Everyday Wishes: Kit Sneak Peek! :-)

Hey everyone! Andrea here and today I want to share with you a fun sneak peek at our next kit, called "Everyday Wishes" and talk to you about what inspired me for this very special kit/collection!

November 2017 - Everyday Wishes Sneak Preview-02.jpg

I'm really excited for this kit! And I really hope you all will love it like I do! It's a very important kit/collection to me and here is why... I created it while going through a really difficult time. As many of you know, I am not doing well right now and I haven't been well recently. Writing, "I am not doing well" seems like an understatement really...since first of all...I am never doing particularly well because I have a serious health condition that I live with (called CRPS). However, lately things have definitely and very unfortunately gotten worse. And as I have had a lot of sad moments lately, lying in bed, alone and in so much horrible pain...I have had a lot of time to contemplate. I am usually such a happy person, but when things get hard in life, one sometimes feels the happiness and the hope start to drain out, as the stress and the fear settles in. But as I found myself feeling sad and hopeless, I remembered my motto..."to live my life as a fairytale and write my own happily ever after" and I thought about fairytales and the trials and heartbreak and obstacles that are faced in each one. My story is not an easy one, it never has been, but one thing has always been true...I am strong and I never give up! I remembered how important it is in all fairytales and in my own particular, personal, real-life fairytale...to have faith...to wish and dream and believe that a star will light the way! So I was inspired by Disney classics like Cinderella and Pinnochio and I reminded myself that "no matter how my heart is grieving, if I keep on believing, the dream that I wish will come true"! 

So I created "Everyday Wishes" to remind me and all of you too...the most basic and important thing that The Fairytale Club stands for...and that is believing in the fairytale and the "happily ever after"...and living it and creating it and writing it, even when it is hard. I was inspired to make a kit that had all kinds of my favorite, beautiful fairytale things...princesses, unicorns, stars and moons to wish upon, rainbows, and castles, blue birds of happiness, and lots more! This new kit is filled with my wishes and dreams for a happy and bright tomorrow, not just for me, but for all of you too! As we get closer to the new year, I want you all to think of your hopes and dreams and goals and wishes and really go for them...don't give up! Every wish can come true, every dream is possible! 

I hope you like this sneak peek of "Everyday Wishes"! I want to say thank you to all of my Club Members/subscribers, the Fairytale membership peeps, and all you awesome followers, customers, and fans! Thank you for supporting me and especially thank you for supporting me right now through this particularly difficult time in my life and for being so kind and compassionate and patient! Please stay tuned for the full reveal of "Everyday Wishes", it's coming soon! Yay!

Hugs to you all and Remember to "LIVE YOUR LIFE AS A FAIRYTALE!"  --  Andrea Bethke, Founder of The Fairytale Club