July's "Sweet!" Kit Reveal: Part 2 (12x12 Paper)

Hello there everyone! Today we want to share with you the next look at our upcoming “Sweet!” collection! This is the second part of our reveal, and it is a look at the beautiful, fun and vibrant 12x12 patterned papers within our July kit!

I really love the color-scheme for “Sweet!”! I think the best way to describe the color-scheme may be “rainbow-y”! Yes, the colors for this collection are like a beautiful rainbow! In this collection, you get light and also bright pinks and watermelon-red and awesome teals and bright blue and some fun peachy colors...oh, and some fun in the sun yellow too! I really wanted this collection to evoke a bright and playful, happy summertime feeling and I think the variety of bright and vibrant colors in “Sweet!” really helps to do that! 

The color-scheme isn't the only thing bringing the summertime joy in “Sweet!”, there are so many cute and happy patterns that just work perfectly for documenting your summertime adventures! Whether those adventures are at the beach, by the pool, in the park (like maybe a Disney park perhaps :-) )...or hanging out at home, or shopping at the mall, or at a fair, or a concert, or a candy store, or wherever really! It is just a great collection to celebrate all the fun summer things that you like to do! 

I think the collection is so perfectly named given all the fabulous “sweets” that you can find throughout “Sweet!”! For example, there is the ice-creams and popsicles patterned paper, the pink lollipop patterned paper, and the paper called “Bubble Gum, Cherry Pop, Let's Go to the Hop” which has a mix of different sweets on it (like cotton candy, heart candies, ice-cream, lollipops, popsicles and also words like “yum” and “super sweet”)! 


Oh and how cute are the sweet pieces that you can find on the cut-apart sheets?! I love that 4x6 ice-cream card and the cut-apart piece with the cotton-candy girl on it...she has a bow...how sweet is that?!!

Talking about the cut-apart sheets, I am loving the ones that we have this month! I think the Rainbow Unicorn card is my favorite for sure!!! I am also really digging that film-strip of pop-art girl's faces with the heart sunglasses that say “xo,xo” on them! So cool!

I think you are going to love the watercolor patterned papers that we have for this kit! I think the rainbow one is gorgeous! I also really love the paper titled “Summer's On” which has that cool painted pattern on it that kinda looks like sprinkles or confetti or something...so adorable!

Let's talk about some of the super versatile patterns that we have this month, shall we? I think the ledger is definitely a favorite! I mean, who doesn't love a good ledger paper?! It is such a great staple patterned paper that can really work for so many stories! I think it would be so perfect to journal about your summertime adventures! It would be really awesome to make a Summer Bucket-list on that too and then you could list out what you want to do on the ledger and put pics next to each item on the list to document all your summer fun! 

Oh, and there are so many awesome and really versatile patterns that are just super duper cute and graphic patterns that you can use for anything! I love the pink on pink chevron pattern, the red and pink triangle pattern, the cute polka dot patterns that come in the collection, the green diamond pattern, and the really cool blue scallop pattern called “Be Yourself” that kinda looks like little blue and pink rainbows that are just repeated like scallops or scales across the page! Those last two patterns have a really fab “morrocan” kind of vibe (think Agrabah...hint, hint, wink, wink), don't they?! 

Definitely another favorite pattern of mine in the collection is the one titled “I heart unicorns” which has lovely unicorn cameo silhouettes repeated across it! So magical and lovely! I really do heart unicorns!!! Don't you?!

Another really fun pattern in the collection that I am excited to work with is the “Cool like Me” pattern with the sunglasses on it. It is just so perfect for summertime! And on the back of that one there is a really teal cute bow patterned paper that is so cute too!

I decided to do a fun bird pattern too that has a bit of a tropical vibe and a little bit of a "love bird" feel to it too!

And there are definitely some patterns in “Sweet!” that are giving off some really great vintage vibe, like the retro style, beach-ball looking pattern that is called “Surf, Sun, Sand”. It is such a bright and vibrant pattern with its multi-colored circles...so cute!

Talking about vibrant and colorfol patterns...there are certainly a lot in this collection! One of my faves is the one titled “Sweet!” like the collection name itself, which has the rainbow watercolor on one side, and on the other there is a really cool and also colorful script pattern that is a kind of love-letter to summer itself! This is absolutely one of my favorites! I really enjoy the underlined and circled words and phrases, in the varying colors of the collection, that just really make the pattern and the sentiment of the letter POP off the page!!!

Alright, well, I hope you have enjoyed this look at the patterned papers within the “Sweet!” collection! These patterns are making me so happy and excited for summertime adventures right now and they are so cute and sweet...I think I may be developing a sweet-tooth...oh, wait, I already have one...which explains the oreo in my hand...hahahahaha! Ok, hope you enjoyed part 2 of our “Sweet!” reveal, stay tuned for part 3 where we show you the fabulous planner dividers...and then the wrap up of the reveal which will go over everything in the collection including the reveal of all the fairytale inspiration that went into the making of “Sweet!” Ok, byeeeeee!!!!