"Trick or Treat" Collection Full Reveal!!!

Hello everyone! I am oh so very excited today because it is a) my favorite time of year and b) we have a brand new and amazing collection to share with you in celebration of this month, October, my favorite time of year!!! Eeeeek!!! Yes, it is Halloween-time, so everybody scream, because it is time, it is time, it is time for Halloween! And for Halloween this year, The Fairytale Club is proud to present our newest collection, "Trick or Treat"!!!! I could not be more thrilled and spooktacularly chilled (but in a good way) about how this new collection turned out!

Trick or Treat - Logo-50.png

I have so many things I want to say about this collection, but first, if you’d like to just go ahead and subscribe or make a one-time purchase, please click here. Ok, so let's start with the inspiration for "Trick or Treat". If you saw the Sneak Peek post yesterday, you heard a little already about the inspiration for the collection, but let's talk about it a little bit more here. So, I think those who know me, know how much I absolutely looooove Halloween, and those who are new here have probably gleaned as much from the first sentence in this blog post...lol! However, I don't know if any of you know just how much I love director Tim Burton. He is actually my favorite director! Which makes so much sense really because we seem to have a lot of the same taste in things. He loves Disney and so do I...he loves spooky and so do I...he loves vintage, 50's/60's style and so do I...he loves victorian/gothic and so do I...he loves Halloween and Christmas and so do I...he loves a good fairytale and magic and imagination and wonder and so do I...honestly, this is a man who gets me! "Trick or Treat" is inspired by my love of all things Tim Burton! I was particularly inspired by some of my favorite Burton fairytales like Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland and more! I think you will find the collection has a very Burton-esque, spooky feel while still having my whimsical vibe and also being very modern yet vintage and also very cute and charming, and fun! It's all quite magical guys...a trick and a treat, to be sure!

Now let's talk about the color scheme for "Trick or Treat". I love the color pallete for this collection. It consists of classic and more traditional Halloween colors like orange, black, and purple, but it also has some more modern and non-traditional colors thrown in there like some fun pinks and teals! I gave the collection a very bright and fun vibe with the vibrant and crisp colors and rainbow-like effects on things like the spiderweb pattern...but I also wanted to maintain that dark and creepy, Tim Burton inspired feel, so I also added in a few charcoally blacks here and there too, along with the blacker blacks and the bright colors, just to make sure you still got that eerie, vintage Halloween vibe! The combo of the various blacks and the traditional Halloween colors along with the bright and more modern, vibrant colors is meant to create a kind of contrast between the light and bright and the dark and creepy -- kind of like how Tim Burton does in his classic films like Edward Scissor Hands. In the movie, and in many of Burton's films, you have the juxtaposition of the brighter and happier and the darker and drearier. This is probably best shown in Edward Scissor Hands in the contrast between the little mid-century modern town with all the cute little 50's/60's houses and the hill at the edge of town with the big, dark Gothic Mansion that Edward lives in by himself. This was a major inspiration for one of the patterned papers in the collection...which we will talk about in just a moment. In fact, let's go ahead and start looking over the patterns in this collection. There are so many cute ones and I am so excited to share them with you!

First, let's look at this one below! This is called "Trick or Treat", just like the collection, and as you can see, it is the cutest thing EVER!!! I love this pattern so darn much! It actually says "trick or treat" up in one corner of the page, and "happy halloween" down in the other corner and is inspired by a vintage halloween card that I saw with little houses on it and little trick-or-treaters that I just thought was super cute! I wanted to re-create that same kind of aesthetic here. And I was also really inspired by the movie Edward Scissorhands, in which there is a small suburban town with cute little vintage houses painted in pretty colors like pinks and blues....but there is also a creepy, haunted looking house up on a hill that is very different from the others...and so I wanted that same kind of look and feel on this pattern. I decided to add a few special "easter eggs" here and there hidden in the pattern...can you find them amongst the regular trick-or-treaters?

On the back of the page is a great modern/boho looking, aztec black and white triangle, geometric pattern which I love and which is perfect for a background pattern.

Next, we have a pattern called "I am the Pumpkin Queen!" It is a multi-colored extravaganza and I love it! It has all the good things that make up this spooktacular collection at a glance! It has our strange and unusual, creepy goth girl, a cute ghost puppy, a boogey guy, a skeleton man, some candy, a black cat, some bats, some pumpkin spiced latte, and so much more! So very Burton inspired and I absolutely love it!

And on the back there is a rainbow spiderweb that is positively to dye for! Lol!

Here we have "Recently Deceased", which is a pattern inspired by Beetlejuice. I love the part in the movie where Wynona sees the ghosts and she says, as Lydia, of course, "No feet?", when she is looking at the Polaroid picture that she has taken. I also really love the Handbook for The Recently Deceased. Anyhow, here is my take on the two recently deceased, "sheet ghosts".

And on the back we have some fabulous multicolor stars and dots. They remind me of sprinkles! Like yummy Halloween sprinkles, on a yummy Halloween cupcake!

03 - Recently Deceased.jpg

Next is our pattern, "What a Lovely Nightmare", which is inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas and is in a word, ridiculously adorable!!! I super, duper love the ghost puppy and the skeleton heads and the candy! Super sweet for sure! Absolutely love this pattern!

And on the other side there is a simple but fantastic orange and white geometric pattern.

01 - What a Lovely Nightmare.jpg

And next is "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", inspired by Sleepy Hollow. I love the Disney classic as well as Burton's version. And the headless horsemen, with his pumpkin for a head is definitely a fave icon of mine. Subsequently, I just had to make a pumpkin head pattern like this one! They look like they are being tossed around by the headless horseman himself!

And on the back is a creepy and cute black and white zig-zag pattern that I just love! Simple and versatile!

05 - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.jpg

Here is our "I can Take Off My Head" Pattern which is inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas and a certain Skeleton man who is King. I just love him! His bowtie, his eyes, that smile, and his blushing cheeks...oh, wow...I think we are simply meant to be, don't you?!

And on the back we have a truly amazing swirly and twirly and crazy and curvy pattern that is very Burton inspired. It in fact is inspired by many different Tim Burton classics as it appears in several different Burton movies, such as Nightmare, but also Sleepy Hollow, Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland, and more. It usually appears in black and white, but here I have decided to do the pattern in a sort of monochromatic teal on teal and I think it came out super cute!

04 - I Can Take Off My Head.jpg

Next is "Only 31 Days 'til Next Halloween" and it is a super cool calendar that you can either use as one piece or cut-apart if you wish to do so! Perfect for an October Daily!

And on the back is great black and white scallop!

And here we have "Strange and Unusual" which is a cut-apart page and it has a number of different pieces that you can cut out from here...from 3x4 to 2x2...tags and also labels! It is so cute and filled with goodies! I especially love the haunted house piece at the bottom! I love the creepy black and white 2x2 worm monster that is also a lil bit cute and says boo! And I love the goth girl 3x4 card who is holding her book for the dead!

And on the other side of the page, we have a classic black and white Burton inspired stripe. So spoooooooky!

08 - Strange and Unusual.jpg

The next and last we have a page that is named "Hey, Ghoul, Hey" and it is a cute 3x4 cut-apart sheet that has lots of great pieces like one card with a ghost on it that says "hey, ghoul, hey", and a fun polaroid of two ghosts that says "no feet?!"

