June "Storytime" Kit Reveal & "Mad Tea Party" Kit Reveal!!! :-)

Hello there everyone! It is Andrea here and I want to share with you our beautiful collection/kits available for June -- "Storytime" and "Mad Tea Party"! First I want to share with you our full June "Storytime" collection/kit! As you may remember from our sneak peak that we did in May, our kit for June, entitled "Storytime", has a theme of story-telling and focuses on the importance of story. And it is inspired by several Disney fairytales that have this "story" theme! Many of the Disney fairytales that inspired me also have "sea", "travel" and "adventure" themes, so you see those sub-themes in the collection as well.

The list of fairytales that inspired me for "Storytime" are: 1) Peter Pan , 2) Moana, 3) The Little Mermaid , 4) Fantasia , 5) Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales , 6) Beauty and the Beast. These fairytales all talk about the importance of stories...telling them, reading them, the adventure that comes with story, the beauty of story, and the impact and influence of story on our lives. I think, most importantly, these fairytales say a lot about how important it is to tell our own story and to live our story to the fullest -- by living our lives with a sense of adventure, confidence, and possibility!

The color scheme for "Storytime" is very much inspired by the sea and the "mermaid lagoon" in Peter Pan. I wanted the collection to feel like you were in a beautiful, waterside, or even underwater environment...with lots of blues and greens as well as pinks and lavenders. The colors feel very ethereal and dreamy, with all the pretty and light pastels that really give you the feeling like you are in a "mermaid lagoon".

The imagery of mermaids pops up a lot in "Storytime". I for one love mermaids and so when I decided to do this kit, and I felt inspired by both Peter Pan with the mermaids in Neverland, and also The Little Mermaid with Ariel and all her sisters, I knew that I wanted to include a lot of pretty mermaid imagery and references to mermaids. 

One of my favorite pieces of mermaid imagery is the "Little Mermaids" patterned paper, with the different colors of cute, vintage style mermaids, in  a kind of scalloped row on the page. I also love the Planner Dividers with mermaids and mermaid references on them...like the one that says "I'm really a mermaid", the "M is for mermaid" divider, and the lovely red-headed mermaid divider (which may remind you of a specific sassy mermaid princess, longing to be human)!

I love all the fun travel inspired pieces in the kit too, especially the "Fairytale Adventure" patterned paper, which I made to be a kind of cut-apart sheet (or at least, it can be used as such), with all the cute luggage tags on it. Each of the six luggage tags, you will see, is inspired by one of the fairytales that inspired me to make this collection and has a location from each of those movies/stories.

The luggage tags speak to the travel theme, but also to the adventure theme...a theme that you can see with things like the planner divider that says "let me adjust my crown and begin this adventure". And also the "Black Pearl" and "Pixie-dust" patterned papers..which are references to Captain Jack and Tinker-bell -- two great adventurers!

There are lots of great embellishments in this collection, like the super adorable wood and enamel buttons! These buttons are so cute and useful for your planning and scrapbooking needs. I personally, use buttons and enamel dots a lot in both my planning and scrapbooking, and this is kind of the best of both worlds! I enjoy the little unicorn and mermaid buttons so much, but also love the more simple half and half buttons as well!

Other embellies in this kit include a fabulous ephemera package, some super useful tiny word and label stickers, and some really cool gold foiled, multi-colored chipboard alphas. All of these embellishments are perfect for both use in your planning and your scrapbooking. The ephemera packs that we do with our collection/kits are always one of my fave things! I particularly love that there are gold-foiled pieces mixed in the pack. The little "mermaid lagoon" piece is particularly cute I think, with the two mermaids sitting on the rock. I also love the "my story" script piece, the "adventure" script piece, and the gold-foiled "believe".

The "Storytime" collection has a lot of cute mermaids and sea imagery, travel references, and references to adventure...but again, the "story" theme is key, you can see this again and again, in the dividers, with the lovely brush-script quotes like "every new book I read is a new and exciting journey of imagination", and the "i heart books" divider. You see this with the "Storytime" patterned paper, which says "our life is the fairytale story that I like the best" and embellishment pieces like the tiny word stickers that say "our story", "documented" and "reading list" on them. I love all the "story" in "Storytime" and I imagine this whole collection like one big, amazing book that Belle would love to read -- a story of mermaids, travel, adventure, sea-voyage, and magical creatures like unicorns...but also a story of imagination and creativity, of bravery and perseverance, and the beauty of a bright and happy life, well lived!

