Adeline's Happy Days Planner Dashboard

Hi my Fairy friend, it’s Adeline today for The Fairytale club’s blog, it’s time to say goodbye to Winter and say hello to Spring. 

Beautiful days are coming so the new kit called “Happy Days” falls right, a fresh and colorful kit with pretty new design, love it so much especially the cute little cat, the ice cream…

So I created a new set up for my planner kikki k lilac which is just perfect for this kit with pastel shades with a dominant of pale purple.


Creating a new set up for my planners is the thing I prefer to do during my planner sessions, so that’s so that's what I did with this kit that inspires me a lot.

First I made my dashboard, I choose the cute spring A5 insert with butterflies, I just perforated the paper to be able to integrate it into my planner.


I decided to start with the bottom of the insert with a little shaker card and a gold paper napkin. I cut the project life paper, I chose the one with the flower, it reminds me of the Spring season, perfect!

For this shaker card, I used the flair button packaging, I always try to reuse product packaging. I inserted the card in the packaging and I added some sequins to have the touch of glitter that I love.

I added some finishes with the red heart die cuts that stand out on the pastel colors, so I added some pieces of transparent washi tape and finally, I added the letters LOVE in 3D.

I took the project life paper and I cut the girl picture, I added it to my insert, the glamor touch of this setup.

I added some details like the word “SWEET” and the ticket I stapled to the paper.


I think this part is my favorite in creating my planner decor: the inside of the cover, my friends say I’m part of the “ team chargée” in French, which means that I like when there is a lot of decorative element in my planner, it's true that I like it …

I really like this accumulation of dies cuts, project life card, paper clips and napkins.

I love creating paper clips with the kit flair buttons, so pretty and that gives relief to my set up which it’s important to me like the brightness of foil and glitter.


I hope you have appreciated my post, see you soon for another post with “Happy days” kit.

Kiss from France,