And on the back is a great pink and purple kitty-cat pattern that is inspired by Catwoman and Selena Kyle's neon sign in Batman Returns! Love that movie!

Alright, now let's talk about the embellishments in the collection. There are so many amazing embellishments in the collection. As per usual, one of my favorite embellishments, is of course, our ephemera pack! And I know you guys love our ephemera packs too, which makes me so happy! Anyhow, this one is particularly adorable! We have lots of cute goodies in here, like our little Haunted House and a few of our other cute little trick-or-treating houses and our trick-or-treaters too of course! I love the little polaroid with the haunted house on it too! And I love the little ghost puppy and the cute and creepy boogy-guy! And the happy and scary pumpkins are adorable! The skeleton man is handsome, albeit quite gangly. He is sweet and silly...and is he blushing?! I think he may be a bit awkward! :-) He may have been a little inspired by my own tall and skinny husband who is sweet and silly and awkward and prone to blushing! I also really love my strange and unusual and oh so lovely and creepy goth girl! She is so pretty with her teal hair and her fabulous hat and her giant eyes!

Ephemera Pack

Okay, our next embellishment is our flair buttons. I love these! They really add so much charm to your project. I especially like to use them to make decorative paperclips out of to add to your planner or mini-album...perfect for an Oct. Daily! In this flair button set, we have seven buttons. I think my favorites are the two multi-colored words ones, that say "eek!" and "boo!", but I also really love the pumpkin one and the ghost puppy!

Trick or Treat - Flair square with outline and shadows.jpg

The next embellishment is our sticker pack. These stickers are adorable!! I just love how these turned out! I Love the "A Haunted Home is A Happy Home" sticker, and also the little word bubble ones, the cute little colorful cats, the "strange and unusual is kind of my thing sticker" and well...all of them, really! So, so cute...can't wait to hear which ones are your favorites! And to see how you use them!

Sticker SHeet


Next, we have something that is still relatively new here at The Fairytale Club, and that is our Variety Pack. I love our Variety Packs that we have done for the past few collections! And it seems like you guys are loving them too! They are basically very similar to our ephemera packs, but with much more! They include a lot of the classic cardstock ephemera pieces that you love, but there are a ton of other goodies too. And with this variety pack, in addition to doing some really awesome and colorful, cardstock word pieces, we also decided to do some cool metallic pieces (which this will only be our second time doing silver metallic pieces like this, which is so exciting)! And...brand new...for the first time, ever...we we are doing transparency pieces in our variety pack!!! And they are so, so adorable! I am so excited for you guys to get them and see them, they are amazing! I love them! I think my favorite pieces in the pack are the script words that say things like "magic" and "haunted house", the silver "Pumpkin Queen" piece and basically all of the transparency pieces, especially the ghost polaroid and the haunted house picture and the little bats and ghosts...oh and the big Halloween word!!! There is so much good stuff in this pack guys, I can't wait for you to see!

Variety Pack

Okay, and last, but not least, we have the newest and coolest embellishment in our "Trick or Treat" collection...something that we have never done before and which I am so very excited about! For this collection, we decided to do a specialty acrylic embellishment pack! And these pieces could not be cuter if they tried! They are amazing and so spooktacular guys!!! I love, love, love them!!! In the pack, you get a couple of words that say "trick" and "treat", you get some little bats, some hearts, some other little shapes like a moon, star, a ghost...it's all so adorable! They come in different colors like black and teal and white and even silver glitter and they will just knock you over with their spooky-cute-goodness!!! I can't wait to see what you guys do with them, I think they are going to be perfect to create so many different things with for Halloween-time...especially for an October Daily!

Acrylic Embellishments


Oh, and I also want to mention one more goody, that comes in the planner kit and the Happily Ever After Kit, and that is the vellum sheet. It is covered with those creepy and sweet swirls that are so very Burton-inspired and I just love it! Perfect to make a dashboard out of in your planner or to use for snail mail, to make a little see-through envelope. You could use it in your Halloween mini-album or your Oct.Daily to make a pocket page. Great for so many things!

Trick or Treat - Vellum with shadows.jpg

Now, let's look at the planner pages in the collection. There are 6 beautiful planner pages in the collection this time. This is a little different than usual, but it is because you are getting the specialty vellum page included in the planner kit...so it still all evens out, so no worries!

The first planner page is the cute little Haunted House planner page. I love it! I know I have said that already so many times in this post, but it is true, I really do! I just love this little Haunted House! So, so adorable and spooky and so very haunted, clearly! It has a couple of ghosts just floating about outside, some very creepy cobwebs, a gnarly old tree, some bats which are probably actually vampires and some way cute pumpkins out in front...and it has some stars and a moon overhead that you just know any second will be passed by a witch on a broom-stick. Also, just look at that Victorian Architecture...wow! I would move into this house if I could, it is the house of my dreams! On the other side of the planner page is a fantastic calendar page in pink that says "happy halloween" on it.


The next planner page is a sweet little ghost puppy! Isn't she lovely! Puppy is blushing and happy and ready to play...and would totally wag their little tail if they still had one! On the other side is a very cute and happy pumpkin that says boo!

Our next planer page is my handsome and sweet skeleton man! He is blushing and silly and fun! And I love his smile and his bowtie! On the other side is a cool quote about it being time for Halloween!

The next page is a cute little block of houses to trick or treat on! On the street we have our trick-or-treaters as well and aren't they adorable in their costumes! I love the little witch and the little princess especially! And on the other side of the planner page is a simple but useful little pink ledger page to write out your spooky wishlist!

Here we have a planner page with a very strange and unusual, but beautiful and creepy goth girl on it! She is so wonderful and spooky! And look at those giant, wide eyes! They see you! And they see dead people too! On the other side there is a scary pumpkin that says eek!

And finally we have our planner page with the boogey guy on it! He is quite scary! Actually...no, I think he is very cute really! He just wants to be your friend, honest! Don't mind the spider hanging from his head...it's not his fault, they just seem to be drawn to him. And on the other side of the page is a quote about Halloween being a lifestyle, and not just a holiday. Which is how I feel!


Alright, I hope you have enjoyed this full reveal! I have enjoyed sharing "Trick or Treat" with you all! Please click here to subscribe or to make your one-time purchase! Remember, you can purchase a planner kit of the collection, a scrapbook kit of the collection, or our Happily Ever After kit...which includes absolutely everything in the collection! Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Andrea Bethke

Aimee's "Eat Sleep Scrap Repeat" Layout

Hi everyone, it’s Aimee! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. But I am so excited to be back and sharing this layout with you, using the brand new kit Beautiful Dreamer

So basically just scrap lifted this page from Paige Evans! I knew this cut file would look so awesome with the Beautiful Dreamer Kit!

To create this page, I started off using a cut file from Paige Evans. You can find the EAT SLEEP SCARP REPEAT cut file here.

I cut the it using plain white cardstock, I then used 7 different papers from the BD kit. Actually, I just used 4 different sheets that are double sided!

I separated the cut file and cut EER + LAT from “Spring Dream”, APE + SRA from “Her name is Aurora” TSP from” Beautiful Dreamer” and heart CE + EP from “Believe”.

