Kellie's "I'm in Wonderland" layout

2019-09-06 14.05.33Hi there crafty peeps, long time, no layout!  We've just gotten over winter down my way and into Spring, well I mean almost, I'm sure Spring is coming.  So this is why it was amazing to have this kit arrive on my doorstep with all the bright beautiful colours and loads of floral.  Any guesses on the theme?!  I'm in Wonderland!
2019-09-06 14.05.33I scrap in the 6x8 size in case you are new around here.  I used to only scrap in 12x12 many moons ago.  I'm not even sure I could managed that now?!  Maybe a challenge for myself for this weekend with this very kit.  Now I'm scaring myself, haha!
2019-09-06 14.05.33I really LOVE all the patterns in this release and it made it hard to just pick a couple or a few and so I made strips and got busy layering and LOVED putting it together for the background.  After that it was just a case of layering, layering and more layering
2019-09-06 14.05.33What's your favourite part of the I'm in Wonderland kit?