Double Sided Shaker Dashboards with Henny

Hello and happy Monday lovelies... Henny again today, sharing with you my new shaker dashboard I made for my A5 size planner. 


So loving the designs and colors in this “Happy Day” kit. Can get enough of these cute adorable houses 🏠 which I’ve chose it and made as my shaker dashboard.

So what I did was cut all of the windows out. Then I used one sheet of clear pocket and placed on the back of this house. Before I filled up the pocket with sequins or confetti, I secured the pocket by taped every squares in every window, and leave the top pocket stayed open to fill with sequins later on. 

Once I have the pocket taped in, I used my “permanent waterproof marker” to draw the lines on every windows as the imagination of the window. Then I filled it up with lots of sequins and confetti, and closed the pocket with clear tape one side adhesive. 

And added embellishments with some diecuts from the kit.


Here’s the back side of the dashboard. I thought the bag of sequins was too plain if letting it be like that. I wanted to cover all of the appearances taped so I used one of the dividers from personal size ones, chose this kitty design and thought it would be perfect to hidden the tapes.

Anyways, I cut the kitty face off from the picture, then using my waterproof marker again and start drawing the kitty face. And there we have a double sided shaker dashboard ☺️.


Can’t say it done yet before completing the planner pocket, isn’t it? I simply love with how everything has turned out. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed your time reading this by like this post. 

Until next time 😉.

Sincerely yours,