 I backed the cut file and then placed all the letters inside the cut file. I then ran the whole cut file threw my sewing machine for a bit more dimension.

I used “Flora Fauna, and Merryweather” 12x12 as my base. I used 3-d foam adhesive to “POP” the cut file off the page. I used a border punch to punch the bottom of “Make it Pink, Make it Blue”.

I used a square instax photo for my layout. I layered it with a pink frame from the Variety pack, and used mini staples to secure it in place. I also layered the castle die-cut and a vellum butterfly die cut from the Variety pack over my photo. 

To finish off the layout I layered the blue bird and yellow butterfly from the Floral Emphemera kit under the cut file for dimension.

I love how the 12x12 “Flora Fauna, and Merryweather” paper helps give the layout depth and dimension with the faux paint and handwriting. It makes all the layers POP! 

Do you ever take advantage of the base papers design and incorporate it into your design? 

Thanks for stopping by, 

XOXO Aimee

"You + Me" Collection Full Reveal!!!

Hello there! It's Andrea here, and today I want to share with you a super special new announcement and a new reveal! Are you ready?! Here we go... I have a new collection coming out for Valentine's Day, in collaboration with Johanna Parker! Yay! I'm super excited for this new collection and for the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented, fellow designer! The new collection is called "You + Me," and it is filled with some really beautiful, vintage-inspired designs.

If any of you are familiar with Johanna Parker, you know that she is famous for her iconic vintage holiday decor -- you may have seen some of her seasonal decorations just this last Halloween and Christmas at big stores such as HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls or even at beautiful specialty boutiques like Roger's Gardens. I started collecting her home decor pieces a couple of years ago and I love putting them out for the holidays to add that special vintage whimsy to my house! I especially love her Halloween goodies and her super iconic little black, grinning cat that she does!Anyhow, when I heard she was interested in collaborating with other artists, I jumped at the chance to work with her, and I'm so exciting to introduce the first of hopefully several collaborative efforts from the two of us!

This new collection, aptly named "You + Me" is an Andrea Bethke and Johanna Parker design effort, and because Johanna and I share a love of vintage goodies and all things whimsical and adorable, we worked together to make something really one of a kind and special for all you guys! Now, this collection is a little different than my regular fair...it is not fairytale inspired and technically it’s not under The Fairytale Club heading, but it's still from me to you, and therefore filled with my style and magic PLUS all of Johanna's as well! This was such a fun combination of both of our styles...there is a little of her classic imagery and design, a little of my pixie dusted artistry and charm, and some really cool ideas that we came up with together! I think you are going to love it!

So, let's get started at looking at everything in this new and amazing collection which, may I just add, is absolutely perfect for all your Valentine's Day paper-crafting needs! First, I want to talk to you about the 12x12 patterned paper.  The color scheme is a beautiful, traditional pink and red mixed with black and white and a fun splash of aqua. And the patterns in "You + Me" are a combination of the traditional Valentine's Day hearts and flowers plus fun, fresh and trendy imagery like unicorns, balloons, and even some dancing cats and dogs!

The first paper here, “You’re Magical,” is one of my favorites from this collection.  Can you guess why?  Could it be the Valentine unicorns?!  Why yes, yes it could be.  I am in LOVE with the unicorn, heart, and shooting star pattern, and I also love the ledger print on the other side that is being slowly overtaken by a rising tide of oh so pretty pink!

01 - You're Magical.jpg

The next paper, “Sweetheart,” is aptly named, as it has a lovely and romantic pattern of hearts of various shapes and designs on one side, and a repeating brush script word pattern on the other reading, “xoxo always sweetie.”  I love the use of the traditional Valentine’s Day pinks and reds in this paper!

02 - Sweetheart.jpg

The next pattern, “Luv U,” is another one of my favorites as the front makes use of a very bold, black background behind a confetti shower of different-colored hearts and small pink dots.  And on the other side is a fantastic, fun and playful pattern of balloons spelling out L U V in the main colors of this collection - pink, red, and aqua.

03 - Luv U.jpg

The next paper, “Darling,” is another one that I adore!  The front side is a gorgeous pattern of pink roses on a striking, black background, while on the other side is a large black and white polka dot pattern. I love a good polka dot!

04 - Darling.jpg

This next pattern is so special! It i called "Over the Moon" and it is aptly named! It has a super cute smiling crescent moon with a heart and arrows on one side of the 12x12 and on the other is a very cool happy heart face pattern with various hearts and various fun expressions!

05 - Over the Moon 4 U.jpg

This next pattern is called "You + Me" and it may be my absolute favorite in the collection...although I have so many! This patterned paper is named for the collection itself and on the front of the 12x12 we have a fantastic and beautiful multi-pattern of various Valentine's Day images...there is a cute little boy and girl in love, some fun conversation hearts, the number 14, and some choice happy heart day words like "kiss me", "cute", "hey sweetie", "xoxo", and of course "happy Valentine's day"! On the opposite side of the page is a simple but versatile aqua geometric. 

Here we have a really amazing patterned paper called "You're My Favorite" which is also ridiculously adorable! On the front of the page we have a super cute dancing cat and dog pattern...they are clearly celebrating Valentine's Day together! And on the back there is a sweet vintage pink and red pattern that kinda reminds me of stars.

And then there are our cut-apart sheets... I always love a good cut-apart sheet! This first one is called "Be Mine" and it is filled with fun goodies to cut out and use for your scrapbooking, planning, cardmaking, home decor...really any of your papercrafting needs! We have 3x4's and 2x2's and tags one one side and on the other is a great aqua monochrome heart pattern. I have a lot of favorites in this cut-apart sheet...but I think I am especially smitten with the cute dancing kitty card and the fabulous BINGO piece!

08 - Be Mine.jpg

And finally, our last 12x12 is another cut-apart sheet called "xoxo" and it is just chock-ful of 3x4's! I think my faves are the "xoxo" girl and boy cards, the "happy valentine's day" kitty, the crescent moon and the lovebirds! Oh...I love the "You + Me" card too! Okay, okay...I may love them all...lol! And on the back of the 12x12 is a simple and versatile black and white stripe which is just bold and beautiful!

Alright, now that we have gone over the patterned papers in the collection, I think we should switch gears and take a look at the gorgeous embellishments that come in "You + Me"...such as our ephemera pack.  I love ephemera, don't you?! It is just so great for so many things!  And this ephemera pack is spectacular!  It is filled with love and magic and vintage whimsy!  There are tons of hearts -- heart faces, conversation hearts, lacey hearts, love-y hearts, other decorative hearts...both big and small!  We definitely have you covered in the heart department! And there are so many other beautiful die-cuts in this epherma pack that you are just going to love!  I especially love the big-eyed pink haired girl with the little Valentine hat, the beautiful rose, and the two adorable lady bugs!

And next, let's talk about the sweet sticker sheet that comes in the "You + Me" collection.  We have several conversation hearts that say things like "sweet", "dear" and "be mine". There are other hearts of course and an arrow too. And we also have little label words and  brushscript words that say things like "huuugs" and "always" and "love". PLUS there are some really amazing postage stamp sitckers which are super cool and perfect to place on your Valentine's Day card envelopes! I think my fave though might be that adorable and simple little envelope sticker...it's just too cute!

