Spring Candy Basket with Carrie

Hello everybody! It's Carrie here with a cheerful Spring themed candy basket using the Happy Day kit.

As a general rule I like to have chocolate in my house at all times lol!  So when I saw this adorable basket/purse in the Silhouette Design Store I thought it might be the perfect place to store a piece or two while still looking cute on my kitchen counter.  Plus, I have a fair few birthdays coming up and think it would be fun for holding a gift as well. The basket design ID is #63379 by Lori Whitlock. I started out by enlarging my basket to as big as it would fit on a 12 by 12 sheet of paper using my Silhouette software. Then I used a white piece of textured cardstock and ran it through my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the base. Next I took one of the planner inserts that had a blue background with polka dots and cut out a piece to layer over the front of my basket. Again, I used my Silhouette Cameo for this. The strips on the sides are from the same sheet of paper, and I measured what size they should be with a ruler and cut them down to size with my paper trimmer.  Then, I used red-line tape on the inside flaps and finished the assembly of my base.

Now that my base is complete I decided to find some flowers from the Silhouette Design Store to add to the front of my basket.  I ended up choosing design ID #198967 by Carina Gardner. It came with quite a few flowers as well as a couple different types of leaves.  Again I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut everything out. For all the leaves I chose the planner insert with a super fun pink writing paper design. The backside is a light purple and blue background with a cute kitty, so most of the leaves are pink but three of them I turned around using the purple or blue.  For the center of each of the flowers I used the same white textured cardstock for consistency.

I knew I wanted to use lots of color and patterns for the actual flowers to make them pop, so one is cut from a planner insert with a pink background and retro blue graphic design that reminds me of an eye. The other two are cut from 12 x 12 papers. I chose the ticket design, and and the design cut into a bunch of pieces and colors. All are super colorful and fun! Now that all my pieces are cut out it's time to assemble the flowers and decide where to place everything on the front of my basket. I love this part because I get to be creative :-) First I attached the flowers, next the fern-like leaves, and lastly the large and small leaves of the same shape. To finish decorating I decided to add iridescent Swarovski crystals to the center of each of the flowers, and tied the handles at the top together with a pink ribbon.  Now my project is all done and ready to be used!

Thanks for taking a look at my project, and I'll see you next time!
Cheers!! Carrie