Little Paper Clips with Henny

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป and happy Monday lovelies... itโ€™s Henny again and today I wanted to share with you these little paper clips I made for first time using various materials of papers and elements from this kit.

So what I basically do is just trim two different double sided (patterned) pieces of paper and cut them into strips in bigger and smaller sizes and pictured below.


The bigger one measures approximately 5โ€x1.5โ€ and the small one measures just slightly smaller than the bigger strip of paper. Trim a triangle shape from the ends of both strips to make banners as shown above.

Then fold each strip in half, but crease lightly at the top, leaving some room as youโ€™ll need to slip the paperclip on later. Then fold the other smaller strip over top of the first banner. Remember, it doesnโ€™t have to be perfect.

Slide banners over the paperclip, and then you can crease them tightly if you wish to. Next all you need to do is decorate your clips however you like!

 The cute little paper clips are so adorable, they certainly will make such cute additions in Planners, bibles, books, tags, as gifts to your crafty friends or anything you can come up with.

 I hope you have enjoyed a look inside my little project today and it gives you lots of inspiration for your own.

Until next time,