And next is our stationary pack. I love this pack of goodies!  It has some really amazing pieces in it that are so cool and intricate! I love the Valentine's Day cards like the lovebirds card with the scallop, the "You + Me" boy and girl card, and the "happy Valentine's Day" card with the smiley black cat! I also love the cute decorative tags, especially the cut out "xoxo" one! But my favorite thing in the pack might bee the fabulous little picture frames which are just perfect for a photo of you and the one you love!

Alright, now that we have looked at all the 12x12 patterned papers in the collection, and all the different embellishments in the collection, aren't we missing something?...oh, that's right, the ridiculously beautiful and adorable and magical decorative planner pages that come in the collection! These come in a 6x8.25 size, perfect for a planner, but they can also be used for a mini album, a traditional scrapbook, a banner, some cards, to frame and put up as decoration...really, I have seen our customers use these gorgeous pages for so many things, and they always look fabulous! 

First, let's look at this planner page with the quote on it "I will love you..." It reads, "I will love you my dear and oh so sweet, sweetheart, forever and always, and then some more after that!" I love that!  It is so true and so beautiful! And it's visually pleasing too as a pretty, monochromatic aqua on aqua. And on the other side of the page is a lovely pink rose, and it says "always".

Next we have a planner page that is definitely a favorite of mine!  I just love that dancing, vintage kitty and puppy (so iconic of JP by the way)! And on the other side, a pretty pink and red quote that says "will you be mine, sweet Valentine?".

This next page is anothe one of my favorites! I love both sides so much!  The lovebirds are so sweet! And on the other side is our big and bright eyed Valentine girl...and she is covered in hearts -- on her hat, on her collar, her dress, her cheek and even in her eyes!  She is in love for sure!

The next planner page has a wide-eyed kitty completely decked out for Valentine’s Day, with a heart collar, hearts on her back and belly, and sporting a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” message. And hearts for eyes, too! And on the other side is the beautiful script word “Love” in front of a heart.

This next planner page is another one of my favorites because it features two extremely cute lady bugs in the JP style with the “Be Mine” Valentine’s Day message on one side and a framed heart face with an awesome black and white stripe background on the other.

I love this next planner page because of the amazing moon with heart and arrows graphic on the one side. The moon is one of my favorite designs in this collection and is perfectly iconic of the JP style. The other side is also great for the “February 14th” graphic.

Now, I know I say this about a lot of the paper, but this next planner might actually be my favorite. I love the Valentine’s Day girl and boy in love sooo much, and this design is also the inspiration for the title of the collection - “You + Me.” And the back with its calendar is both beautiful and functional. I love it!

And finally we have the fabulous L U V balloons planner page with the amazing red unicorn on the other side.


Well, I guess that’s it! I am really in love with the collection, and I hope you are, too, at this point. It is so playful and whimsical! It was a great experience collaborating with Johanna Parker, and I’m looking forward to doing it again soon. This collection is available to purchase now, so head on over to the kit shop page and get yours today!

Xoxo — Andrea Bethke


The Fairytale Club

Fairytale Christmas Workshop Special Event Kit, "Christmas-land," Full Reveal!!!

Hello there everyone! It’s Andrea here, and today I want to share with you the full reveal of our beautiful new specialty kit “Christmas-land,” which we have made special for our Fairytale Christmas Workshop to be held this Friday, the 21st (tickets still available)! It is such an amazing kit and just filled with the cutest, vintage-retro, Disney Christmas designs! I don’t know about you, but I love Disney, especially Disney at Christmas-time!!! There is so much Christmas-y goodness in this collection, and I can’t wait to show it all to you!

First, let’s talk about what the kit was inspired by and what it is all about. Whenever we have a special event, we do a special kit that is specifically made and themed for the event and the projects that goes with that event/class. In the past we have held our events at Disneyland, and, focusing on a particular Disney theme, they are always filled with Disney magic! For example, the theme for our most recent event was “The Wonderful World of Disney,” which was about vintage Disney and the opening of Disneyland in 1955. While this event isn’t happening at Disneyland, it is all about Disney at Christmas-time, and is therefore chock-full of that Disney magic! You’ll find loads of Christmas imagery but with a Disney spin, like our Mickey ears-wearing Santa, the Mickey ears wreath, our gingerbread mouse, and our festive Small World facade, just to name a few! For more examples, just below you can see a quick overview of the awesome embellishments in the kit (we’ll take a closer look later on)!

But first, let's take a look at all of the beautiful patterned papers in the kit. As you can see, the color scheme for this collection is composed of traditional Christmas reds and greens, combined with lovely pinks and blues, which reflects the colors you’ll actually see in the parks this time of year. This color scheme helps evoke the vintage-retro feeling I always get when I think about Disney, especially at Christmas-time.

This vintage-retro vibe especially comes through in the types of patterns in the collection, not just the colors. I love how the patterns came out in this collection. They are super duper cute! And oh so vintage Disney! Let’s talk about my favorites (it’s all of them). To start us off, we have the paper below, appropriately called, “Christmas-land." If you look closely on the front side, you’ll see the tops of the towers of the castle are covered in snow! I love that little detail! And on the back is an awesomely retro, geometric, tear-drop kind of pattern.

The next paper, cheekily titled “Do Ya Wanna Build a Snowmouse?”, is also one of my favorites (as I said earlier). Our little snowmouse on the front is so cute, don’t you think? And on the back is a Christmas stripe, perfect to use as a background for any of your Christmas projects.

The next paper, called “Holly Jolly,” features rows of cute, snow-covered houses, which, I have to say, look extremely cozy and inviting on the inside. And on the back is a familiar, festive script with a Disney twist, reading “have a holly jolly Disney.” I just love it!

This next paper really is one of my favorite favorites! It’s aptly titled “Gingerbread Mouse,” and it features the absolutely cutest gingerbread creation you’ll ever see, flanked, of course, by delicious candy canes. And on the back is a simple black bow pattern, with a lovely soft blue background.

The next paper, called “Christmas Mouse Club,” is obviously another one of my top picks, and you know this is true because we brought back a pattern from our last Disney collection and gave it a Christmas colors update. I love how the whole thing pops now! And on the back is a really neat, retro, circle pattern.

We’ve had a bit of fun with the name for the next paper: “Under the Mouseletoe.” ;-) Our retro Minnie and Mickey are poised and ready to smooch under that famous little plant. And on the back we have a clean and simple mistletoe and Christmas bells pattern, very much like the kind of cute wrapping paper you’d find back in the day.

“Holiday Cheer” is the name of our next paper, and it features a cute, Mickey head ornament on the front. The back though, has to be one of my absolute favorite patterns from this collection. Those two, cute reindeer in pink and blue are obviously smitten with each other (you can tell by the heart hovering between them).

To wrap up our review of the papers in this collection, let’s take a look at the cut-aparts. There is the first one, called “Christmas at the Park,” and the second one, called “All I Want for Christmas is a Castle!” They are filled with fabulous vintage Christmas images like my cute, ginger, Mouseketeer girl, the Christmas tree with the mickey head ornaments, the Sleeping Beauty castle with the snow-covered towers, the Disney Christmas stocking, Small World for Christmas, and vintage-retro Mickey and Minnie of course! And they each have some really pretty vintage-retro patterns on the back of them as well!

