"Take Note": Reveal and Release!!!

Hello there everyone! It is Andrea here and today I want to share with you the full reveal and release of our newest kit, "Take Note"!!! It is my favorite kit so far!  Of course, I feel that way with each kit...lol! Each of our kits is really a collection that is exclusive, one of a kind, and all specially designed for you, by me! I decided to go with a charming and oh so pretty, "enchanted forest" meets "papercrafter" kind of look. Overall, I would say the collection is perfect for every girl out there who loves fairytales and being creative! And you can purchase it right now, right here!

There are cute animals like deer and kitties...even a chipmunk and some butterflies! And there are beautiful florals too! All the flora and fauna evokes the "enchanted forest" feel. The little notes and ledger paper and words like "noted" and "document" and such, evoke the "take note" concept that the collection is named for! This, along with a "hand drawn" style that can be found in the collection (in things like the little drawn hearts and ampersands) PLUS symbols like the cute little pencil and the camera...and along with things that say "i heart arts and crafts" and "creativity" and "princess of papercrafting" -- all work together to create that "papercrafter" feel. 

As you know, each of our kits/collections are inspired by fairytales! "Take Note" is no exception! It too is inspired by some of my fave fairytales...specifically Disney ones! This time, I was inspired by the following Disney fairytales and fairytale characters: Enchanted - Giselle, Aristocats - Marie, Bambi - Bambi, and 101 Dalmations - Perdita ! In fact, a lot of the patterned papers in "Take Note" are named after these characters!

Let's take a look at the patterned paper in "Take Note". I am so loving all the papers in this collection! As you can see, the color scheme for the collection is lots of pinks and greens and blues! So lovely!

There are lots of great, graphic patterns that are super versatile and work with whatever theme you have in mind to document or plan with!  I am particularly loving the "Take Note" paper with the little triangles on one side and the cool pink on pink chevron pattern on the other side. And the plus signs paper with the simple polka dot on the back, called "Perdita", is so great to use for so many different things...I can't wait to start making with it!

6 - Take Note.jpg
4 - Perdita.jpg

I also really love the sweet little deer patterned paper. It is called "Bambi" for obvious reasons! And it is definitely a favorite! So cute!!!

1 - Bambi.jpg

There are some really lovely papers in the collection that just make me smile with how pretty they are...like the super pretty floral pattern named "So Enchanting" and the uber cute bow pattern called "Marie"! "So Enchanting" has a fabulous pink ledger on the back too and I don't know about you, but I always love a good ledger paper!

2 - So Enchanting.jpg
5 - Marie.jpg

And there is a cool paper called "Giselle" that has a pretty mint pattern on one side, and a pencil drawn looking heart on the other side.

7 - Giselle.jpg

Finally, there is "Something Wonderful", which is aptly named...it is such a fabulous geometric pattern. It has a kind of southwestern style to it (which is a look that is very in for fall)!

3 - Something Wonderful.jpg

Like all our collections, in addition to the regular patterned papers, we also have cut-apart sheets. I love our cut-apart sheets! Especially these ones! "Hopeless Romantic" has some awesome 4x6 decorative pocket cards. I particularly love the one that says "this way to happily ever after" on it, with a cute little castle! And the other cut-apart sheet, called "Make Believe", is super duper cute too! It has some super useful ledger and label pieces on it. And the 3x4 cards on there are my fave...like the little blue doe and the "princess of papercrafting" card!

9 - Hopeless Romantic.jpg
8 - Make Believe.jpg

Now let's take a look at the embellishments in the collection!  There is a surprise with our collection/kit this time! With this new "Take Note" collection, we are adding in another embellishment! This meant that we had to do a few less patterned papers (to even things out and make sure your kit cost didn't go up...that is why there are nine sheets of paper this time instead of twelve). So as you will see, instead of our usual four embellishments in the kit...there is five this time!!! Yaaaay!

The first embellishment I want to talk to you about is our ephemera! We do ephemera with every kit, and "Take Note" is no different! With this ephemera pack, there is even more bang for your buck as this pack is jam-packed with ephemera peices!!! More than ever before!!! I particularly love the little deer! The little butterflies, the lovely watercolored flowers, and all the gold foiled pieces are favorites of mine as well!

Now, let's talk about our puffy word letters! I love these! They are so cute and they come in so many great colors! And they just look so great on a layout or a planner page!

Puffy Word Stickers-01.jpg

And of course, we did our label stickers and tiny word stickers. They are a little bit different this time, but just as useful, versatile, and cute!

label stickers.jpg

For something fun and new, we decided to do epoxy stickers for "Take Note". We always like to give our club members a fun dimensional embellie to play with in our kits, and so this time, we thought these epoxy stickers would be perfect to add some depth to your projects! I particularly love the gold foiled half-and-half squares! The hearts are super cute and useful too though, and also a fave!

epoxy stickers.jpg

And for our fifth and "extra" embellishment, we wanted to try something new that we are hoping will become another one of our "staple" embellishments in kits to come -- decorative stickers! Not puffy or anything...just regular, but oh so adorable stickers! I know a lot of you have been wanting stickers like these, and I am happy to say that they are here for "Take Note"! I particularly love the little pencil, the blue deer, and especially the awesome square stickers that say things like "so very enchanting" and "happily ever after". These stickers are perfect for so many papercrafting projects, especially planning!

sticker sheet 1-01.jpg

And speaking of planning, let's finish things off here by talking about the adorable planner dividers that come in the "Take Note" collection! 

I love the dividers for "Take Note"! The deer is a fave, and so is the "everyday life" divider with the castle on it! That one makes me smile! Everyday life...living your life as a fairytale, that is!


The definition of creativity one is so awesome and so is the really fabulous "planning, scrapbooking, papercrafting..." script one!


The "take note" script one on the blue geometric pattern is cute and so is the cool pencil one that is drawing and also happens to say "take note" on it!


The camera one is definitely another favorite of mine! I love the way that camera looks...both vintage and hand-drawn!


And the little kitty that says "cute and sweet" with the scallops, along with the grouping of bows one that says "pretty" -- well those are two of the cutest and girly-est ones for sure!


The big bow is eye-catching and so is the big rose! Both are perfect, I think, to make really beautiful dashboards out of!


And the "love" divider and the "you and me" one are super romantic!


As with our last set of planner dividers, I decided to also include a ledger page to write notes and things on.


And again, we decided to go ahead and include actual planner calendar pages in with our planner kit...so you get a full month "overview" two-page spread...as well as several weekday pages, so that you can plan out your days in more detail!


Alright, well that is it for our "Take Note" collection/kit! I hope you love it like I do! I had so much fun designing this collection for you! I think it is perfect to document and plan so many things! It is very lovely and cute and charming and it has that fairytale quality that all our The Fairytale Club collections are known for! This kit, like all of the ones we make, is exclusive, one of a kind, super special and magical! Don't miss out! Get in on the magic, join the club, and get your kit today! "Take Note" is now available for purchase! So get it here and remember to live your "life as a fairytale"!