A Quick Look at Our Mad Tea Party!!!...and some important news!

Hi All!!! It's Andrea here! I am so busy right now trying to get a million things done for some cool upcoming stuff (in the next few days)...stay tuned for that! But really quickly, I wanted to talk to you all about our amazingly, super duper awesome Mad Tea Party event at Disneyland on June 2nd!!! We had sooooooo much fun!!! I feel so lucky to have gotten to meet so many super awesome ladies and to have had so much fun at Disneyland with them...crafting, hanging out, going on rides, etc!!! I loved our tea party lunch and how cute everything looked! I loved the memory-planner that we worked on, the pics that we took, the fun we had with all the prizes....and then afterwards, our walk around the park was so amazing!!! Thank you to everyone who participated in our first event!!! Everything was just so special and felt like a fairytale dream come true!!!

I want to let the ladies who came to the event know that the gallery with the pics from the event will be up sometime tomorrow I believe. I will notify you all of this so we can make sure everyone who came gets access to all the pics that they want from that day.

The class lessons for the project we started at the event (the memory planner) will be going up soon as well..it will go up in the next couple of days. This Mad Tea Party online class will also be available for purchase for those who did not attend the event. So those who attended the event, this class is included with your purchase of the event and you will get automatic access to it when it goes up....anyone else who wants the class can purchase it (when it goes up for purchase) and then you can take the class and make a fun memory-planner too!.

The special, exclusive "Mad Tea Party" collection/kit will also be available for purchase for anyone who didn't come to the event who wants to purchase it! That kit will be revealed tomorrow and go up for purchase! Yaaaaaaay!

I also want to say that because our Mad Tea Party launch event went sooooo great, we will be having more events like this in the future! Stay tuned to find out when the next one is!!! We know we definitely want to do a Halloween themed one in October...so excited about that! We may do one more before that one though as well (possibly in August). We will let you know!

Alright, happy planning and scrapping everyone and....

Remember to live your life as a Fairytale!!!

-- Andrea