Alright, now that we have looked at the pretty patterned papers in the collection, let’s take a look at the embellishments in “Christmas-land,” as promised earlier. This collection has a few really cute embellishments in it. one of which is the ephemera pack. It has some really amazing bits and pieces in it, like my cute little Mickey ears hats, Disney Christmas stockings, and cool script words like “santa” and “Merry Christmas.” And that’s just to name a few!

These decorative pom-pom paperclips are an embellishment we’ve started including in the past few kits. This pack is slightly different, though (I think for the better!), in that these pom poms are 1” instead of 1.5”, and you get six instead of four. They are great to use as a statement piece on your project or layout and absolutely perfect for planners, mini albums, and December daily’s to highlight or mark your spot on specific pages. I love how the pom pom colors work perfectly with the rest of the collection, and the gold paperclips are a very elegant finishing touch.

Here we have our final embellishment pack for this collection! It’s another one we started including in our kits very recently. The response was very positive, so we decided to do it again, especially since this kind of variety pack works well for the workshop this collection was designed for. But honestly, the bits and pieces you’re getting in this pack will work really well in any Christmas project you happen to be working on. You get six buttons, three glitter star stickers, ten bells in various sizes, and a very healthy amount of awesome Christmas sequins. Not to mention the library card and holder back there! I really love how this variety pack turned out!

And finally, let’s return to paper and talk about the gorgeous planner divider pages that come in “Christmas-land!” In addition to featuring many of the amazing graphics we’ve talked about already, there are three pages with one side dedicated to taking notes/making lists for Christmas and one page with a side containing a cute, December calendar!

Let’s take a look at each planner divider individually. We begin with one of my favorites, my cute snowmouse! He looks so dapper in that red and blue scarf! And I love the expression at the top, “It’s a marshmallow world in the winter!” And on the back is a lined page perfect for writing down your favorite memories from this holiday season.


On this next planner page, we return to the Small World facade design originally feature in “The Wonderful World of Disney” collection, only it’s been given a “paint job,” if you will, for the Christmas season! And there’s another lined page on the back for writing down your holiday traditions. Perfect!

To finish up the series of lined note-taking dividers, we have this one meant to write down all your favorite things about this time of year. And on the front is that super-cute design of vintage Minnie and Mickey about to kiss under the mouseletoe, wishing you a “Merry Christmas!”

We continue with a divider featuring the Mickey ears Christmas wreath and a “Joy to the World” sentiment on the front, and that incredibly cute, blue reindeer design on the back. I just can’t get over the cuteness!

I love this phrase divider with the snow-covered Sleeping Beauty castle on the front. The sentiment on the back is a perfect encapsulation of what Christmas (especially a Disney Christmas) means to me.

Here we finally get to see the gingerbread mouse in all his glory! He’s just SO happy to see you! (Don’t tell him he’s about to get eaten all up!) And on the back is a collection of adorable, Christmas-themed Minnie ears. Speaking of which, don’t forget to order your Fairytale ears today (not just for Halloween or Christmas)!


This next planner divider is great because the sentiment on the back, “I love Disney at Christmas-time,” is pretty much the inspiration for the whole collection in one, simple sentence. And how cute is my redhead mouseketeer on the front? She’s so ready for Christmas!

Last but not least we have the planner page I mentioned earlier with the December calendar on the back. It’s great because it’s not pre-filled with any dates or years, so you can use it now, or you can save it for next year or the next or the next or…you get it. And of course, on the front we have my super-cute, psyched-for-Disney-Christmas Santa, sporting his mouseketeer hat on top of his Santa hat!!! Makes you wonder, is that hat just a part of his head at this point?

Alright, so that’s it for this reveal of the new “Christmas-land” collection. I hope you enjoyed it and are as excited about it and in love with it as I am! Of course we would love to see you at the class on Friday (you can still get tickets!), which includes this kit, but even if you can’t make it, you can still join the fun - the collection is up for sale now! Talk to you later everyone!

Hugs! — Andrea

"Magical and Mischievous" Collection Full Reveal!!!

Hello everyone! It’s Andrea here, and today I am super duper excited to share with you the full reveal of our new and amazing Halloween collection, “Magical and Mischievous.” I don’t know about you, but my very favorite holiday is Halloween. It is absolutely just the best time of the year, in my opinion, because it’s all about magic and imagination and a childlike sense of wonder. Halloween, to me, feels just like the one time of year where absolutely anything is possible, and magic seems to be just floating around in the air, everywhere you look. And we all get to be big kids again. We allow ourselves that silliness and that playful exuberance and mischievousness of youth, which I think escapes many of us in our normal, everyday lives. It is with these things in mind, and this special sensibility that emerges every year around this time, that I was inspired to create this new collection in celebration of my favorite holiday with all of you.

As with all of our collections, I was inspired to create “Magical and Mischievous” by some of my favorite fairytales. This time, there are a few different ones that I think best fit the feeling of magic and childlike wonder that I want to convey for this Halloween. I was inspired by Tim Burton fairytales like "Nightmare Before Christmas" but also other classic stories he has told and his specific love of all things 50's and 60's retro.  You can definitely see all the fun retro in the collection for sure! But first and foremost, I was inspired by J.K. Rowling's more modern, yet still classic fairytale of "Harry Potter" and the magical world of Witchcraft and Wizardry that she created! I wanted to create a mid-century modern magic look where the main concept is Halloween in the Wizarding World.  Specifically, I wanted to create the kinds of things you might see on cards and wrapping paper and decorations in the Wizarding World during that retro era at Halloween-time! I kind of merged these ideas in my head and came up with the "Magical and Mischievous" collection which you see here today!

I love the cool retro prints and how boldly they work together to bring such a vibrant and eclectic and whimsical look! And I super love the adorable witches and cats (who are also either transfigured witches or someone's purrrrrfect patronus)! I love the jack-o-lanterns that wink and smile at you (as if they're under some magic spell)!  I love the fun little owls (who are clearly there for a party and not just to deliver mail).  And I love all the yummy candy (which was probably purchased at Honeydukes)! And I love the fun colors in this collection -- the classic orange and black paired with some fun pinks and aquas and greens and purples!

Alright, now that we have done a quick and basic overview of "Magical and Mischievous," let's get into some more detail. First, let's look at the patterned paper in the collection. The patterned papers in “Magical and Mischievous” are some of my favorite that we’ve ever done in any of our collections for The Fairytale Club, and, as I go over each patterned paper with you, you’ll probably be able to see why.

So, for this first pattern, entitled “Magical and Mischievous” (just like the collection), we have a beautiful, retro-looking witch flying on her broomstick past lovely, shining stars and a whimsical, smiling, blue moon, her adorable, black cat in tow. This pattern has to be my favorite of all of them in the collection! It is just too cute for words, with that super adorable witch flying on All Hallow’s Eve. I love the little witch’s pink hair, and her lovely, little, frilly dress, and the fact that she seems to be having so much fun with her cute, little kitty. On the back of this patterned paper we have a beautiful, starry night on a light aqua background. All together, this page gives me lots of magical, witchcraft and wizardry vibes, while also hearkening back a bit to Bewitched and other vintage/retro-looking witches from the 50s and 60s.

