Is it summer yet ?

Hey there ! It's Mindi here with you today. I have another pocket page post for you. This one started with inspiration from the fun Summer filler card. I knew that I wanted to use it and then everything else came into place. 


Since the summer filler card was vertical I needed a pocket page that could accommodate it. This particular week was the last week in May. The last week of school. I didn't have that many photos so I decided to use this side for the week and fill in the other side with some other photos. I added some simple embellishments to the top of the card and then added the dates of the week on the bottom. 

Most of these photos were from school events. This circle photo was from Memorial Day. We went to a pool party where the kids swam in the pool. I used a circle punch on the photo and added some sequins on the bottom. The photo next to it is of Noah on field day at school. 

On Thursday I participated in a sixth grade parent/student baseball game. It was so funny and fun all at the same time. I snapped a photo of me in the outfield during one of the innings. I wanted to add in my story in the empty space on the photo. So I made a text box in photoshop and added in to the photo. Finishing it off with that hashtag. 

I created this journaling card using a combination of gold letters, and parts from the kit. It holds lots of happenings from the week. 

I am so glad that summer is here now and that school is out. Now that last week of school is documented and not forgotten. Until next time everyone.