Mini Workshop goodies: Mermaid Planner Set up, Decorative Pocket Cards, and a Lovely Layout...

Hello there everyone! It is Andrea here and I want to share with you some lovely things that I made for the most recent Mini-Workshop, using the "Storytime" collection! I love the "Storytime" collection! The mermaids just make me so happy! It was so much fun playing with "Storytime" to create these projects for the Mini-Workshop and our "fairytale membership" members! If you don't know about the Mini-workshops that we do each month, I will share a little about that now!

The Mini-Workshop is a sort of mini-class made up of video tutorials of a few different projects. I do one for each collection that comes out each month. There have been two so far and soon we will be doing one for the "Sweet!" collection (which is our newest collection/kit).

The Mini-Workshops are available to our "fairytale membership" members. The "fairytale membership" is a kind of club within the club. It is our premium membership. And for these members, we offer several special things in addition to their subscriptions. They get these "mini-workshops" and they also get other special benefits like inspirational emails, and discounts and deals on classes and events. We also have a special Facebook group that is just for our "fairytale membership" members only. It is a different, exclusive group, separate from our The Fairytale Club Facebook Group, which is public and for all our members and fans. 

Now, I just want to quickly talk about the projects that I worked on for the last Mini-Workshop. I had fun working on these. I love them all, the layout, the pocket cards, the planner stuff. I enjoyed working with the rose cut-files for my layout and using the different pretty colorful roses cut from the "Storytime" patterns to create a kind of garland from one corner of the page to the opposite one.

I loved working in my planner with the "Storytime" kit. I love the mermaids! I decided to set up the front of my planner with goodies from the kit that I tucked in, and also to use a sketch from the inspirational email to create a little planner "mini-layout" which served as a divider for my planner.

The decorative pocket cards were probably my favorite thing to work on though! They are cute quote cards and they serve as great pieces of inspiration as they each have a special quote on them! I had fun with the shaker ones especially, like the unicorn one that says "think happy thoughts" on the front and the mermaid one that has "I know who I am...I'm a mermaid" written out on the back.


I hope that you like these Mini-Workshop projects and that you are inspired to join our "fairytale membership" ! It is super fun and I think you will enjoy it! Alright well, remember to live your life as a fairytale! Hugs everyone!