01 - Magical and Mischievous.jpg

Our next patterned paper is called “I Want Candy,” and it’s also super retro/vintage-looking. It’s got an adorable, little, pumpkin pail with a grinning, jack-o-lantern face on it and lots and lots of yummy candy inside of it. I put my cute, little, pumpkin, candy pail atop a light mint background and surrounded him with some more candy, like big ole’ delicious lollipops. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Halloween, I think of trick-or-treating, and candy, and so this pattern is definitely an homage to both of those time-honored Halloween traditions. On the back of the paper, we have a sweet, pink and white chevron pattern, which is super cute and versatile, and I just love the addition of pink to the more traditional Halloween color palette of orange and black. Don’t you?

This next paper is also definitely one of my all-time favorites. It’s called “I Heart October,” and it is so perfect to document your October/Halloween time. I think it would be adorable to use to count down the days to Halloween, as a part of a decorative holiday, countdown calendar for this spooky time of year. I also think that it’s perfect for any kind of October daily or October mini album that you might be creating, or even an October planner. It’s just way too cute for words, and, I think, super useful for any Halloween, paper-crafty projects. On the back of this cool calendar cutapart page, there is a very sweet, lavender pattern, with little, orange, jack-o-lantern hearts all across it. It’s a really sweet pattern, and I think it shows off my love of all things Halloween.

Our next pattern paper is called “Wicked but Sweet.” On the front we have a lovely, orange scallop pattern. It feels very modern and super cute. It’s simple, versatile, and absolutely perfect for Halloween time. On the back we have our oh-so-charming, little owl. He is retro-looking and fabulous. He is ready to go to a Halloween party, and he is definitely “wicked but sweet.”

The next pattern is “My Patronus is a Cat.” This is a really pretty pink pattern with lots of beautiful, black cats walking to and fro on it. When I created this pattern, I was thinking of the fact that every witch and wizard in the magical, Potter universe has a patronus that is particular to them and is always in the form of some kind of animal. And I just thought that our traditional, little, retro moon witch in our collection probably has a traditional and classic black cat for her patronus. On the back of this paper we have a super cool black geometric on white pattern. It reminds me of a pattern that you might see in the Potter-verse, particularly back in the 1920s, Fantastic Beasts era.

Next let’s look at “Lovely Luna.” “Lovely Luna” is a lovely, lavender, circle pattern, which looks so much to me like something you’d see in the wizarding world in a “poppy” advertisement for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes or some wrapping you might get on a candy from Honeydukes. It’s so fun and silly, and it just kind of reminds me of Luna’s playful personality and her exuberant sense of style. On the other side of this paper, we have a much simpler, but super duper versatile, orange on white geometric pattern that I think you’re going to love because you can use it for so many different things.

This next pattern, titled “Spooky Spells,” is a beautiful and big and bold spider web pattern on the front and a much tinier and daintier lovely floral pattern on the back. I absolutely love these two patterns. The spider web in the simple, black and white combo screams traditional and classic Halloween, and the contrast of the pretty, orange and white floral pattern on the back is so interesting, and works so well with the collection, because it once again says vintage and brings a vintage/retro vibe to the collection, while also being more modern and out of the box, because you don’t necessarily think of florals for Halloween time.

Now let’s look at the cutapart sheets. Our first cutapart is called “Magic is Real.” In this cutapart, we have several different sizes of cute, cutapart goodies. We have several 3x4 cards, several 2x2 cards, some awesome tags and labels, plus more! There’s so much to love about this cutapart sheet, but some of my favorite pieces are the sweet, little, waving skeleton card that says “Hi!” and the cool 3x4 “Book of Spells” card. On the back of this cutapart sheet, we have a super versatile black and white stripe, with a fun, modern, aqua triangle across the bottom corner.

The next cutapart is called, “I Heart Halloween,” and it has mainly 3x4 cards on it. I love this cutapart sheet also, and some of my favorite pieces on this cutapart are the super cute “I Heart Halloween” 3x4 heart card, the “wicked but sweet” 3x4 card, the trio of winking, vintage pumpkins in various pastel colors, and, of course, my little haunted mansion. On the back of this cutapart sheet is a super retro-fabulous, black and orange pattern, which I love, and which is giving me such great 50s/60s vibes.

Alright, now that we have looked at all of the beautiful, patterned papers in this collection, let’s now talk about the awesome embellishments that come in "Magical and Mischievous." First, let's start with our ephemera pack. We always do an ephemera pack for our collections/kits because I absolutely love ephemera, and obviously so do all of you because our ephemera packs are super popular and our best sellers...yay! And I think our ephemera packs are so loved because they just always have so many super cute and useful pieces inside them. We fill our packs with as many die cut pieces as possible. We really have fun creating these ephemera packs for you and creating lots of adorable little pieces that you can use to embellish your paper crafting projects, and so of course this time was no different. I am in love with the ephemera pack for "Magical and Mischievous!" It has so many magical and whimsical pieces in it! I can't name all of my favorites because we would be here all day, but let me go ahead and highlight a few: I love the little moon witch of course, and the three sort of cameo pieces (which include a close up of our little moon witch, a little black cat witch, and another cute little vintage witch with some fun green hair), all the cool little pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns in the pack (of which there are several different kinds and colors), the cute little candy treats, and especially the super cool poison apples, and my sweet little bats! 

Now I want to talk you about a really fun new embellishment that we’ve decided to do for our Magical and Mischievous collection. In the past we have done a few different “word” ephemera packs, and they are always very popular with our customers. However, this time we decided to do a new twist on one of our word packs, and add some really fun metallic foiling. In this collection/kit, you will receive a word ephemera pack filled to the brim with awesome Halloween words and some shapes, too, that will be perfect for your spooky papercrafting projects. All the words and shapes in the pack are silver and shiny and beautiful, and I’m so excited to see what you all do with these fun new silver ephemera pieces.

I love our flair buttons that we’ve done for various kits in the past, and for this collection I decided that we definitely needed some cute, Halloween flair buttons that would work great to add some dimension to your papercrafting projects. All the flair buttons are adorable, but my favorites are probably the simple, black and white “Boo” flair button and the classic “scaredy cat” flair button.

Magical and Mischievous - Flair with packaging square.jpg

We have another new, cool embellishment that we’re debuting in this new “Magical and Mischievous” kit, and it is our decorative paperclips. These paperclips are fuzzy and adorable, and they come in a few different Halloween colors that match perfectly with the colors in our collection. They are great to use as a statement piece on your project or layout, and absolutely perfect for planners, mini albums, and October daily’s to highlight or mark your spot on specific pages.

Alright, now let’s look at our planner pages that come in our “Magical and Mischievous” collection. If you order our planner version, or our Happily Ever After version of our kit, you will be receiving these planner pages, and I am telling you now that you need to get these planner pages, because they are just too cute for words, and absolutely perfect for any kind of Halloween mini album or October daily, or any other such kind of documenting album that you have planned for Halloween time. You get twelve of them, and they are all double-sided and just super duper adorable.

Let’s look at the planner pages now individually. First, we have our Best Day Ever planner page. It’s black and white and evokes classic Halloween with its gorgeous spider web detailing.


Our next planner page says “Happy Halloween,” and it’s way cute with the stripes in the background, and the fun Halloween font in the foreground. On the back we have a cool ledger paper that is perfect for any journaling that might want to do.

