"Take Note" : Upcoming Kit Sneak Peek

Hi all! Today we want to share with you a sneak peek of our upcoming collection/kit -- "Take Note"! It will be coming out later in the month and we are super excited for it! I am loving the colors, the pinks and blues and greens, which just feel soft and lovely! And the whole feeling of the collection is amazing!!! It is like a breath of fresh air! It is a dream...a dream to take note of!

I am loving the polka dots in the collection, the cute deers, the beautiful flowers! It all screams "enchanted forest" to me and it just makes me happy! You will notice there are lots of references to "taking note", "document", "create", "noted", things like that, because this collection has a lot to say about paying attention to the important things in life...big and small. This collection is the kind to make you stop and "smell the roses" and look at all the magic in the world. And it encourages you to document that magic in creative ways like writing, drawing, photography, scrapping, planning, etc. It inspires you to dream...

Note: I think you will see that "drawing" is something that inspired me a lot in this collection...especially the old Disney drawings and the idea that you can create a whole world through your imagination, a dream and a pencil...

"Take note" is all about noticing the details and seeing the beauty in everyday things...like even the instruments by which we note things like cameras and even pencils for instance. You will find a lot of cool things in the collection that have a kind of "pencil-drawn" feeling to them because of this. And there are a lot of references to nature and the natural world in this collection, like with all the cute animals you find in the collection -- like the cats and deer and chipmunks, etc -- as well as all the flowers! And because we are "taking note" with this collection, there are a lot of note papers, ledgers, handwritten letters, etc in this collection as well.

As with every collection/kit that we design exclusively each month for our magical papercrafting club, The Fairytale Club, this one is inspired by several different fairytales! This time, four different Disney fairytales were chosen to inspire the "Take Note" collection.  If you take a look at the inspirational mood board used to create the new "Take Note" collection, maybe you can guess what those four fairytales are! I will give you a clue...all of them involve cute animals as main or supporting characters... Guess which four fairytales and the fairytale characters (from those stories/movies) that inspired "Take Note" and you will be entered to win a prize. Place your guesses in our Facebook Group for a chance to win! The closer you get to the correct answer, the better chance you have of winning!

Alright, well I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of "Take Note" ! Have a wonderful day and remember to "live your life as a fairytale"!!! 

Hugs --- Andrea, Founder of The Fairytale Club