Aimee's Floral Wreath Layout

Hey everyone, Aimee here. Today I am sharing another one of my favorite “GO TO” layouts.



So, I call this a circle wreath. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but it does to me.

Basically, it’s a circle, that I cover with die-cut flowers so then it becomes a wreath!



I started had already gone through the ephemera pack and pulled out all the flowers bows and hearts. I then traced a circle on to my cardstock, I just use a cereal bowl from my kitchen.


I start laying the die-cuts over my penciled circle. While fussing with the die-cuts I decided that I wanted some to over lap my photo.



I adhered the big rose first with a tape runner directly to the cardstock. I then work my way around the circle, adhering some die-cuts with 3-d foam adhesive, and some with a tape runner.



Once most my die-cuts are adhered I adhere my photo with some 3-d foam adhesive. I was able to tuck the photo under the daisy, and I added the blue flower, it has some extra foam to lift it higher of the page.



Before I adhered the photo to the cardstock, I stapled the bow to my photo and added the word sticker and heart (with 3-d foam).



I then decided that the layout needed more “POP” so I decided to “faux” stitch with a black marker around the inside and outside of the wreath.



I used more stickers on my photo and cardstock. I then splattered painted some black glaze onto my layout for a final touch, but not before I dated the layout (when I date the layout, I mean the day the photo was taken. Not the day I made the layout) with my roller date stamp!




What is your favorite “Go To” layout?



XOXO, Aimee