National Scrapbook Day Celebration Part 1: Live Streams & Weekend Review

Hi Everyone! It is Andrea here and today I want to do a little review of our NSD celebration that we had this last weekend (which was just the first part of our NSD celebration...we are doing another towards the end of the month), to share with you how the live stream went, and to show you the projects that I worked on during this fun online crop! 

So this last weekend (May 6th and 7th), as part of our National Scrapbook Day celebration, I hosted a couple of live streams on my FairytaleScrapbook youtube channel!

It was so much fun! It was a cool online crop where I got a chance to talk to and interact with a lot of our awesome Fairytale Club members and fans! We had such a great time together! The chat consisted of fun scrappy topics..."what tools are on your wishlist right now"..."what are you working on for NSD", etc... I also took requests for what scrappy and planny things I should work on during the stream. And of course, we talked about the May "Girly and Strong" collection and the amazing Disney female characters and movies that inspired it! We also talked quite a bit about other fun stuff too, like our fave Disney movies, music, video games, and hobbies...some fun Marvel universe/comic book stuff...some Star Wars and Harry Potter goodness...our fave t.v. shows right now, etc! I loved it! And I think the conversation very well reflected the kinds of things our club members are into and inspired by -- things that are creative, magical, whimsical, and reflect a "once upon a time/happily ever after" sensibility!

During the live streams I worked on several projects. I worked on and completed two layouts, I worked on my planner calendar set up for May, and I worked on a Travelers Notebook. 

I will be sharing my Traveler's Notebook and my planner set up in different, future posts, once they are completed! :-) 

If you joined us live for one or both of the streams, thank you so much for your support and for participating in our fabulous NSD celebration part 1!  Please join us at the end of the month, on the last weekend (May 27th and 28th), to celebrate some more...this time with fun challenges from our Design Team!

Remember to live your life as a fairytale!!! Huuuugs! -- Andrea