Take Note Pocket Letter with Odessa

Hi! Odessa here with a pocket letter using the Take Note kit. Pocket Letters are super fun to make. You just get to play with all the pretty things and put them together!


I started with the You and Me planner divider. I cut it down to 4 x 6 so it was a good pocket size and then further down into two 3 x 4 cards to fit into the pockets. From there I worked around it. I decided to do two more 4x6 areas at the top and bottom with patterned paper. The great things about Pocket Letters are that you can just pick your favourite things and really just have a lot of fun with it.


From there I started pulling out some of my favourite bits from the kit. Stickers and die cuts and puffy words and more! I like to work on each pocket as its own entity but keeping a general overall look in mind. I used word stickers, die cuts and some cut outs from the patterned paper to add some messages into the page. Then I got busy with the pretty stuff!


I added in lots of cute little details on this - the kit made this so easy! Lots of cute hearts and stars and more. If you haven’t made a pocket letter you really should - they are a fun way to just play around and let yourself play with layout and design.