!

And I am loving how all the different mermaids in the collection look! I really love the mermaid planner dividers! The "M is for Mermaid" planner divider is definitely a favorite of mine! I love that she has a little unicorn sea-horse too! 

And you can find her and her little sea-unicorn in the "Little Mermaids" patterned paper and in the ephemera pack too. She has a little pink streak of hair in her ephemera form which is a cute little accent to that piece. 

And talking about ephemera, I think the ephemera pack this month is so amazing! There is a lot of great gold-foiling in the ephemera pack for "Storytime". I think that the all gold foiled unicorn is my favorite!!! Her tail is blowing beautifully in the wind and she just looks so gorgeous!

I am loving the camera too, with the little heart on it and the scallop at the bottom, with all the gold-foiling, it just looks super cute! And I also am in love with the "Believe" word that comes in the ephemera pack...the white and gold letters just look way cool!  I put the word "believe" in the ephemera pack because this collection is all about believing in fairytales -- stories of wonder and adventure, great struggle and great happiness...especially the story that you write everyday of your life! It's important that we believe in ourselves and our own story!

Besides the awesome ephemera pack, we should talk about some of the other great embellishments in June's collection too! I really am enjoying all of the embellies this month! I think that the new wood and enamel buttons are so adorable and fun to use and may possibly be my favorite! I think they just work great and add a lot of pop, dimension and interest to whatever you may be working on (whether it is a layout, a planner page, a card, etc).  In the enamel and wood buttons you will find symbols like that of the compass which is specifically symbolic of The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ...and the story/legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, the Black Pearl and all his adventures on the high seas! I love a good Pirate story!

The chipboard alphas are super gorgeous in this collection! I made sure they all are gold-foiled and come in lots of beautiful colors that go with the overall ethereal, "mermaid lagoon" kind of color scheme of teals, blues, mints, lavenders and pinks that can be found throughout the collection. They have a dreamy, enchanting, "bed-time" story quality that just works!

And the label and tiny word stickers are so fabulous too! I included a lot of words in there that are perfect for telling your story right now -- whether that is a story of going out and having a fun adventure swimming at the beach on vacation, or staying in and having an equally fun adventure lost in an incredible book!

Whatever your story is at the moment, I think you will find that "Storytime" will work for you! I specifically made the collection so that you can plan and scrap for a lot of things -- the patterns especially are very versatile, with one side being more specific, and the other being more open to interpretation (i.e. bold, and more themed pattern on one side, and a more simple but equally beautiful pattern on the other).

I really hope you enjoy June's collection/kit -- "Storytime"! It is filled with fabulous fun and I cannot wait to see what you make with it! If you haven't purchased your "Storytime" kit yet, get it now! This is a truly magical collection and it's not something you want to miss out on! Get in on the adventure of "Storytime"!