Aimee's "GO TO" Sketch

Hi there, it’s Aimee and today I am sharing one of my go to layouts!


2-11-19 1.jpg

I have a confession, sometimes I lose my mojo and don’t want to scrapbook.

Yep I said it. But I have a little secret.

I keep a bunch of “GO TO’S”  in my back pocket.

go to sketch.jpg


Using a sketch is one of my “GO TO’S”. And this particular sketch is one I go to a lot.

Whether I am scrapping 12x12 or 8.5x11, this sketch works perfectly. We all have a ton of 3x4 journaling cards laying around. This is also another good way to use all those extra journaling cards you have laying around.


So, I started with 3, 3x4 journaling cards and 1, 3x4 picture. Now you can configure this anyway you want. You can use more photos if you want, or hey you could use all cards if you wanted.



I started with the 12x12 piece “Supercalifragilitic” Paper cutting out the purple 3x4 card.

Next, I cut a 3x4 piece from the 12x12 “The London Sky”


From the Stationery pack I used the die-cut card “SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC”. This card is 4x4 and I trimmed it to 3x4.


Ok so now I have all 3 of the journaling cards I plan on using.


I found the photo I wanted to use, in this case it’s a photo of a giant peacock inflatable island {It was one of my birthday presents last year} and I printed it out at 3x4.



I fussed with my cards and photo on my 8.5 x 11 piece of white cardstock {another one of my “go to’s”} and finally decided with this arrangement. I decided that I wanted some dimension on this layout and adhered the photo and the die-cut card with 3-d adhesive foam. The other 2 cards I just adhered with a tape runner straight to the cardstock.



For my embellishments, I used a tiny stapler to attach the 2 cards that were adhered straight to the cardstock. I used the “jolly holiday” die-cut words from the emphemera pack. Which was totally perfect for this layout, since it was my birthday get away!


I rolled some thread between my hands and stuck my die-cut words on top of it for a fun messy thread affect. I then layered 3 word stickers over the journaling card.



To finish my layout, I used a date roller stamp to date the page {another one of my “go to’s”!}


Do you ever use sketch’s when your mojo is struggling?