Here we have our haunted mansion planner page. This is definitely one of my absolute favorites. Our haunted mansion image is just way cute. It’s a spooky, little, retro-looking, haunted house on top of a hill, surrounded by tombstones, some friendly ghosts, some spooky bats, a crescent moon, and a smiling jack-o-lantern. And the coolest thing of all is that our house itself seems to have a face and a personality all its own! It is truly a “haunted and adorable” house!

This planner page, which we lovingly call “Humphrey the wicked party owl,” is also one of my favorites in the collection! I super love the way he looks with his little party hat on. And I also love his message for us, which is this: Something Wicked this way Comes! (i.e. it’s time for Halloween, everybody) I also love this planner page because it very much reminds me of the Wizarding World - the owls that they use to carry their messages - and I used the combination of these two patterns to really give it the look and feel of some kind of advertisement or something that could actually come from that magical world.

Our next planner page is an awesome quote. It says, “Magic is real, it lives inside all of us, and its light shines brightest in times of wonder, love, and creativity” I love this quote! It reflects the magical experience that is Halloween time. On the back is a special surprise, as I have placed for you a super cute October calendar that you can use to count down the days to Halloween, or mark out your plans in your planner, or document your October in any October Daily or October document mini album that you might make.


Our next planner page is also one of my absolute favorites. I love love love this one! The quote is great: “Magic is something you make!” But the best thing about it is that it’s written in such a way that it looks like a witch or wizard is, with their wand, creating the script out of thin air. I love the way this page looks and also the message, because I really do believe that magic is something we create. Especially as a crafter, I think by using our imaginations and creating beautiful things, we are literally making magic, just like any good witch or wizard would.

Here is our “I want candy” planner page. I also love this one. It’s got an adorable smiling jack-o-lantern candy pail on it, it’s super retro and super cute, and just makes me want to start eating all of the Halloween candy right now!


Here is our “double double toil and trouble” planner page. I love the bubbling cauldron and this classic Halloween quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I love that it’s also a song that's sung in one of the Potter movies (Prisoner of Azkaban) and the spooky feeling that it gives you just…saying it out loud.

Here is our moon witch planner page. She is just so special and magical and beautiful. This is definitely one of my favorite planner pages. I love our little witch’s pink hair, how sassy and cute and retro she is, the adorable little kitty sitting next to her, the happy crescent moon, and just everything about this page. It is practically perfect in every “witch” way.

Here we have another beautiful witch in our collection. She is super cute, also, and, as you can see by the banner at the bottom of the page, she is both “magical and mischievous.” I don’t know what she has behind her back, but I have a feeling I shouldn’t ask, as I don’t want to get on the wicked side of this particular witch. By the way, this planner page, with its giant cameo and it’s obvious purple and white stripes, is totally giving me fabulous Tim Burton vibes!

“Hello October” is our next planner page. It has an adorable, winking pumpkin on the front, and it kind of looks like the cover of a vintage magazine.


Last but not least is our adorable cat witch planner page. Again I’ve combined two different patterns in the background to create a look reminiscent of something in the Wizarding World. And our cat itself is super cute. She’s retro, and she is a super happy and adorable little black cat, although the fact that she’s also a witch makes me wonder if she has also perhaps performed a transfiguarion spell or is under the influence of some polyjuice potion.

And here we have our transparency for this collection. It is silver, metallic foiled, and super beautiful. You are going to love how it shimmers and shines and how perfect it is for so many of your spooky, Halloween papercrafting projects.

Magical and Mischievous - Transparency - Nocturne square.jpg

Ok! I hope you have enjoyed our full reveal of “Magical and Mischievous.” I have so enjoyed sharing with all of you the beautiful, one of a kind, and oh so magical pieces in this collection. You can purchase your kit today - just click here! - and kits will start shipping out next week. Don’t miss out, because this collection is super duper adorable, and definitely perfect for all your magical needs this Halloween season.

"Tiki, I Love You!" Full Reveal!!!

Hello there, everyone!  It's Andrea here, today, and I am so excited to share with you today our newest collection, "Tiki, I Love You!"  I absolutely love this new fun and vibrant summer collection/kit that we have created for you. It is the perfect kit to use to plan, document, or craft for all your summertime adventures!  Read on to learn all about this awesome collection, or click here to purchase your kit right now!

"Tiki, I Love You" is so cool for so many reasons. The fabulous vintage-retro look of this kit is so cute! And the kit is filled with awesome summertime symbols like whimsical mermaids, pretty pink flamingos, swaying palm trees, tropical fruits and flowers, and scenic beach scenes! All of it reminds me of the perfect summer day and makes me want to go on a fun summer vacation! And I should probably mention that while I was creating this collection I was very much inspired by Tiki and Tropical imagery which can be found at different Disney locations, such as Disney's Adventureland and The Enchanted Tiki Room and also the Submarine Voyage ride (when it used to have mermaids), plus Castaway Cay, Trader Sams, and the Polynesian resort in Disneyworld! They are all so retro Tiki fabulous and they all scream Tropical adventure!

The color palette for this collection is also evocative of summertime with its pretty sea blues and greens, the vibrant, sunshiny yellows, and all the really gorgeous, bold and bright pinks! 

And I am loving all the super cool embellishments that are in this collection! For example, there is a beautiful ephemera pack, some fabulous flair buttons, a great sticker sheet, and some very useful and versatile word die-cuts.

Alright, now that we have done a quick and basic overview of "Tiki, I love you", let's get into some more detail. First, let's look at the patterned paper in the collection. The patterned papers in the collection are so beautiful! They all have that fun Tiki look and feel which was so very popular in the 50's and 60's and which you can still find today in places like Beachside restaurants, Tiki bars, fun Lua parties, and of course, Adventureland and the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland!

One of my favorite patterned papers in the collection is "Mermaids Have More Fun," with all the beautiful, pink-haired mermaids on it! See how the mermaid in the pattern sits on a large bubble and other little bubbles float around her? For this reason, I have decided to refer to our mermaid friend as "Bubbles"...isn't she so pretty and sweet and magical?! She is inspired by the mermaids who used to inhabit the sweet Mermaid Lagoon in the middle of the Submarine Voyage ride at Disneyland. They only had the mermaids there for a couple of years in the 60's...but they were so happy and fun, and I do so wish they would bring them back again! As for the back of the paper...that is so great and versatile too with the lovely and modern blue chevron. It reminds me of the ocean, but can really be used for anything!


This patterned paper, entitled "The Pink of Perfection," has lots of pretty pink on both sides! On one side you find a cool and versatile pink geometric which is simple but beautiful, and on the other you find lots of glamorous pink flamingos! Each girly flamingo in the pattern has a cute little crown on her head...because she is "the pink of perfection" and should therefore be treated accordingly, as the princess she is! Lol!

The geometric pattern on the front of the "Tiki, I Love You" patterned paper is so retro-chic and definitely fits in with the Tiki theme of the collection! But this page is really named "Tiki, I Love You" because of the cute Parrots on the back of the page...why, you ask? Well, because I named that cute little parrot that you can find throughout the collection, Tiki! And Tiki is of course inspired by the amazing parrots that you can find in the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland, a fave attraction of mine and a classic which has been in the park since the 60's!

