Origami Dresses with Michelle and Hello, Beautiful

Hey, crafty friends! Michelle here, back with another project using items from the digital “Hello, Beautiful!” kit. I recently signed up for a happy mail swap where we were to make and decorate origami paper dresses, and I thought that some of the patterns from the “Hello, Beautiful!” kit would make really pretty dresses! I love how they turned out! 

After following a simple YouTube tutorial I was able to crank these out pretty quickly, and I think you’ll agree that these turned out so cute! 

For the first one, I really wanted to use the black and white polka dot paper and add red accents, as I think that is a really classic color combo. I had some red glitter washi on hand, so I used that for a simple belt. And then I whipped out some red sequins to hand sew at the bottom. 


Next up, I really liked the blue paper with the red and yellow flowers. I thought that if I were wearing that, I definitely would add pearls and some gold to the outfit, so that’s what I did with this dress! I had some small pearl gemstones, and then I finished it off with a gold glitter bow!

This next one is totally one that I could see myself wearing during the spring and summer months. I love the stripes and the combination of these colors is so pretty! I thought I would keep this one fairly simple and add a bit of fringe to the sleeves and the bottom. So for this all I did was add some fringe ribbon from my stash, and voila!

And lastly, because I couldn’t get away from making a pink one, I came up with this! I really loved this rose pattern from the kit, and knew that it would make a beautiful dress. So after making the dress, I used some sparkly pink tulle, placed it on top and glued it down and trimmed off any excess. I think this one is simple, but because the pattern is so pretty, it really only needed that touch of sparkle.

I really hope you like these dresses and try them out for yourself! Happy crafting!