And, wait...we're not done...because this month, in addition to our main collection for June, "Storytime", we also have our special, limited edition add-on collection/kit, "Mad Tea Party"! The "Mad Tea Party" was made for and inspired by our incredible Mad Tea Party event at Disneyland! It is super, duper cute and filled with Alice in Wonderland imagery and also tons of Disneyland imagery!

With our main collections that we put out each month, we always use Disney fairytales as inspiration, but the theme of "Disney" is usually quite understated -- this is done purposely so that you can use these kits whether you are documenting Disney-themed things or not in your planning and scrapbooking. With this "Mad Tea Party" kit, the Disney references are much, much more overt and obvious! You get Mickey and Minnie images, you get Sleeping Beauty's caste, you get Tinkerbell, and you get a ton of Wonderland themed goodies too! 

You get Mickey and Minnie images, you get Sleeping Beauty's caste, you get Tinkerbell, and you get a ton of Wonderland themed goodies too! 

I love all the Tea Party in Wonderland pieces, like the "we are all mad here" divider, which is my favorite divider in the kit!!! You can see on the divider, different images from that classic story, mixed in with the curly-cued brush script -- like the Cheshire cat's smile, Alice's bow, a heart and a spade, pieces of a tea set, a butterfly, and the White Rabbit's pocket-watch! 

The color scheme for this add-on kit is very similar to the color scheme for the June "Storytime" kit, so you can totally combine the two and intermix if you want. The colors for "Mad Tea Party" are pinks, blues, lavenders and mints, and a few little touches of yellow as well. It should be noted that you can also mix this add-on kit in nicely with your "Girly and Strong" May kit because most of these colors can also be found in that kit too! 

My favorite patterned papers from this kit are "A Couple of Mice" with Mickey and Minnie smooching on the front, and the beautiful watercolor on the back, "My Castle" with our Fairytale Club castle (which is our version of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle). and "The Golden Afternoon"! I have to say that "The Golden Afternoon" may be my absolute favorite because it is just so beautiful! For this pattern, I drew and water-colored a mix of lovely flowers...meant to signify all the pretty flowers that Alice meets and sings with in Wonderland!

Since this is a smaller, add-on kit, I choose to make cut-apart sheets that would have both pocket 3x4 and 4x6 cards in them, as well as a bunch of smaller pieces to serve as ephemera for the kit. I particularly love all the tickets that come in this collection! I did a long row of them on one of the cut-apart sheets and they have things like Mickey Mouse ears and hearts on them!

The dividers for this collection/kit are so awesome! I particularly love the "photo-realistic" ones of the castle and also the cute Mickey balloon! They are both so lovely!

And one of my favorite things about this kit, is that we have included a two page calendar spread to document and plan your month of June! 

Alright, well that is it for our collection/kits for this month! I hope you enjoy both "Storytime" and "Mad Tea Party"! I love both of them so much!!! I love the pastels, I love the pixies, the mermaids, the unicorns... I also really love the fact that there are a lot of versatile patterns and things in there too -- like all of our wonderful blues and greens and black and white patterns which can be used to document both boys and girls and different themes and subjects! You will love the options that these kits give you! Use "Storytime" to document and plan out you and your family's story...stories of summer, of the sea-side, of books and reading, of staying home or going out, of adventures big and small! And use "Mad Tea Party" to document your fabulous Disney adventures with the ones that you love -- whether those adventures are at Disneyand, Disneyworld, another Disney Park, or just at home, watching Disney movies in the theater or on the couch with your family and friends!

Hugs! Happy Planning and Scrapping...and remember to "live your life as a fairytale"! Kits will be available for purchase starting tomorrow! If you are already subscribed to The Fairytale Club, you will be receiving your June "Storytime" kit when it starts shipping out ...if you want the "Mad Tea Party" kit tough, you need to go into your account and add that on.  

xoxoxoxo -- Andrea...and Tinkerbell too!!! :-)