Holidaily Walkthrough with Enza

Hello everyone! Enza here, and today I'm going to share with you my completed Holidaily album! Yay! It's done! I think this is the first year I complete a December album. As I said in my previous posts, I have been working on two albums, one for my family in Italy, and one for us. It has been quite challenging to keep up, but I did it and I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. 

I think one the reasons why I was successful this year was the simplicity of my process. One or two pictures and some journaling were all I needed to tell my full stories. You'll see some spreads with multiple pictures, but it is usually a collage or a combination of smaller photos. I also “limited” my stash to the Fairytale Club kits. What I love the most about the kits is that everything goes together. The colors match, there are tons of versatile embellishments, wood buttons, transparencies; the variety they offer is truly amazing. Occasionally you'll see some other supplies from my stash, used mostly to fill spaces or create layers.  

I decided to repeat some elements throughout the album to keep it cohesive: 

  • glitter card stock, used either as a background layer or to add extra sparkle here and there.
  • Tags, perfect for journaling or as a base for smaller photos. 
  • Vellum, on which I mostly typed my journaling.
  • Cut files and die cuts, to create more interest and bring in fun elements
  • Interactive pieces, such as the folded flap you'll see towards the end of the album.

For a more detailed description of the first part of the album, you can check out my previous posts here, and here. Now onto my completed Holidaily album!

Thank you for stopping by. Have an amazing day!