Tag Flip with Michelle

Hi, lovelies! Michelle here, back with another project, and this time I tried my hand at something totally new to me! I’ve been a paper crafter for a few years, and I’ve also sent and received some awesome happy mail projects, but I’ve never made those drool-worthy tag flips you see on Instagram. I’m excited to share with you how this one came together!

The first step in the process was to go back and revisit some of the saved posts on Instagram that I could use as inspiration, some of which were from my fellow, very talented, design team members! From what I could tell, you take bits of pieces of all kinds, and you throw it together in cute ways, and voila! You have a tag.

Copy of the fairest of them all.png

I felt like I was in luck. I consider myself quite crafty, and using the “Hello Beautiful” kit was like hitting the jackpot! This kit offers so many options in terms of colors and little bits and pieces that look super cute when put together!

I think this may be my favorite project using The Fairytale Club kits. This really gave me the freedom to sit down, surround myself with die cuts, stickers, decorative paper, and just create. These days most of my paper crafting is centered around my planner, which I love! However, when I put together my decorative planner pages, I try not to use things with too much texture, and I also need room to plan! But with this tag flip project, I was completely free.

An example of something new I tried was this paper rosette! Rosettes seems to be all the rage these days, but I hadn’t made one yet. I also had a strip of the red-lined ledger paper left over from another project, so I trimmed it down into smaller strips and stapled them together to make a little notebook.

Copy of once upon a time.png

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I must say that this shaker tag is up there. The color of this selection of sequins went perfectly with the colors of the word cut-outs provided in the kit. And I finished it off with teal trim along the edges!

Another favorite tag is this pocket tag that has these DIY paperclips. I made paper clips for another project months ago and hadn’t even picked up the supplies since then. This project, plus all the small aspects that would make the perfect paper clips, made this part a ton of fun. For this, I simply used a 1” circle paper punch and punched from four different patterns. Next, I looked around at what I could use to add to the papers. Most of the die cuts were too large, so that wouldn’t work. However, I looked at the back of the packaging of the die cuts, which has an image of all the die cuts that are inside the package, and it dawned on me. I could fussy cut those out, and they would be the perfect size! They were the same as the die cuts, just smaller! So once I cut out the tiny die cuts, I placed them on the paper circles and placed an epoxy adhesive dot on top. Then I simply hot glued a paper clip to the back!

I know I’ve been gushing a lot about how much fun I had with this tag flip, but I just need to finish by saying that this project had good timing. I had a particularly long and stressful week (you know the one), and this gave me the opportunity to craft without limits. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make perfect creative things, and it can be exhausting. This tag flip project reminded of how much fun it can be to try something new and dive into it with love and courage. So that is what I’m sending to you, love and courage. Happy crafting!