Scrap Gals iNSD “A Plan to Scrap” challenge with Andrea Bethke using The Fairytale Club May kit!!!

Today I hosted a challenge as part of the Scrap Gals iNSD celebratory online crop over on their Facebook page! The challenge is to incorporate a planner decorating look and/or techniques into your scrapbook layout, or visa-versa ( i.e incorporate a scrapbook layout style and/or techniques into your planner decor)!  It could be called a "scrap/plan-lift" challenge"! And I used the May "Girly and Strong" collection/kits for my challenge!!!

I went ahead and made both a planner dashboard pocket page AND an 8 ½ x11 layout so you can see how the same ideas can work for both planning ans scrapbooking and how one can influence and inspire the other. If you want to follow along, you can do the same as me, and make a planner page and a scrapbook page OR you can just make one of the two. So if you just want to make a layout, you can use the planner page that I made to inspire your layout. And if you just want to make a planner page, you can use the scrapbook layout I made as inspiration for your planner decor. (note: you don't have to use my planner or my scrapbook lo as your inspiration can use inspiration from social media, etc).

The point of this challenge it to get you out of your box a little bit and help you to think about how inspiration can come from anywhere! If there is a planner page that catches your eye, don't just assume that you can't apply those same ideas to your scrapbooking! You absolutely can! Inspiration comes from so many places! You could take a look at what the planner girls are doing, and maybe add one or two fun, decorative paperclips to your page...why not?! And the opposite is true as well, if you are a planner, look at what the scrapbook girls are doing, and maybe put some pictures into your planner....why not? Have fun!!!

Both planning and scrapbooking are important papercrafting ways by which we document our life and tell our story! Let's tell a good one! Let's live our life as a fairytale and write our own “happily ever after” one scrapbook layout or planner page at a time!!!

Remember to make your order over at The Fairytale Club, to get our premier collection, “Girly and Strong” so that you can make fun stuff like this too! You can order a scrapbook kit, a planner kit, or a “happily ever after” kit (that has both the planner and the scrapbook goodies in it plus more)! Join in on our magical papercrafting adventure today and start living your life as a fairytale! (and there is a coupon code in the video, so make sure to watch to get it so you can use it to get a 10% discount on your Fairytale Club kit!)

I mean, how cute are these goodies?!!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy my video & I inspire you to create something with a lot of fairydust ;-) and to think outside the box...and hopefully I also gave you some fun ideas on how to use your May kit! Happy inter-National Scrapbook Day everyone!!!

Please share the fabulous things you make for my “A Plan to Scrap” iNSD challenge on the Scrap Gals Community Facebook page (on the share thread for it)!!! :-) Can't wait to see what you create!!!l

xoxoxoxo--- Andrea