I absolutely love the paper called "By The Beautiful Sea!" It has an amazing ocean view on the front that just makes me long to go to the beach immediately! And on the back of the paper is a really awesome pink Tiki pattern that has little Hawaiian symbols on it...like a pineapple and a volcano!

"In Summer" is a really fantastic patterned paper from the collection! On the front is a bright and sunshiny yellow pattern that feels rather festive. And on the back is a super dreamy blue and green geometric which has this really cool waterfall kind of effect which I love!

This lovely palm tree patterned paper is way cute! I find the pattern super relaxing. It is called "Castaway Key" and you probably already guessed why! The paper is named for that famous Disney destination in the Caribbean! I would love to go there one day! On the other side of the paper is a great green-toned geometric pattern which has a great vintage Tiki look to it...but is such a cute and simple geometric, that it can be used for really anything.

Another favorite paper of mine is the really beautiful multi-colored seashell pattern called "Aloha!" It is filled with gorgeous and intricate seashells that come in various shades of pinks and blues and greens. They look like the scales on a mermaid's tail, actually, and they are so very lovely! I imagine them shimmering in the sunlight, and that is why they create that multi-colored, prismatic effect. The paper is called Aloha because of the Aloha script that is written across the backside of the paper.

"Tropical Adventure" is one of two cut-apart sheets that are in the collection, and it may be my favorite of the two! On the front is a ton of great little pieces that you can cut out and use, like adorable little tags with things like a beautiful mermaid and the word "adventure" on them, 2x2 cards with tropical images on each one like a cocktail, a banana, and a palm tree, and super useful little labels which you can use to write on. On the back of the paper is a beautiful monotone blue pattern which has a kind of fish-scale look to it.

The other cut-apart sheet, which is called "On the Go," has some really awesome 3x4 and 4x6 cards on it! I especially love the mermaid ones -- like the one which says "I want to go where the mermaids are." I also enjoy the card with the suitcases that says "on the go" and the one that says "let's go on an adventure!" On the back of the paper is a pretty and way cool multi-pink geometric pattern which is very retro and Tiki looking...it's fabulous!


Alright, now that we have looked at all the beautiful patterned papers that are in the collection, let's take a look at the ephemera pack. I absolutely always super duper love the ephemera packs that are in our kits! We always make sure to fill them up as much as we possibly can with lots and lots of special goodies! In the case of this ephemera pack, we have filled the pack to the brim with the cutest little die-cuts which have amazing images on them like mermaids, sunglasses, ice-creams, and butterflies! One of my favorite things in the ephemera pack are the incredibly cute little polaroids that have either beautiful scenic beach photos in them or very adorable drawings of parrots or mermaids on them! I'm also super excited for the little vintage travel/luggage tags in the pack that have cute things written on them like "MER" for mermaid, etc!

Let's take a look at the "words" die-cut pack in the kit. I love doing packs like this because they are super useful! There is just so much that you can do with these words. I created them in black and white so that they would be uber versatile. And the words included in the pack say things like "beach," "summer," "vacation," and "mermaid," which all go with the Tiki and tropical theme of the collection...but there are also words like "happy,"  "create,"  "imagination,"  "love," and "everyday," which are so versatile and great to use for lots of different themes!

Okay, now I want to share with you the flair buttons that come in "Tiki, I Love You!" Our flair buttons are always so awesome and fun to use. In particular, I love using them to create cute decorative paperclips! On the flair buttons we have some words like "happy" and "sun," but also simple images like sunglasses, starfish, and a seashell, and also a really gorgeous close-up of our collection's pink haired mermaid, "Bubbles!"

Tiki, I Love You - Flair with packaging square.jpg

And now, let's check out the sticker sheet that is in the kit.  This is a really great sticker sheet! I love the sticker that says "mermaids have more fun" with the little mermaid silhouette on it and the little label one that says "hello sunshine." The little half and half hearts are so cool and the little ice creams are adorable! The square stickers are faves too, especially the blonde mermaid that says "hi" and the little, yellow one that says "Tiki, I love you."

Okay, now that we have gone over all of the embellishments in the collection, let's go over the planner pages that are in "Tiki, I Love You!" All of them are super cute and perfect for your planner, your mini-album, or even to use to hang on your wall!

One of the really great planner pages in the collection is this cool key with vintage hotel key-chain! I love this image (which you can find throughout the collection, like in the ephemera pack and on the cut-apart sheet)! I enjoy vintage hotel key-chains like this which are totally old school! This one is so special as it unlocks room "109" at the "hotel fairytale!"


The "Beach Going...this way" planner page has an incredible image of the beach behind it! The water is so bright blue and the sand looks so soft... I just want to go to that beach right now and take a dip in that water!

"Mermaids have more fun" is one of my favorite planner pages! I love that quote, and it looks so pretty on pink with the little seashell and the starfish in the corners.

The palm tree planner page that says "hello lovely day" on it is way cute with the sweet mint palm leaves and the pretty pink trunk! The polka dots in the background make it even cuter!

My "have crown, will travel" flamingo planner page is one of my faves! She is so royal and special, my pink flamingo!

The next planner page is possibly my absolute favorite!!! It has my super adorable and beautiful pink-haired mermaid "Bubbles" on it! She is floating, sitting on a big bubble, with little bubbles floating around her...a crown on her head, and pearls on her shoulders and wrists. She is so glam! And she reminds me of the sweet and sassy mermaid girls from the early 60's who sat and lounged and swam in their own special Mermaid Lagoon as part of the Submarine Voyage ride at Disneyland.

Another one of my favorite planner pages is the "Tiki, I love you" one with the parrot on it named "Tiki!" She is a super cute parrot in pink and aqua, and she is clearly having fun hanging out on her little swing. This planner page is very much inspired by "The Enchanted Tiki Room," and every time I look at it I just want to go back there again and see the birds on their perches lower down from the ceiling and start singing!

This planner page, which says "let's go on an adventure," has a cool beach scene pictured on it. I love this image, which has some folding chairs and umbrellas on it as well as beach-goers in the background...the sky is so blue and happy and you just want to go on that adventure on the beach!

"Adventure can happen at any time and in any place, it is your own heart and imagination which creates wonder and possibility" -- this is another fave planner page of mine. I love the blue on blue look of this, but the quote is definitely the best part!

The quote planner page which says "you are, by far, the greatest adventure of them all" is fantastic! And I made it because I wanted to remind myself and others that the greatest adventures in our lives are people, the people we love, and not places that we go to...no matter how pretty they may be.

The butterfly planner page that says "hello" is so beautiful! It is another favorite! I love the wings on the butterfly...the design on the wings and the blue and pink colors too!

And the last planner page is another big favorite of mine! It has a ledger in the background and has words like "sun" and "fun," "love," "summer," and "relax" on it...as well as great tropical images like a cute pineapple that says "happy on it" and a lovely watermelon that says "yum"!

And, finally, there is the vellum page that comes in the collection called, "Welcome to Tiki-land." I love this vellum sheet! It has tropical flowers all over it and is so beautiful!

Tiki, I Love You - Full Color Vellum square.jpg

Alright, so I hope that you have enjoyed this look at our newest kit/collection, "Tiki, I Love You!" I enjoyed sharing it with you! The kit is available for purchase now so get yours today! :-)

Xoxo -- Andrea