June Collection/Kits Sneak Peek!

Hi Everyone! Andrea here and today I am excited to share with you a little sneak peek at the June Collection/Kits! The name of the exclusive collection for June is "Storytime"! As you may or may not know, every month The Fairytale Club comes out with a new, exclusive collection for it's kits, which is inspired by favorite fairytales.  

This new kit is inspired by so many awesome fairytales and fairytale characters...one of which is Peter Pan! There will be a full reveal of all the fairytales that inspired the collection when the full reveal of the June collection happens later this month!  In the meantime, here is a fun sneak peek to get you excited about next month! 

Here is an inspiration board that I used while designing the collection:

As you can see, a major theme of the "Storytime" collection is the concept of "the story" -- stories are important. Every day of our lives we are telling our own story, simply by living, but even more so as memory keepers, scrapbookers and planners are constantly documenting their personal story and that of their loved ones! This isn't the only kind of story found in the collection though...you can also see references to books...books are filled with stories! You can see all the references to adventure, because often the stories told in books are adventures, but also because reading a story itself is a kind of incredible adventure of the imagination! 

And of course, there are references to fairytales and fairytale creatures, this is because here at The Fairytale Club, we love a good fairytale story the most, but also because we believe in "living life as a fairytale" and being the heroes of our own story and writing our own happily ever after! But let's go back to the cute fairytale creatures that I just mentioned...they pop up here and there in this collection...and there are so darn adorable!!! There is some really pretty unicorn and mermaid awesomeness in this collection! But there is a lot that is just really versatile and will work with whatever you are documenting! There are lots of pretty graphic patterns in the collection. And there is this feeling of summer time and relaxation. It is the perfect collection for a vacation away from home, documenting the beach and summer outings, or a staycation, cuddled up with a good book! The color scheme is really great because it has colors like blues and greens in it as well as pinks and lavenders so it really can be used to document any of your loved ones (boys and girls)! Of course there is a perfect amount of sweet and cute and whimsy in there too, so for all my girls that love pink and gold and pretty...you will find that in this collection as well!

P.S. Can you name some of the ways in which you see Peter Pan in this collection sneak? I will give you one...Peter loved a good story...especially the stories about himself! (And he loves telling them to anyone who will listen, including a certain group of lovely ladies who live and swim in a particular lagoon!)  :-)  Do you have any guesses on other fairytales and fairytale characters that influenced this collection? You can put your guesses up on our Facebook Group! Those who guess will be entered to win a fun free prize -- some Fairytale Ears (to wear to the parks or just around the house while you are crafting...I personally like to do both)! Guess correctly and you get an even better chance of winning the prize so really think about it and check for clues inside the inspiration board too! We will take guesses on facebook up until the reveal day and then a winner will be announced!